APN Welcomes Framework Agreement to Prevent Iran from Obtaining a Nuclear Weapon

Statement from APN President and CEO Debra DeLee:

“We welcome the framework agreement reached yesterday between the P5 +1 countries and Iran to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.  We congratulate President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, and their team of experts and negotiators on this achievement. The initial success of this intense and prolonged diplomatic effort demonstrates that when there is sufficient political will, negotiations can work, and can walk the world back from the brink of war.

“Anyone who is concerned about the possibility of a nuclear-armed Iran should view this agreement as a source of encouragement.  The understanding reached between the parties sets out in high resolution the parameters of a final agreement to be reached in the coming months, the implementation of which will make Israel, the region and the world more secure by verifiably rolling back Iran’s nuclear program and strictly limiting this program in the future.

 “To be clear: this agreement does not and was never expected to address every issue of concern with respect to Iran, including Iran’s continued support for terrorism and its belligerent attitude toward Israel.  We support the approach of the Obama Administration and its P5+1 partners in separating these and other issues from the urgent need to rein in Iran’s nuclear program.  We hope that this nuclear agreement, once finalized and implemented, will be a first step toward progress on the various other issues of concern with Iran.  In this vein, we urge the Obama Administration and its partners in the international community to look for ways in the future to leverage their new, constructive contacts with their Iranian counterparts to achieve these goals.

“Finally, we applaud members of Congress who have stood up for diplomacy and prevented passage of legislation that could have undermined the negotiations that delivered this week’s historic achievement. Today, we call on all members of Congress, in the strongest possible terms, to desist from and oppose any efforts to move forward with legislation related to Iran negotiations or a final Iran deal.  Once a deal is finalized, Congress will have ample opportunity to weigh in, whether in support or in opposition.  In the meantime, during the coming period in which the parties will be hammering out the details of a final agreement and its implementation, Congress should adopt a policy of ‘do no harm’.  This week’s agreement demonstrates that there is a real chance that diplomacy can roll back Iran’s nuclear program and verifiably curb the threat of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons; Congress owes it to the American people to give further diplomacy every possible chance to complete the job.”