PAST ACTION - Tell Congress: Support the Iran Deal


Update: this action, now closed, ran in July 2015. 

On July 14, the Obama Administration, its P5+1 partners, and the government of Iran announced the achievement of an historic agreement over Iran’s nuclear program.

This is a good deal. It is grounded not on trust and goodwill but on far-reaching limitations on Iranian activities and intrusive verification mechanisms. Implementation of this agreement –key elements of which will continue in force for decades – will make Israel, the region and the world more secure. When implemented, this agreement will:

  • Roll back Iran’s nuclear program;
  • Limit Iran’s nuclear activities going forward;
  • Prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon; and
  • Ensure that any effort by Iran to try to “sneak out” towards developing a nuclear weapon will be far more likely to be detected, and the U.S. and international community will be in a far stronger position to respond.

The achievement of this landmark deal demonstrates that where there is sufficient political will, diplomacy can work – and can walk the world back from the brink of war.

Opponents of this agreement never ceased trying to kill the diplomacy that brought us to this day.

YOUR efforts played a critical role, over and over, in preventing them from doing so. Now that a deal has been reached, these same opponents are doubling down (or tripling and quadrupling down) in their efforts to use Congress to scuttle the agreement and return the U.S. and Iran back to the path of confrontation that leads, ineluctably, to war.

YOUR efforts – today and in the weeks to come – are critical to ensuring that this historic agreement survives and has the chance to thrive.

Tell your Senators and Representative: Support the Iran nuclear deal.