Past Action to Support the Iran Deal – 6 Things You Can Do to Make a Difference

Iran Nuclear Negotiations

Update: this action, now closed, ran in August 2015. 

The fight for the Iran deal is not cooling off. Opponents of the deal are doubling down, mobilizing their supporters to inundate members of Congress with anti-deal messages. Now more than ever, all of us who support this deal must redouble our own efforts to make our voices heard. Please take action today!

Action 1: Call Your Representative and Senators

Your calls to the offices of House and Senate members are critical (even during recess!). Congressional staff are tracking these calls closely, tabulating how many are calling in for and against the deal. Please call today!

  • You can find the most recent list of members who have declared their support for the deal here (search the page by name).
  • You can reach your members of Congress’ office by calling the Capitol Switchboard (855-686-6927) and asking to be connected to the House or Senate office. Give the office your basic information (name and details, letting them know you are a constituent). Then do the following:

If your member/senator is already supporting the deal: thank them for doing the right thing and let them know that you and many others you know feel the same.

If your member/Senators have not come out in support of the deal, tell them:

  • I support the Iran nuclear deal and I want you to support it too.
  • This deal is grounded not on trust and goodwill, but on far-reaching limitations on Iranian activities and intrusive verification mechanisms.
  • It will verifiably roll back Iran’s existing nuclear program, limit Iran’s nuclear activities going forward, and prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
  • The deal is supported by top U.S. nuclear scientists, former top U.S. military leaders, former senior U.S. national security officials and diplomats, as well as by former top Israeli national security officials.
  • Congress owes it to the American people to support this deal – a deal which prevents a nuclear-armed Iran and averts another Middle East war.
  • Thank you.

Action 2: Email Your Representative and Senators

In addition to calling your Representative and Senator, you can and should mail them as well (constituents only!). You should do so both to THANK your elected officials for supporting the deal, and, if they are not supporting the deal, to urge them to do so!

Congressional staff are tallying both calls and emails, and you should make your voice hard both ways. You can email your members via APN, here.

G.W._Bush_delivers_State_of_the_Union_Address-to-congress-wikicommonsAction 3: Go in Person

Go to this website to check whether there are any Town Hall meetings going on near you in the coming days and weeks. If there are, please attend – and bring your friends! Opponents of the deal will be coming out in force. It is critical that Members see and hear from the deal supporters at home.

You can also contact the local offices of your members of Congress during the August recess to seek a meeting, either on your own or as part of a group. If you can meet with the member, fantastic! If you get a meeting with staff, also great! Contact APN if you need talking points or resources to bring to any meetings you are attending.

Action 4: Engage the Local Media

Secretary_Kerry_Speaks_on_'CBS_Evening_News'_Set_in_New_York_With_Anchor_Pelley_Before_Interview_Focused_on_Iran_Nuclear_Deal_wikicommons320x265Across the country, the Iran deal has become a major issue in the local press. Make sure your voice is heard here as well.

  • Write letters to the editor in response to anti-deal articles or op-eds (feel free to use our statement as a resource).
  • Don’t be shy about submitting your own op-eds to the local press. Check out our collection of pro-deal op-eds written by APN staff and board members as an example.
  • Make sure to always mention by name your representative and senators in letters and op-eds. Doing so guarantees that your representatives and their staff will see what you wrote.
  • Use our resource page to find expert validators to bolster your position.

Action 5: Learn More & Spread the Word


Take some time to check out APN’s constantly updated resources on the Iran deal, including:

  • Our compendium of open letters, op-eds, and public statements from groups of retired U.S. military officers, former diplomats, nuclear scientists, and former members of Congress, etc.;
  • Our list of statements (excerpts and links to full statements) from Members of Congress who have come out in support of the deal; and
  • Our collection of the best analysis and commentary on the deal.

Share these resources with your friends and family, and on your social networks! Send people to the APN website to learn more about American Jewish and Israeli support for the deal. Send them links to the articles or compilations of resources you think best answer their questions and concerns.

Or just click here to share this “take action” page with them, so that they can easily learn about what they can do to support the Iran deal today, too!

Action 6: Support APN’s work in support of the Iran deal

APN and other groups supporting the deal can’t hope to match the massive financial resources being spent by the opposition in its efforts to kill the deal. But we have two even greater resources working for us:

  • The facts, which are squarely on the side of giving this deal every chance to succeed; and
  • People like you, who recognize what is at stake and are standing up for the deal.

APN is fighting for this Iran deal. We are making sure that members of Congress and the American people have the facts they need, so that they are not taken in by the misinformation and spin of the opposition. And we are doing all we can to empower and energize Americans across the country to stand up for what we all know is the best possible option here, for both the U.S. and Israel.

In the coming period we will be redoubling these efforts, as the battle for the fate of the Iran deal heats up even more. Please make a donation to APN today to help us win this fight.