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Friday June 12, 2015 
Quote of the day:
"The government doesn't have to support culture. I can decide where the money goes."
--Culture Minister Miri Regev in a meeting with Israeli artists who criticized her policy not to support art that is critical of Israel and Israeli soldiers or artists that won't perform in the West Bank.

Front Page:
Yedioth Ahronoth
  • Fisher affair - The suspicion: Gifts and jewelry for the senior district prosecutor (Ruth David)
  • The teachers of the state – Six winners declared at festive ceremony last night
  • Because of my teacher, Orna // Maor Zagori – creator of popular Israeli mystery comedy-drama,
  • Wanted for IDF: students for hourly work – former soldiers who served in Intelligence, technology or drone flying positions will be hired as civilians
  • (Culture Minister) Miri Regev to artists: You lost in the elections
  • Bulgarian roulette // Sima Kadmon writes that MK Oren Hazan’s path from casinos and prostitutes to the seat of the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset and membership of the (confidential) Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee should be a milestone in the intolerably simple way that we elect our representatives in the Knesset, but that it won’t be
  • My son is successful – Aviva Hazan, almost an MK herself, does not understand what people want from her son
  • American nightmare // MK Yair Lapid on Israel-US relations and the booing of US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew at the Jerusalem Post Conference in NY
  • One of ours – Michael Douglas, Genesis prize laureate, in exclusive interview
  • Not laughing – (Popular actor of children’s show) Yuval Hamibulbal that you never knew: The trauma from the Cave of the Patriarchs, the addiction to shopping, and the financial fall and the move closer to religion
Maariv Weekend (Hebrew links only)
  • Adv. Ruth David will be interrogated over her position as Tel-Aviv District Prosecutor
  • Believe it or not // Amir Zohar
  • No limits to shame // Ben Caspit on the Oren Hazan affair
  • The wonders of shaming // Udi Segal writes that we are progressing towards a natural and public process that will prevent people with a problematic past from entering politics
  • Last night: Rocket from Gaza Strip launched at Israel; no injuries
  • “New generation of spying” – Founder of information security company that revealed the virus that spied on Iran talks in Europe states: “We never saw such malware before”; Switzerland and Austria opened official investigation; Israel denies involvement
  • Return to Spain: Descendants of (Jews) expelled can receive citizenship
  • Coming to apologize: Orange CEO, Stephane Richard, landed in Israel
  • New revelations: Mother and sister of missing soldier, Guy Hever, speak
  • They don’t apologize: Israelis that support boycotting the state
  • In the heart of dictatorship: The continuation of the journey of Lior Dayan in N. Korea
  • The banality of evil: The full story about the Eichmann family
  • In the name of the fish: Amir Gottfreund seals the Book Week celebrations
Israel Hayom
  • Attorney General ordered: Criminal investigation of Adv. Ruth David
  • For third time in a week: Shooting from the Gaza Strip
  • Interview with George W. Bush: “My view was that we needed soldiers on the ground”
  • Netanyahu in message to members of Likud Central Committee: If you return the election of the whole Likud list to yourselves, it will harm Likud 
  • The virus at the Iran talks: Switzerland and Austria investigating; Hotoveli: No basis to reports on Israeli involvement
  • One of ours – This is how Michael Douglas became a big supporter of Israel // Dudi Caspi in L.A.
  • A decade of disengagement: Cheli Reifan, who survived two terror attacks, cannot accept the eviction (from the Gaza Strip)

News Summary:
An already indicted Tel-Aviv former district prosecutor will now be interrogated for possible crimes during the period she was serving, Israel denies it spied on the Iran nuclear talks as Austria and Switzerland investigate, Israeli Culture Minister says she won’t fund culture she doesn’t agree with politically and a rocket launched at Israel from the Gaza Strip lands in the Gaza Strip making top stories in today's Hebrew newspapers. Meanwhile, the Israeli army exonerated itself from the airstrike that killed four Gaza children on a beach.
Prepared for APN by Orly Halpern, independent freelance journalist based in Jerusalem.
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