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Statements by Members of Congress in support of the Iran Deal (updated regularly!)

Statements/letters issued by groups of expert validators (updated regularly!)

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Recommended Reading:

New York Times 9/17: Post-Deal Iran Asks if U.S. Is Still ‘Great Satan,’ or Something Less

Haaretz (Peter Beinart) 9/16: If AIPAC Lost the Iranian Nuclear Fight, It Won Too

Politico 9/16: McConnell’s tough Iran tactics turn off Dems

Washington Post 9/16: American prisoners become centerpiece of last-ditch Iran nuclear deal fight

Media Matters 9/16: The Flaws In The Daily Beast's Hit On The National Iranian American Council

FPI Bulletin 9/16: Public Opinion and the Nuclear Deal with Iran

Politico 9/16: Poll: Americans split on Iran nuclear deal

Slate 9/16: Fact-Checking the Republican Candidates’ Iran Deal Claims

Foreign Policy 9/15: Why Do So Many People Want So Little From The Agreement With Iran

The Washington Post 9/15: Hawks aren’t giving the Iran deal a chance

Foreign Policy 9/15: Why do so many people want so little from the agreement with Iran?   

Reuters 9/15: Senate Democrats again block Iran nuclear deal disapproval

Washington Post 9/15: How the Iran deal became the most strategic success of Obama’s presidency

Vatican Radio 9/15: Vatican welcomes Iran agreement, urges greater nuclear disarmament

DefenseNews 9/14: Iran’s Nuclear Ballistic Missile Threat Not on the Horizon

Media Matters 9/14: CNN Claims Its Latest Poll Shows Public Skepticism Of Iran Deal, When Its Own Data Shows Increasing Support

The Hill 9/12: Congress should monitor Iran deal, not keep trying to kill it

The Hill 9/12: Iran opponents plot round two

Slate 9/11: Obama’s Secret Weapon: The GOP helped convince Democrats to support the president’s Iran deal.

The Washington Post 9/10: Cameron, Hollande, and Merkel: Why we support the Iran deal

The New York Times 9/10: Next Steps in Putting Iran Nuclear Deal Into Effect

Slate 9/10: Senate Democrats Block Final Vote on Resolution Disapproving of Iran Deal

Politico 9/10: GOP aims to make Democrats pay politically for Iran vote

No War With Iran 9/10: Progressive Groups Urge Senators to Stand with the President, Support the Iran Deal, and Prevent Resolution of Disapproval from Leaving Senate

Free Beacon 9/10: Cruz Pressures Congressional Leadership to Delay Iran Deal Vote

A Livable World 9/9: Reid, Cardin, Kaine, Corker, Toomey, Johnson – 60 votes required to approve resolution of disapproval

The New York Times editorial board 9/9: A Senseless Delay on the Iran Deal

USA Today editorial board 9/9: Iran deal warrants approval: Our view 

Politico 9/9: How the GOP ended up in disarray on Iran

Politico (Jake Sherman) 9/9: House Republicans revolt against Iran vote

A Livable World 9/8: Cardin Draft Iran Bill: Undermining White House, Diplomacy and Opportunity to Head off Iranian Nuclear Capacity

Roll Call 9/8: Senate Democrats Can Block Iran Deal Disapproval

The Hill 9/8: Congress, spare us a veto fight on Iran

Washington Post 9/8: Dick Cheney tries to fool the public again

Time 9/8: Former Israeli Nuke Chief Backs Iran Deal in Video

MSNBC 9/8: Cheney’s Iran lie exposed in dramatic fashion

LobeLog 9/8: Inside Cardin’s Anti-Deal Legislation

MediaMatters 9/8: Myths and Facts About the Landmark Iran Deal

TIME 9/8: Why the Iran Deal Might End Up on Your Ballot

War on the Rocks (Ilan Goldenberg & Nick Heras) 9/8: Good, Bad, and Ugly Options for Congress After the Iran Agreement

New York Times (Ami Ayalon) 9/7: Israel in a Post-Deal World

Huffington Post (Joe Cirincione) 9/7: Why It Matters That Colin Powell and Debbie Wasserman Schultz Support the Iran Agreement

Haaretz 9/7: Ex-Mossad Chief Dagan: Israel Must End Criticism - Problem Is Iran, Not Obama

New York Times 9/7: Plutonium Is Unsung Concession in Iran Nuclear Deal

NBC Meet the Press 9/6: Colin Powell on the Iran Deal (video)

New York Times9/6: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Head of D.N.C., Backs Iran Nuclear Deal

The Economist 9/5: Arguing over Iran -  It hasn’t derailed the deal. But American Jews’ rancour over Iran still matters

LobeLog 9/5: Poison Pills Aplenty in Cardin Bill

LobeLog 9/4: Cardin Opts for Plan B and Bibi

LobeLog 9/3: Cardin, the Iran Deal, and the Future of Plan B

New York Times (Roger Cohen) 9/3: Iran: The Obamacare of Foreign Policy

Reuters 9/3: Why it’s so much easier for Congress to vote for war than peace

Arms Control Association 9/3: Frequently Asked Questions About The Iran Deal - Part Two

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists 9/3: For Iran deal, surviving Congress is just the first step

Al-Monitor 9/3: Could US state sanctions on Iran unravel nuke deal?

Vox 9/3: "It was intense": Sen. Bob Casey on the politics of backing the Iran deal

YNet 9/3: Netanyahu Gov't finds victory in defeat on Iran, says official

New York Times 8/2: Republicans Weigh New Ways to Upend Iran Nuclear Deal

DefenseOne 9/2: ‘A Better Iran Deal’ Is Just Wishful Thinking

Arms Control Association (Richard Nephew) 9/2: How the Iran Deal Prevents a Covert Nuclear Weapons Program

New York Times (Tom Friedman) 9/2: Our Radical Islamic BFF, Saudi Arabia

The National Interest (Veteran Nuclear inspector David Kay) 9/1: We Can Verify This Deal

Huffington Post (Trita Parsi & Reza Marashi) 9/1: Obama's Real Achievement With the Iran Deal

Atlantic 9/1: 10 Responses to Iran-Deal Skeptics

Arms Control Association 9/1: Why Congress Should Support the Iran Deal

New York Magazine 9/1: Dick Cheney’s Ideas to Stop Iranian Nukes Are As Sophisticated As You Might Expect

Washington Post 9/1: New poll shows how sharply partisan the debate on Iran deal has become

The Hill 9/1: Poll shows majority wants Congress to approve Iran deal

Informed Comment 9/1: Remember how Congress said we Should Support Iran Reformists? Well they want the Nuclear Deal

LA Times 9/1: No to the Iran deal means no to U.S. credibility

Delaware Public Media 8/31: Ex-Israeli general urges Sen. Coons to vote 'yes' on Iran deal

Daily Kos 8/31: Senator Tom Cotton: "I will stand with Prime Ministser Netanyahu." (Energy Secretary Moniz) 8/31: Science-based Nuclear Security and the Iran Agreement

The Forward 8/31: President Barack Obama Speaks to Jews in Historic Interview With the Forward

Politico 8/31: Activists in Iran pen open letter to Americans on nuclear deal

Politico 8/31: Iran deal: 75 former lawmakers endorse

The Hill 8/31: 75 ex-lawmakers back Iran nuclear deal (Madeleine Albright) 8/31Iran deal is a win-win

Politico (Sam Nunn & Richard Lugar) 8/30: There Are No Perfect Nuclear Deals

Capital Gazette (former MD Reps. Wayne Gilchrest & Michael D. Barnes) 8/29: Congress must approve Iran nuclear deal

Huffington Post (Christine Pelosi & Jim Zogby) 8/29: A Special Letter to the President From Members of the Democratic National Committee

The Hill 8/29: Wasserman Schultz blocked Iran resolution at DNC meeting: report

New York Times 8/28: Iran Deal Opens a Vitriolic Divide Among American Jews (Former NJ Rep. Steve Rothman) 8/28: Iran nuclear deal will enhance safety of the U.S., Israel and world community

LobeLog 8/28: Some Dubious Characters, Connections Among Ex-Military Foes of Iran Deal

The National Interest (Joel Rubin) 8/28: Danger: If Congress 'Blows Up' the Iran Deal

Politico 8/27: Scholars: Iran deal will stabilize Mideast

Jerusalem Post 8/27: Ex-Iranian prisoner to Jpost: Israel should follow Iran in listening to world community

Washington Post 8/26: These Iranian pro-democracy activists want Congress to back the nuclear deal

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists 8/26: Europe won't bow to an anti-Iran-deal US Congress

Politico (Amb. Samantha Power) 8/26: Congress, Don’t Isolate America Again Over Iran

FAIR (media monitoring) 8/25: Media and Nuclear Deal Opponents Continue to Spread Debunked Myth Iran Will Monitor Itself

New York Times 8/25: On YouTube, Iran Activists Urge America to Back Nuclear Deal

New York Times 8/25: Why Republicans Reject the Iran Deal — and All Diplomacy

New York Times 8/25: Europe Doesn’t Share U.S. Concerns on Iran Deal 8/25: Christie to lobby Booker on Iran, with billionaire Adelson's help

Huffington Post (Trita Parsi) 8/25: Iranian Human Rights Defenders Coming Out Massively in Support of the Iran Deal

Arms Control Association 8/25: Restrictions on Iran’s Nuclear Program: Beyond 15 Years

Politico 8/24: Group of Christian leaders backs Iran deal (text of letter is here)

Foreign Affairs (Robert Gard) 8/24: What the United States Must Do to Keep the Iranian Deal Healthy

CNN (Tyler Wigg-Stevenson) 8/24: Iran deal opponents living a fantasy

White House Blog (Rep. Seth Mouton, D-MA) 8/24: One Veteran's Perspective on the Iran Deal

War on the Rocks (Nuclear expert Cheryl Rofer) 8/24: How the AP Got the Iran Inspections Story Wrong

Al Jazeera (James Walsh) 8/21: Iran inspection ‘leak’ is part of anti-agreement spin cycle

The Hill (Mark Hibbs & Thomas Shea) 8/21: No, Iran is not allowed to inspect itself

The Hill (Barry Blechman) 8/21: Military experts agree Iran deal is win for American security

Bloomberg 8/21: Iran Deal Puts Aipac at Risk of Losing Its Biggest Fight 8/21: Congressman Jerrold Nadler Statement on the P5+1 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

PBS News 8/21: Expecting Iran to cheat is why we need this deal, says former Mossad chief

Huffington Post 8/21: Former Nuclear Safeguards Official Says AP's Iran Deal Document Looks Fake

Quartz (Reza Marashi) 8/21: Critics of the Iran nuclear deal don’t understand the real Iran

Time 8/20: 26 Former Jewish Leaders Call on Congress to Approve Iran Deal 8/20: The AP's controversial and badly flawed Iran inspections story, explained

Washington Post 8/20: In Letter, Obama Tells Congress U.S. Will Still Press Iran

NJ Star Ledger (editorial board) 8/20: Menendez opposition to Iran pact risks war

Washington Post (Walter Pincus) 8/20: Corker’s muddled argument against the Iranian nuclear deal

The National Interest 8/20: Debunked: Chuck Schumer's Failed Case against the Iran Nuclear Deal

Haaretz 8/20: UN Watchdog Says Access to Suspected Iran Nuclear Site Meets Demands

DefenseOne 8/20: Don’t Let the Iran Deal Become 2016’s Swift Boat

Palm Beach Post 8/19: Democrat Ted Deutch takes some heat from constituents for opposing Obama’s Iran nuclear deal

Haaretz (Peter Beinart) 8/19: Accusing Obama of anti-Semitism Enables AIPAC to Wield Power but Escape Scrutiny

Times of Israel 8/19: Iran ends ban on Western media, welcomes BBC journalist

Vox 8/19: Iran deal opponents now have their "death panels" lie, and it's a whopper

Huffington Post 8/18: AIPAC Chose A Peculiar Admiral For Its Memo Against The Iran Deal

The National Interest (Daniel Levy) 8/18: The Sources of Netanyahu's Conduct

JTA 8/18: Rahm Emanuel supports Iran deal

Politico 8/18: Nuclear experts fall in behind Obama (full text of nuclear experts statement here)

MSNBC 8/18: Israeli lawmaker: Iran deal will lower nuclear threat to Israel

Slate (John Judis) 8/18: Inside the small, pro-Israel outfit leading the attack on Obama’s Iran deal ("the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies")

MSNBC 8/17: Iran deal quietly picks up some GOP backers

Politico 8/17: Faith-based groups push a coordinated campaign in support of the nuclear agreement with Tehran.

Vox 8/17: Why a major anti-Iran group replaced its nuclear expert president with Joe Lieberman

Reuters 8/17: Use Iran deal to prevent nuclear weapons free-for-all, treaty body says

Washington Post 8/17: Schumer’s claims about ’24 days before you can inspect’ in Iran Earns Two Pinocchios

Talking Points Memo 8/17: Bibi's Cannon Fodder

Baltimore Sun (ACA's Daryl Kimball) 8/16: Myths and realities of the Iran nuclear deal 

Inside Sources 8/16: Because of My Experience [serving in the US military] in the Middle East, I Support the Iran Deal

Ameinu press release 8/16:340 Rabbis Urge Congress to Support Nuclear Deal with Iran

YNet (Nahum Barnea) 8/16: On the edge of the abyss

The Forward (JJ Goldberg) 8/15: How Anti-Obama Zealots Went Off Rails on Iran Deal

Times of Israel (Hillel Schenker) 8/15: Support for the Iran Deal from Israel

Huffington Post (APN's Lara Friedman) 8/14: Cheap Claims of Anti-Semitism Can't Change Reality of Iran Deal Lobbying

Haaretz 8/15: Israeli Army Chief Eisenkot: Iran Isn’t the Main Threat to Israel

Washington Post 8/14: On the Iran deal, American Jewish ‘leaders’ don’t speak for most Jews

Washington Post 8/14: Republican and former Treasury secretary Paulson slams naysayers of Iran deal

YNet 8/14: In Unprecedented Move IDF chief details army's national security strategy [Iran nuclear threat not mentioned at all]

Reuters (Richard Lugar & J. Bennett Johnson) 8/14: Why we disagree with Chuck Schumer on the Iran deal

Al-Monitor 8/14: Former US national security adviser to George H.W. Bush, Brent Scowcroft, endorses Iran deal

Foreign Affairs (Daniel Levy) 8/14: Israel's Iran Deal Enthusiasts

JTA (Alan Solow) 8/14: Obama is ‘dog whistling’ about Jews? Ridiculous

Politico (Carl Levin & John Warner) 8/13: Why hawks should also back the Iran deal

Huffington Post 8/14: Black Churches Are About To Start Lobbying For The Iran Deal

Washington Post (Fareed Zakaria) 8/13: Dear Sen. Schumer: Don’t vote against the Iran nuclear deal

The American Prospect (Gershon Gorenberg) 8/13: To keep their seats safe, Chuck Schumer and Brad Sherman are willing to make Israel much less safe. 

Ynet (retired Maj. Gen. Israel Ziv) 8/13: Israel only stands to lose from 'defeating' Obama

Washington Post 8/13: Mega-donors opposing Iran deal have upper hand in fierce lobbying battle

New York Times (Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew) 8/13: The High Price of Rejecting the Iran Deal

Times of Israel 8/13: Israel ups security for US envoy after Iran deal death threats

The Hill (Richard Nephew) 8/13: Actual decisions needed on Iran

National Catholic Reporter 8/13: Signs of ‘seamless garment’ in Catholic support for Iran nuke deal

Defense One (Michael Breen) 8/13: An Iraq Combat Vet Looks at the Iran Deal

Haaretz (Chemi Shalev) 8/13: Iran Deal Critics Throw American Jews Under the Bus to Get at Obama

Reuters 8/13: Iranian-Americans forge a rare bond to support nuclear deal

Times of Israel 8/13: Hosting separate Democratic and Republican delegations, Netanyahu doesn’t tell them how to vote, but says it’s a ‘moral duty’ to defeat the agreement

New York Times 8/13: Top Hillary Clinton Donor [Haim Saban] Clarifies Stance on Iran Nuclear Deal

Los Angeles Times (Jane Harman, represented California's 36th Congressional District for nine term) 8/12: The Iran deal doesn't negate the military option

New York Daily News (former top counter-terrrorism official Daniel Benjamin) 8/12: Schumer's unconvincing argument

The Boston Globe (APN Board Member Sidney Topol) 8/12: Listen to the experts and support the Iran deal

The Forward 8/12: A Jewish Journalist's Exclusive Look Inside Iran

The New York Times 8/12: Reporting From Iran, Jewish Paper Sees No Plot to Destroy Israel

The New York Times (Tom Friedman) 8/12: If I Were an Israeli Looking at the Iran Deal

Huffington Post (APN Board Member Danny Goldberg) 8/12: My Dad and Chuck Schumer

'Haaretz 8/12: Iran Deal Critics Throw American Jews Under the Bus to Get at Obama

Talking Points Memo 8/12: About Those 24 Days

Washington Post 8/11: Dozens of retired generals, admirals back Iran nuclear deal (Text of letter here)

Politico (Phil Gordon) 8/11: War Actually Is an Alternative to Iran Deal

New York Times 8/11: Head of Group Opposing Iran Accord Quits Post [UANI], Saying He Backs Deal

Washington Post (Walter Pincus) 8/11: Iran is already a threshold nuclear state

Tablet 8/11: Duss and Gitlin: Tablet editorial ‘an insult to readers’ intelligence’

LobeLog 8/11: Obama the Anti-Semite?

Nuclear Diner (blog of nuclear experts) 8/11: Why I Support The Iran Deal

This Morning with Gordon Deal (audio) 8/11: Former Ambassador to Israel Thomas Pickering makes a case for the Iran deal.

Haaretz 8/10: Netanyahu Must Stop Silencing Intel Chiefs Who Find Iran Deal Acceptable

Arms Control Association 8/10: Why Schumer Is 'Technically' Wrong About the Iran Deal

The Hill Blog (APN’s Lara Friedman) 8/10: Schumer, Engel, et al: Change your position on the Iran deal

Portland Press Herald (Sen. Angus King, I-ME) 8/9: Iran pact isn’t perfect, but it’s better than likely alternatives

Politico (Sandy Berger) 8/9: A "No" to Iran Means No Forever

Washington Post (EJ Dionne) 8/9: Obama vs. the Republican Cavaliers

Foreign Policy (Jeffrey Lewis) 8/9: Chuck Schumer’s Disingenuous Iran Deal Argument

Political Monitor (Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-NH) 8/8: My Turn: Why I support the Iran agreement

Haaretz (Chemi Shalev) 8/8: Obama Accused of Using 'dark, Nasty Stuff' Against Jewish Critics Like Schumer

Daily Kos (David Harris Gershon) 8/8: Obama Is NOT Anti-Semitic for Calling Out the Israel Lobby's Warmongering

New York Times 8/8: 29 U.S. Scientists Praise Iran Nuclear Deal in Letter to Obama

The Huffington Post (Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-CA) 8/7: On the Iran Deal, Ignore the 30 Second Ads

Boston Globe (George Mitchell) 8/6: Congress should approve agreement to cut off Iran’s path to a nuclear weapon

Brookings (Ken Pollack) 8/5: Will the Iran nuclear deal create a more stable Middle East? That all depends—on the United States

Yedioth Ahronoth (Efraim Halevy) 8/6: Shifting Responsibility

The Atlantic (Peter Beinart) 8/6: Why Iran Isn’t Nazi Germany - The idea that Iranian leaders seek another Holocaust is at the emotional core of opposition to the nuclear deal. Is it true?

Yedioth Ahronoth 8/6 (Chuck Freilich):  The President’s Speech: Choosing Between Mom and Dad

Haaretz 8/6: Obama Isolates Netanyahu as Head of Warmongers

New York Times editorial board 8/5: Obama Takes On Opponents of the Iran Deal

USA Today editorial board 8/5: Iran deal critics sell a fantasy: Our view

Union of Concerned Scientists Blog 8/5: The Iran Nuclear Deal: The Forest and the Trees

Brookings Brief (Richard Nephew) 8/5: Countering misconceptions about sanctions "snapback"

MSNBC 8/5: Cotton talks up benefits of striking Iran

Cleveland Plain Dealer 8/5 (APN Board Member Mark Silverberg): Make No Mistake, Iran Nuclear Deal Also Has Key Jewish Support

Haaretz 8/5: Netanyahu stokes Holocaust guilt to pit American Jews against Obama and Iran deal

Sen. Boxer (D-CA) 8/4: Statement explaining her support for the Iran deal

Sen. Kaine (D-VA) 8/4: Statement explaining his support for the Iran deal

The Atlantic 8/4 (Graham Allison): 9 Reasons to Support the Iran Deal

CNN 8/4 (Amb. Dan Kurtzer): Why Iran deal is good for Israel

Washington Jewish Week 8/4 (Peter Joseph, Charles R. Bronfman & Susie Gelman): The forest, the trees and the Iran nuclear deal

Washington Post 8/3: On Kerry visit, Arab nations express support for Iran nuclear agreement

Rep. Schiff (D-CA) 8/3: Statement explaining his support for the Iran deal

The National Interest 8/4: The Ultimate Nightmare: Why Bombing Iran Would Be a Disaster

YNet 8/4: US Jewish community split over Iran deal

Jerusalem Post 8/3 (James Adler): The security disaster for Israel if Congress says no to the Iran deal

Politico 8/3: Does the American public oppose the Iran deal? [It depends how you ask]

Washington Post 8/3 (Walter Pincus): The limitations of sanctions on Iran

US Steelworkers (USW) Press release 8/3: USW Voices Support of Proposed Nuclear Agreement with Iran

Boston Globe 8/3: Elizabeth Warren says she’ll back Iran nuclear deal

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) 8/3: Statement explaining her support for the Iran deal

Blue-White Future 8/3: Letter from dozens of former IDF Generals Urging Netanyahu to Accept Iran Agreement as Done Deal & move to improve relations with U.S.

Haaretz editorial 8/3: Netanyahu's Anti Iran Campaign Doesn't Consider Disastrous Effects on U.S. Jews

Washington Post 8/3: Iran’s hard-liners want a better nuclear deal, too

Washington Post 8/3: The danger of (mis)perceptions after the Iran deal

Wall Street Journal 8/3 (behind paywall): Gulf Arab States Voice Support for Iran Nuclear Deal

The Center for Arms Control & Non-Proliferation 8/3: The Real Facts on the Iran Nuclear Deal

War on the Rocks 8/3 (SAIS's Charles Stevenson): History’s Real Lessons on the Iran Deal

The Atlantic 8/3: An Iran-Deal Skeptic Becomes a Supporter (House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Adam Schiff, D-CA)

Molad statement 8/3: The Iran Deal: AIPAC Does Not Speak for Israel (including list of statements by Israeli leaders)

Times of Israel 8/2 (Mel Levine): On Iran, a regrettable rush to judgment

Portland Press Herald 8/2: Barney Frank: Deal better than no nuclear agreement with Iran

Jerusalem Post 6/2 (Meretz leader, MK Zahava Galon): Time for the Iran deal

Haaretz 8/2 (Reza Marashi): Israel Must Accept a U.S. Iran Entente in the Middle East or Risk Total Isolation

Al-Monitor 8/2 (Uri Savir): AIPAC chooses sides: It picks Bibi over its own supporters, US Jews

Al Arabiya 8/1: Most of Congress ‘expert’ testimonies are against Iran deal

New York Times (editorial) 8/1: Republican Hypocrisy on Iran

Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) 8/1: Statement explaining his support for the Iran deal

The Guardian 7/31: The looming August battle for the Iran nuclear deal (as AIPAC takes members of Congress to Israel during recess)

Slate 7/31: Not Fit to Lead: The Iran hearings have shown how the Republican Party can no longer be trusted with the presidency.

Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) 7/30: Rep. Van Hollen Statement on Iran Agreement

The New York Times 7/30 (Nicholas Kristof): Why the Naysayers Are Wrong About the Iran Deal

LA Jewish Journal 7/29 (APN Board members Luis Lainer & Dick Gunther): We Support the Iran Deal

Haaretz 7/29 (Peter Beinart): Why Don’t American Jewish Groups Represent American Jews on Iran?

The New York Times 7/29: Laurent Fabius, French Foreign Minister, Visits Iran

Foreign Policy 7/28: Israel Could Lose America’s Democrats for a Generation

National Security Network 7/29: Living with the Consequences: The Effects of Voting Down the Iran Nuclear Agreement.

Haaretz 7/29: Longest-serving Jewish congressman: I'm backing the Iran deal

Huffington Post 7/29: The Iran Deal: The More People Hear, the More They Like it

MSNBC 7/28: More information leads to more support for Iran deal

Reuters 7/28: Kerry warns U.S. Congress scrapping Iran deal would mean path to nuclear weapon

MSNBC 7/28: Morgan Freeman, Jack Black and Natasha Lyonne back Iran deal in viral clip

LobeLog 7/28: Most Polls Suggest Americans Support the Deal, Especially Jews

JTA 7/28: Jewish lawmakers shut out noise as they consider Iran nuclear deal

The Guardian 7/28: (EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini) The Iran agreement is a disaster for Isis

Al Monitor 7/28 (Bruce Riedel): Israel, not Iran, started Middle East nuclear arms race

LobeLog 7/28: Most Polls Suggest Americans Support the Deal, Especially Jews

Jewish Telegraphic Agency 7/28: Jewish lawmakers shut out noise as they consider Iran nuclear deal

The Atlantic 7/28: The Real Test of the Iran Deal

Haaretz 7/27: Given the Facts, Israelis Would Also Support the Iran Deal

The Huffington Post 7/27: All Barack Obama Did Was Follow Mike Huckabee's Advice On Iran

MSNBC 7/27: (All In with Chris Hayes) Fmr. Amb. to Israel: Huckabee ‘incitement’ similar to incitement that led to Yitzhak Rabin’s death

Politico 7/27: Ex-diplomats urge ratification of Iran deal

The Iran Project 7/27: Letter to Congressional Leadership from Former Under Secretaries of State and former American Ambassadors to Israel on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

The Huffington Post 7/26: Mike Huckabee: Obama Marching Israelis 'To The Door Of The Oven'

WBAL News Radio 7/26: Pinkas: Iran Nuclear Deal Beats Alternative

+972 7/26: Pro-Netanyahu daily invents Obama 'quote' against Iran deal

Haaretz 7/26: (Chemi Shalev) The elusive objectives and risky results of Netanyahu’s war on Obama

The Philadelphia Inquirer 7/26: Millennials strongly back Iran deal

The LA Jewish Journal 7/26: Federation: Take it back

The National Interest 7/25: The Sources of Opposition to the Iran Agreement

Newsweek 7/24: Netanyahu and Iran: Prophet of Doom, Not Leadership

European Leadership Network 7/24: European Leadership Network members express support for the Iran nuclear agreement - Group statement signed by over 70 members

Lawyers, Guns & Money 7/24 (Robert Farley) Did Iranian Nukes Matter?

The Wall Street Journal 7/24: Top CIA Official Says Nuke Deal Makes It Hard for Iran to Cheat

The Times of Israel 7/24: US Jews much likelier to back Iran deal than non-Jews

The Times of Israel 7/24: Kerry: Bush offered Iran better terms, Iran walked away

Haaretz 7/24: Kerry: If Congress rejects Iran deal, world will blame Israel

Washington Post 7/24 (Rabbi Jill Jacobs): Should rabbis really be wading into the debate over the Iran deal?

The Inquirer ( 7/24: Worldview: Israeli support for Iran deal

LA Jewish Journal 7/23: Poll shows American Jews Support the Iran deal; poll details here

Vox 7/23: Iran hawks finally presented a "better" Iran deal. It's complete gibberish.

The Atlantic 7/23 (Peter Beinart): The Gaping Hole in the Iran Debate - In most discussions of the nuclear deal, the word "Iraq" never comes up. That’s insane.

The Economist 7/23 Not déjà vu all over again

New York Times 7/23: In Israel, Some Support the Iran Deal

Washington Post 7/23 (Philip Gordon): A better Iran deal? History suggests no.

The Forward 7/23: Israel Security Establishment Breaks With Bibi on Iran Deal

Politico 7/22: Moniz: Test results back up assurances on Iran deal

USCCB Statement 7/22: U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Urges Congress to Support Iran Deal

The New York Times 7/22 (Tom Friedman): Backing Up Our Wager With Iran

Washington Post 7/22: John Kerry and Ernest Moniz: The case for the nuclear deal with Iran

The Times of Israel 7/22: Israel envoy to US lobbies Congress against Iran deal

U.S. Department of State 7/22: How the JCPOA Surpasses the Lausanne Parameters

War on the Rocks 7/22 (RAND's William Courtney and Alireza Nader): Iran Deal or No Deal

The Washington Post 7/22 How the Iran deal is good for Israel, according to Israelis who know what they’re talking about

The Los Angeles Times 7/21 Obama: Critics of Iran deal are the same people who rushed to war with Iraq

The National Interest 7/22 (ACA's Daryl Kimball): 5 Reasons AIPAC Is Dead Wrong about the Iran Deal

Reuters 7/21 Netanyahu steered U.S. toward war with Iran – the result is a deal he hates

The Huffington Post 7/21 Contradictory Iran Polls Show Why It Matters How You Ask

The Washington Post 7/21 (WINEP's Amb. James Jeffrey): These are not serious arguments for abandoning the Iran deal

The Jerusalem Post 7/20: Iran’s Jewish community leader calls Netanyahu ‘narcissistic, delusional’

The United Nations 7/20: Press Releases - Security Council, Adopting Resolution 2231 (2015), Endorses Joint Comprehensive Agreement on Iran’s Nuclear Programme

The New Yorker 7/27 Issue (Robin Wright): Tehran’s Promise

Vox 7/20: The Iran deal, explained in clear language by a nuclear expert

NPR 7/20: Cautious Optimism: An Insider Sizes Up The Iran Nuclear Deal

Defense News 7/20: Editorial: Rigorously Enforce the Iran Nuclear Deal

The Institute for National Security Studies 7/20: Following the Problematic Nuclear Agreement: Scenarios and Policy Recommendations

The National Interest 7/20: UN Vote Doesn't Usurp Congress on Iran

APN 7/20 (Yossi Alpher): The Iran nuclear deal and its aftermath

TEXT 7/20: Statement by 60 National Security Leaders on the Announcement of a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

The New York Times 7/19: A Good Deal for Israel

Yedioth Ahronoth 7/19: Before Making a Rush at Washington

NBC News 7/19: UK Prime Minister David Cameron: Iran Deal 'So Much Better Than The Alternative'

The Economist 7/18: The special Ramadan feast

Ynet 7/17: The real Iranian threat

Haaretz 7/17 (Chemi Shalev): The Israel/AIPAC war on Iran accord is unwinnable and its aims are unachievable

The Washington Post 7/17: David Axelrod: Hillary Clinton and Democrats can win the Iran debate

Foreign Affairs 7/17 (Brent E. Sasley): Deal With It

TEXT 7/17: Letter to the President from over 100 former American Ambassadors on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on Iran’s Nuclear Program

Yedioth Ahronoth 7/17: Positive Energy

New York Times 7/16: Former U.S. Diplomats Praise Iran Deal

JTA 7/17: AIPAC backing group that plans to press Dems on Iran deal through TV ads

Vox 7/17: The 6 biggest myths about the Iran nuclear deal

Haaretz 7/17 (Avner Cohen): Israel can live with the Iranian nuclear deal, can Netanyahu?

APN 7/16: Interview with Iran expert Meir Javedanfar

Haaretz 7/16: A victory for Israel, a loss for Iran’s supreme leader

The New York Times 7/16: Iranian Hard-Liners Say Nuclear Accord Crosses Their Red Lines

The New York Times 7/16: ‘Snapback’ Is an Easy Way to Reimpose Iran Penalties

Politico 7/16: Iran? Is That the One We Invaded?

The Institute for National Security Studies 7/16: The United States and the Nuclear Deal with Iran

JTA 7/16: AIPAC to fight White House head to head in battle over Iran deal

The Jewish Daily Forward 7/16 (J.J. Goldberg): Why This Man Supports Iran Deal — Despite Bibi's Bluster

Foreign Policy 7/16: Iran Ain’t Gonna Sneak Out Under This Deal

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