News Nosh 08.14.15

APN's daily news review from Israel
Friday August 15, 2015 
Quote of the day:
"It's time for our country to make every effort to catch those extremists, perpetrators of hate crime and terrorism."
--Rabbis for Human Rights group responds to the arson on a Bedouin family tent in the West Bank.

You Must Be Kidding: 
It was a “false incident.”
--IDF brigade commander testifies in court that the incident at a military checkpoint in the West Bank, in which a Palestinian family was held for an hour on the way to the hospital with a dying baby and the uncle was beaten unconscious and handcuffed, never happened. The judge was convinced otherwise.

Breaking News:
Palestinian hunger striker loses consciousness 60 days into hunger strike
Doctors at Barzilai Hospital, where Mohammed Allaan, 33, is being held, resuscitated Allaan following convulsions and hallucinations. Allaan is on hunger-strike in protest of Israel imprisoning him without charges for over nine months. Allaan’s lawyer noted that the parole law enables releasing a prisoner at any time on the basis of a doctor’s opinion, or if the prisoner’s condition has reached a stage of disorientation. On Thursday, a shouting dispute broke out at the hospital when Arab MK Ahmed Tibi, himself a medical doctor, demanded that the Prison Services remove the leg metal cuffs from Allaan’s legs, saying the only justification for it was to “humiliate the patient and break his spirit.” (Maariv). Tibi said the doctors also oppose the cuffs. On Wednesday, Arabs and Jews clashed outside the hospital over the government’s intention to force-feed Allaan. Meanwhile, doctors have refused. 

Front Page:
  • Eizenkot’s strategy: IDf will attack tens of thousands of targets during confrontation in north
  • Decade to disengagement (from Gaza):
  • Still in caravillas
  • (Evacuating settlers) In the West Bank, it’s already a different story // Amos Harel
  • Without settlers in the north of the West Bank
  • Traditions of mourning over the eviction
  • Bennett’s people: “The Initiative for the Future of the Jewish People” was put in the hands of right-wing activists – with a budget of half a billion shekels ($131 million); American Jews protest: “Instead of teaching us to be Jews, you should learn pluralism”
  • The reform in mental health: Personal information is easily accessible to any health institute (HMO) that asks
  • Tent of Bedouin family in W. Bank was set on fire, three youth from Baladim outpost were detained; Right-wing activist who called to harm Palestinians will be indicted on sedition
  • Dispute in Knesset committee for appointing judges: Is advancing Mizrachi Jews preferable?
  • Directors of Postal Co. came to discussion at Knesset and displayed pure disdain for millions of citizens
  • The story of the subversive document about the “problem of the Mizrachi Jews” in the IDF
  • Mahmoud Darwish’s bustan’s (orchards) flower also in Hebrew
  • Who’s afraid of Leonard Wolf? On his love for the State of Israel
Yedioth Ahronoth
  • “We consulted with Israeli scientists throughout the nuclear negotiations” – US Secretary of Energy in interview with Yedioth
  • Teheran now: Rare documentation – Journalist Larry Kohler-Esses reports from Iran after the nuclear agreement
  • On the edge of an abyss // Nahum Barnea
  • Path of silence – Former education minister Shai Piron flew to a Vipassana silence retreat in India in order to decide about his future
  • Dream of every soldier – Medical Corps considering increasing sleeping hours from 6 to 7 hours a night and add an afternoon nap
  • Pressure unit – The Police’s elite unit, Lahav 433, was supposed to be an Israeli FBI, but what went wrong on the way?
  • Under the hat of Natan Goshen hides a black kippah. Revealing interview
Maariv Weekend (Hebrew links only)
  • The battle over (who will be) the Police Commissioner
  • In the hands of Deri – Economy Minister must again decide whether to sign on the gas (monopoly) agreement
  • Lapid and Lieberman’s dilemma // Yehuda Sharoni
  • Paris, ya habibib, Tel-Aviv - Hundreds of police, Israeli music, falafel and pro-Palestinian protesters
  • Last stop - Maariv Jct in Tel-Aviv closed ahead of demolition of bridge
  • Publishing of ‘IDF’s strategy’ document: Nothing we didn’t know // Yossi Melman
  • Elections 2015: Obama, Iran and the dilemma of the Jewish community in the US // Caroline Glick
  • The religious people are coming: Former senior Shin Bet official, Menachem Landau, responds to Ran Adelist
  • Settlers and prejudice: What did (TV reporter) Roni Daniel really look for in his (TV documentary) journey in Samaria // Kalman Libskind
  • Purity of blackmail: Israel’s security exports star in a special report of the OECD
Israel Hayom
  • “Tens of thousands of targets in Lebanon, thousands in Gaza” – IDF Chief of Staff presents Israel’s security concept
  • An important document at an important time // Yoav Limor 
  • Prime Minister on the gas (agreement): “It will bring hundreds of billions of shekels to residents of Israel”
  • Parting from Maariv Bridge – It was blown-up to make way for TLV light-rail
  • Former senior US State Dept official: History proves – Congress can make changes to the Iran agreement
  • All-time-record at Ben-Gurion Airport: 80,000 travelers, 457 flights
  • Year since Operation Protective Edge: Rise in number of babies named ‘Eitan,’ ‘Beniya’ (after fallen officer’) and ‘Beni’
  • Not a children’s game – This is how surveillance cameras and private investigators entered the nursery schools in Israel
  • Aviram Shaul battles to discover what happened to the fate (of the corpse) of his brother, Oron, (in Gaza)
  • The panic to get the gold – Sagi Muki, Europe champion in Judo, on the way to the next goal
  • Go West - Kanye West talks about ego and provocations
  • Crisis of the migrants in Europe – alongside the battle against the phenomenon of (African) infiltrators into Israel

News Summary:
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu presented the revised gas monopoly agreement to the government, the IDF Chief of Staff presented his security doctrine, according to which Iran isn’t a nuclear threat and Hezbollah and the Gaza Strip will be dealt with by attacking thousands of targets, three young extremist settlers were detained for questioning over the arson of a Bedouin tent, while two young extremist Palestinians, one an Israeli citizen, were indicted for intending to join ISIS and a Tel-Aviv landmark was demolished making top stories in today’s Friday Hebrew newspapers.
Prepared for APN by Orly Halpern, independent freelance journalist based in Jerusalem.