2016 APN Israel Study Tour - Reservations Now Accepted

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Reservations now being accepted for the Americans for Peace Now Israel Study Tour, March 5 to March 11, 2016.

The trip will begin with an exciting new component: a visit to Amman, Jordan, where we will meet with senior officials and get a window into the Arab world. The Study Tour begins in Amman on Saturday evening, March 5, and will travel to Jerusalem and continue from there on Monday, March 7.

In Israel, Jerusalem will serve as the home base for an experience that includes visits to Tel Aviv, the West Bank Palestinian cities of Ramallah and Rawabi, a West Bank settlement tour led by Peace Now, and more. Throughout the tour, you will meet and hold discussions with key Israelis and Palestinians in the realms of politics, journalism, security, and activism.

Many organizations offer tours to Israel. Unlike others, our tour uniquely focuses on Israel’s conflict with its neighbors and on efforts to resolve it.

Recent developments in Israel and the West Bank – and beyond – have again brought the conflict to the very top of the Israeli public’s agenda. That is what people are talking about, and that is what Israeli leaders are challenged to address. If you are interested in the conflict, there could not be a more fascinating time to visit Israel on a conflict-focused tour.

Please be assured that we have always been conservative when it comes to safety, and will always err on the side of caution.

We do believe, however, that even under the current security circumstances, we can put together an engaging, rich, fascinating tour while keeping risk to a minimum.

Professor Mark Rosenblum, APN’s founder and Middle East scholar, will lead the tour with his remarkable combination of knowledge, experience, and humor. In addition to his years of study and activism on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, Mark has for several years been leading groups of student scholars on trips to Arab countries.


Study Tour Prices
  • $4,195 Per Person/Double Occupancy

  • $4,495 Single Occupancy

INCLUDES: Hotel Accommodations (7 nights), all meals (excluding two lunches and two dinners), VIP service at Allenby Bridge border crossing, all touring in Jordan and Israel (Does NOT include airfare.)

  • $500 Deposit will lock in your place on this unique, small-group tour experience.


Print out and complete this FORM and return to APN by mail or email with the deposit (payable by check or credit card).

Amman, Jordan - Check-in: Saturday, March 5; Check-out: Monday, March 7
Jerusalem, Israel - Check-in: Monday, March 7; Check-out: Saturday, March 12


For more on the APN Israel Study Tour, watch this video, and see the tour schedule from APN's 2015 study tour.

For questions about the 2016 APN Study Tour, email israeltour@peacenow.org or call our office at 202-408-9898.

Going on the APN Study Tour "was an amazing experience from every angle...an event of a lifetime. It gave me hope that there is still very much a chance for peace between Israelis and Palestinians."

- David Edelman, pictured in Hebron, is from the Chicago area and has participated on two APN Study Tours

The capital of Jordan is a fascinating city of contrasts -- a unique blend of old and new...ultra-modern buildings, hotels, smart restaurants, art galleries and boutiques rub shoulders comfortably with traditional coffee shops and tiny artisans' workshops, and everywhere there is evidence of the city's much older past.

Jordan, one of the two countries to have signed a peace treaty with Israel, has an immense stake in Israeli-Palestinian peace. Currently, it is facing severe challenges related to the instability in neighboring Arab countries, and serves as a fascinating window into the Arab world.