PAST ACTION: Thank Members of Congress who supported Iran deal! (and tell the ones who didn’t that you are mad!)

Iran Nuclear Negotiations


Update: this action, now closed, ran from August-September 2015.

You did it! For weeks you and your fellow activists across the country have been telling your elected officials to support the Iran deal – and last week, enough members of the House and Senate stood together to ensure the Iran deal will be implemented. This is an historic achievement of which you should be enormously proud!

These members of Congress stood up for what is right for America and right for Israel by supporting the Iran agreement. Now they need to hear from you once more, to let them know they did the right thing. Click here to thank them.

At the same time, every Republican in Congress and a small number of Democrats opposed the Iran deal. Click here to let them know you think they did the wrong thing – and to put them on notice that further efforts to kill the Iran deal are unacceptable.