APN/Peace Now in the News: October 23 - October 30, 2015

Lara Friedman op-ed: Time for a New Israel-Palestine Peacemaking Paradigm (Huffington Post, 10/29/2015)

Ori Nir op-ed: What Yitzhak Rabin left behind (Boston Globe, 10/27/2015)

APN founder Mark Rosenblum gives sober speech in Toronto (Times of Israel blog, 10/29/2015)

Peace Now's Oppenheimer commenting on impact of Rabin's assassination on Israel's peace camp (New York Jewish Week, 10/28/2015)

Thousands take part in Peace Now rally (JTA, 10/26/2015)

Thousands call for peace talks at Peace Now's Tel Aviv rally (Haaretz, 10/24/2015)

Thousands turn out to march in Peace Now's protest rally (Times of Israel, 10/24/2015)

Thousands of Israelis take part in Peace Now march (Xinhua, 10/25/2015)

Thousands of Israelis participate in Peace Now march (AFP, 10/24/2015)

APN's weekly congressional report provides details on House move condemning Palestinian incitement (JTA, 10/23/2015)