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The following message from Tom Feldman and Michael Walzer is the first in a series of messages that you will be receiving from members of APN’s Board of Directors and staff during the eight days of Hanukkah.

These messages are our way of exchanging gifts: offering you the gift of learning -- for you or a loved one -- in exchange for your contribution to APN.

We call it Spreading the Light. It’s a celebration of ideas and learning to nourish our hearts and minds and bring some much-needed light into our lives and into the lives of people we love.

For us, the best way to spread the light, to enlighten, is through books that we find eye-opening. The books that we will be offering you during the week – gifts to convey our appreciation for your support -- include fascinating chapters in the history of Israel and the Palestinians, and the conflict between them, as well as an Israeli-Palestinian cookbook, a book by Israel’s leading modern poet, and a whimsical book on the role that words play in Jewish tradition, co-authored by Israel’s leading contemporary novelist, a founder of Israel’s Shalom Achshav (Peace Now) movement, and his daughter.

Thank you for all that you do to support our efforts to counter the darkness of war, violence, intolerance and extremism, and advance hope for a better future for Israel and its neighbors.

Happy Chanukah,
Jim Klutznick, Chair, and Debra DeLee, President and CEO,
Americans for Peace Now

Walzer/Feldman Day 1


Can we agree that in a world so lacking in moral authority Jimmy Carter is a beacon of light that illuminates our lives with dignity and grace? As we are currently witnessing presidential candidates promulgate policies such as making Muslims register in the U.S. and having a database full of them (rather than a notebook full of women), Jimmy Carter is saving lives by building homes and alleviating poverty. And yes, while battling and beating back cancer.

Donate And can we agree that President Carter’s greatest legacy as President was the Camp David Accords? These accords established peace between Israel and Egypt-- the largest Arab country. This has become a cornerstone of Israel’s national security.

13 Days in SeptemberPlease learn how this historic treaty materialized by reading “Thirteen Days in September” by Pulitzer-Prize winning author Lawrence Wright, in which he chronologies the drama almost minute-by-minute. Learn about the surprising role Ariel Sharon played in helping seal the deal -- and he wasn’t even present at Camp David. There is so much in this book.

Joe Klein in his New York Times review of the book says: “Lawrence Wright makes a masterly case that it is time we gave Jimmy Carter full credit for all the lives his inspired diplomacy saved.”

Yes, we can agree. Thank you, Mr. President.

Happy Chanukah!

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