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Pogrebin/Fisher Day 6


Jews are called “the people of the book” for a reason. Over thousands of years, despite endless persecution, adversity and exile, we have remained a people, linked to one another and our history by our sacred texts, ideologies and teachings. The words in these texts—interpreted anew with each generation—are what binds us together, nourish our Jewish identity, and inspire provocative, mind-expanding (occasionally maddening) discussions in our communities and at our dinner tables.

As it is said: ask two Jews, you’ll get three opinions.

DonateI​n their new book, Jews and Words, Amos Oz and Fania Oz-Salzberger, a father-daughter team, examine the ​powerful connection between the Jewish people and their textual heritage. With wit, brilliance and grace, Oz and Oz-Salzberger explore the rich Jewish tradition of disputation, debate and dialogue. "We are trying to seduce people to this wonderful heritage,” Oz confessed in an NPR radio interview, adding, “you don’t have to be religious and you don’t even have to be Jewish in order to be attracted to this legacy.”

Jews and WordsThis Chanukah, join the conversation and further enrich the legacy by sharing Jews and Words with your family and friends​.

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