No End of conflict? - with Security Expert Yossi Alpher, Tuesday June 21st

AlpherOn Tuesday, June 21st, from 12-2pm, APN and New Israel Fund are co-hosting a brown-bag lunch for Yossi Alpher, who will be in Washington DC promoting his new book, “No End of Conflict: Rethinking Israel-Palestine.

Yossi is an extremely knowledgeable and perceptive commentator on Israel and the Middle East. His new book focuses on the disastrous impact of the peace impasse with the Palestinians and the dangerous slippery slope Israel and the Palestinians are on. It zeroes in on the need for all parties, including global think tanks and policy planners as well as Diaspora Jewish communities, to adopt a new agenda that recognizes the emerging reality and asks how to manage the slippery slope (rather than a non-existent peace process) and to at least delay Israel’s descent towards the status of ugly bi-national state and international pariah. It’s a sobering, pragmatic book, which very much reflects Yossi’s analytical style. It should be required reading for all candidates for national political office in the US this November.

Please join us from noon to 2pm at the Americans for Peace Now office at 2100 M Street NW, Suite 619.

We look forward to seeing you. As space is limited, please let us know as soon as you can whether you would like to attend by responding to this email.

You can read the Amazon review of the book here.
See you then!


YOSSI ALPHER is an Israel security expert who is a consultant and writer on Israel-related strategic issues. Alpher served in the Israel Defense Forces as an intelligence officer, followed by 12 years’ service in the National Intelligence Agency (Mossad). From 1981 to 1995 he was associated with, and ended up directing, the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University (JCSS). While at the Jaffee Center, Alpher coordinated and co-edited the JCSS research project on options for a Palestinian settlement, and produced the Alpher Plan for an Israeli-Palestinian Territorial Settlement. In July 2000 (during the Camp David talks) Alpher served as senior adviser to the prime minister of Israel, concentrating on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and has also coordinated several Track II dialogues between Israelis and Arabs.

Alpher was co-founder and co-editor, with Ghassan Khatib (former Minister of Labor in the Palestinian Authority), of, a web-based Israeli-Palestinian political dialogue magazine, and continues to write Hard Questions, Tough Answers, a weekly security Q&A available at  He is the author of the books from publisher Rowman & Littlefield: “Periphery: Israel's Search for Middle East Allies” (2015), and “No End of Conflict: Rethinking Israel-Palestine” (2016), which Thomas R. Pickering, former US undersecretary of state and ambassador to Israel, Jordan, Russia, and the United Nations, says “opens new ground in presenting five options for the future along with the challenges to making them work."