APN and Peace Now in the News: July 23-29, 2016

 Letty Cottin PogrebinNew York Times - July 28
"Bill Clinton Would Be an Ideal Middle East Convoy"
by Letty Cottin Pogrebin


What should Hillary Clinton do with Bill? That's easy. She should appoint him as special envoy to Israel/Palestine ​with a presidential mandate to jump start the peace process.

Bill Clinton is the perfect person to create bridging proposals and persuade both parties to make crucial compromises. No one in America is more conversant with the issues that divide Israelis and Palestinians and the events that have led them to the current impasse. No one else knows the neighborhood better — not just its leaders but the civil society activists and local organizers who will ultimately make peace a reality on the ground.

Because of his role as facilitator of the 1993 Oslo process that culminated in the handshake between Yitzhak Rabin and Yasir Arafat on the White House lawn, and his last ditch efforts at the 2000 Camp David summit meeting with Arafat and Israel's then-Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Bill knows the map right down to the streets in Jerusalem and the squares in Ramallah. He knows where the minefields are — right of return, borders, security, and who controls the Temple Mount. If there's the slightest possibility that this 100-year-old conflict can be brought to a peaceful, permanent conclusion, Bill Clinton is the one who can make it happen.

Such an assignment would focus his formidable energy and expertise on this single complex issue and leave the rest of the country for Hillary to run.


Washington Post - July 29
State Dept. criticizes Israeli settlement expansion, demolitions, Peace Now welcomes US criticism of Israel's settlement expansion


Israel Hayom - July 29
US slams increase in Israeli construction beyond Green Line, Peace Now quoted on Israeli government tenders for settlement homes


The News - July 29
New Israeli Settlement Plans Provocative, Peace Now quoted on Israeli government tenders for settlement homes


Haaretz - July 28
Left-wing Israeli Activists Facing Violence, Death Threats, Hagit Ofran, director of Peace Now's Settlement Watch, describes growing threats to the organization


Haaretz - July 28
Secret 1970 Document Confirms First West Bank Settlements Built on a Lie, features Peace Now's aerial settlement maps and Hagit Ofran, director of Peace Now's Settlement Watch, cites the first usage of military orders to seize land for civilian use


Reuters - July 28
US concerned over Israel's settlement activityPeace Now quoted on Israeli government tenders for settlement homes


Daily Sabah - July 27
US slams new Israeli settlement plans for undermining peacePeace Now quoted on Israeli government tenders for settlement homes


The Jerusalem Post - July 26
IDF raizes 15 illegal Arab homes in East Jerusalem and West Bank, Eyal Raz, spokesman for Peace Now, says demolitions could exacerbate tensions


Washington Post - July 23
In the settlement of Kiryat Arba, the demand is to expand, Hagit Ofran, Director of Peace Now's Settlement Watch, quoted on the threat of settlement expansion to peace


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