APN/ Peace Now in the News: October 15-21, 2016

APN's Lara Friedman in Haaretz: October 21
My UN Speech Reflected Love for Israel, Truth About Settlements

Last Friday, the UN Security Council held a meeting organized under the title “Illegal Israeli Settlements: A Threat to Peace and the Two-State Solution.” Americans for Peace Now proudly took part in that event, offering testimony grounded in love for Israel and expressing an unwavering commitment to Israel’s security and its survival as a democracy and a state rooted in the Jewish values expressed in its Declaration of Independence. Of course, that testimony also dealt with the settlements, explaining why they are detrimental to the cause of Israeli-Palestinian peace and therefore to Israel’s national security interests.
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Haaretz: October 21
Yes, Israelis, We Must Wash Our Dirty Laundry in Public,” Zeev Sternhell’s op-ed argues APN is worthy of support for appearing before the UNSC.

Jewish Telegraph Agency: October 20
With UNESCO vote, Palestinians’ bid for attention backfires,” APN among those criticizing UNESCO for one-sided resolution.

Haaretz: October 20
Americans for Peace Now, You Made a Mistake in Appearing Before the UN,” Rabbi Eric Yoffie’s op-ed says that “while APN’s presentation was a compelling one, it should not have been given to that audience at that time.”

Al-Monitor: October 19
Why human rights NGOs are losing support of Israeli public,” Peace Now’s Avi Bouskila says Peace Now opted to not participate in UNSC discussion on Israel-Palestine so as not to alienate the Israeli public.

Ynet News: October 19
US again expresses support for Israeli far-left NGOs,” US Ambassador to the UN thanks APN for sharing expertise on West Bank settlements.

Israel National News: October 18
Washington ‘grateful’ to B’Tselem,” State Department says it’s grateful for APN and B’Tselem’s efforts.

Ynet News: October 18
US State Department ‘grateful” to B’Tselem,” State Department Spokesman says US is grateful for organizations like Peace Now and B’Tselem.

The Forward: October 17
If Israel Lets in Palestinian Refugees, Will it Lose its Jewish Character?” Op-ed praises APN’s Lara Friedman for UNSC speech.

Haaretz: October 15
Netanyahu Slams Humn Rights NGO B’Tselem for Joining ‘Chorus of Slander’ Against Israel,” Netanyahu slams APN and B’Tselem for appearing before UNSC regarding West Bank settlements.

Times of Israel: October 15
Netanyahu vows to bar national service volunteers from B’Tselem,” Netanyahu lashes out against APN and B’Tselem for their testimony on Israeli settlements before the UNSC.

i24 News: October 15
Netanyahu attacks ‘ridiculous’ NGO B’Tselem over UN comments,” Netanyahu attacks APN and B’Tselem for UNSC testimony regarding West Bank settlements.

ABC News (AP story): October 15
Israeli Rights Group Urges UN to End Palestinian Occupation,” APN takes part in UNSC special session on West Bank Settlements