Press Release: APN Welcomes UNSC Vote on Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Americans for Peace Now (APN) welcomes today's action in the United Nations Security Council in support of Israeli-Palestinian peace and the two-state solution.

The resolution adopted this afternoon is pro-Israel in the deepest sense of the term, supporting Israel's existence and security, and standing against those who would sacrifice both at the altar of settlements, for an ideological, expansionist agenda.

This resolution reiterates international consensus, grounded in previous Security Council resolutions and international law, dating back nearly five decades, regarding the illegitimacy of settlements and rejecting settlement-related policies of successive Israeli governments.

APN commends the Obama Administration's decision to stand with all past U.S. president since 1967 in maintaining U.S. opposition to settlements, and to reaffirm longstanding U.S. positioning and language in the Security Council on this issue.

APN and Israel's Peace Now movement offer numerous resources on West Bank settlements and on US policy regarding this issue.