Press Release: APN Welcomes Sec. Kerry's Speech on Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Secretary of State John Kerry today articulated, in the clearest possible terms, what is at stake for both Israel and the US: Israel's security and its viability as a democracy and a Jewish state. He also offered a pragmatic vision of the only way forward for Israel that ensures both.

Americans for Peace Now (APN) warmly welcomes Kerry's speech. All who care about Israel – including members of Congress and the incoming Trump Administration – must take heed of Secretary Kerry's powerful, wise, and compassionate words. In laying out the current realities and the way forward, Secretary Kerry's speech is consistent with the analysis of Israel's respected national security community and with the longtime positions of APN, its Israeli sister-organization Shalom Achshav (Peace Now) and the broader Israeli Zionist peace camp.

Last week's vote at the United Nations Security Council, coupled with today's speech, are a resounding statement of America's continued unshakable commitment to Israel. This is a commitment that dates back to Israel's birth as a nation, and is reflected in consistent policies since 1967 in opposition to settlements and in working for an end to the occupation.

APN commends the Obama Administration for this speech and for its abstention in the Security Council last week. The true pro-Israel position for any US president is to stand with Israel – its security, its future, and the best interests of its people – and to stand against settlements and permanent occupation. This is exactly what the Obama Administration has done with both of these recent actions, for which it deserves the praise and gratitude of all who care about Israel.