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Friday May 19, 2017
Number of the day:
-- Percentage of Jewish Israelis who said they considered the Trump administration more pro-Israel than pro-Palestinian, significantly down from 79% on January 11.*

Front Page:
Yedioth Ahronoth
  • Travel warning // Nahum Barnea (Illustration of a finger spinner with Trump’s face on each of the three projecting parts)
  • President under investigation: Special counsel will investigate connections with Russia
  • Historical, hysterical visit: In the shadow of the investigation, Trump will land here Monday. The orders: Journalists don’t get to ask questions
  • Trump against Bennett: “Because of him the embassy won’t move.” Bennett’s associates: Netanyahu is behind the criticism
  • The surprising appointment: Democrat Joe Lieberman is a leading candidate to head the FBI
  • Rain on the weekend
  • “I saw death in my eyes” - D. drove in his car from Itamar (settlement) and was blocked by an ambulance and stoned. When he felt his life was in danger he shot - and killed one Palestinian and injured another
  • “How can we live like this this?״ - Hundreds of handicapped people blocked roads in a long and stormy demonstration in central Tel-Aviv
  • In the sand dunes of ISIS: Tzur Sheizaf went to check how dangerous it is in Sinai
  • How easy is it to fake votes in Israeli elections: A frightening peek into transcripts of investigation
Maariv Weekend
Israel Hayom
  • Trump: I don’t rule out a visit to the Wailing Wall with Netanyahu
  • US President in interview with Israel Hayom Editor-in-Chief Boaz Bismuth at the White House ahead of his visit to Israel
  • Almost a lynch: Israeli caught in rioting in Huwarra town - “I saw death in my eyes”
  • Following State Comptroller’s report: Police opened probe into suspicions against Minister Uri Ariel
  • Special: US Ambassador David Friedman in his first interview

News Summary:
US President Donald Trump is under investigation just ahead of his visit to Israel, putting a shadow over the trip, say Israeli commentators and a West Bank settler shot dead a young Palestinian saying he felt his life was in danger (however +972 mag revealed that he drove his car into a number of people first) making top stories in today’s Hebrew newspapers. Also in the news, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem was under fire by right-wing ministers for not playing the ‘Hatikva’ national anthem at the graduation ceremony, out of consideration for the feelings of the Arab students. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called it ‘shameful,’ although many institutions do not include singing of the anthem at the conclusion of ceremonies. (Also, Maariv and JPost

*There will be no Trump-Netanyahu-Abbas summit during Trump’s visit, Yedioth reported. Maariv and JPost published a poll revealing that Trump’s popularity is plummeting among Jewish Israelis.

In reporting on the killing of a 23-year-old Palestinian, the Hebrew media, with the exception of Haaretz, focused on fears expressed by the settler from Itamar, whose car was caught in the midst of a Palestinian solidarity march for hunger-strikers down the main road of Huwarra. Some media wrote that he was being “lynched” and shared videos of his car being pelted with stones. However CCTV footage provided by Rabbis for Human Rights to +972 mag showed that well before that happened, many marchers passed by his car and some stood in front and held a Palestinian flag and put one on the car. It was then that he ran into them, after which mayhem broke out and masses of youth attacked his car, kicking it and throwing rocks at it. According to an eyewitness, an IDF patrol jeep was present throughout that time, but did nothing. It can be seen quickly parking next to the settler car after the settler drove into people and the fury began. The soldiers quickly dispersed the crowds, but it was unclear when the settler opened fire killing a young Palestinian who was nearby. (Maariv VIDEO and Ynet VIDEO and PHOTOS)
Prepared for APN by Orly Halpern, independent freelance journalist based in Jerusalem.
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