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Friday November 3, 2017
Quote of the day:
“While the media is busy reporting on dubious draft laws and disagreement on marking the anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination, the state is sunk in a security emergency that is barely felt by most Israelis.”
—Haaretz+ military affairs analyst Amos Harel writes that Israel’s ‘pro-active’ acts in the north and south, i.e. bombing an Islamic Jihad tunnel that reached the Israel-Gaza border and then not allowing search and retrieval of missing bodies and the bombing of a Hezbollah weapons factory in Syria, could have dire consequences, for which the army has decided to maintain a high state of alert.**

You Must Be Kidding: 
WATCH: Hippo Waltzes Out of Israeli Safari
(But then she changed her mind. Haaretz: “It's a wild world outside.”)

Front Page:
Yedioth Ahronoth
  • For those who forgot (arrow to front page of Haaretz from November 5, 1995, that read:) Rabin was murdered, Israel is hurting and crying
  • 22 years since the Rabin murder: Saturday night returning to the (Rabin) Square (for rally)
  • The depth of the incitement // Nahum Barnea
  • A confused camp // Sima Kadmon
  • Political neutralization // Meir Shalev
  • Stop the hypocrisy // Raanan Shaked
  • Left-wingers, decide // Yifat Ehrlich
  • The murderer wins // Yehuda Nuriel
  • Come to the square // Mika Almog
  • It depends on us // Yehuda Meshi-Zahav
  • Legislative bill: Free dental treatment for elderly
  • ABCD - in kindergarten - to improve spoken English in Israel
  • (TV presenter) Oshrat Kotler, (then CEO of Keshet TV) Alex Giladi and the ‘indecent proposal’ (from 25 years ago)
  • Jewish, homosexual and a Nazi - Crazy story of neo-Nazi leader who admitted he was Jewish and asks to apologize to Holocaust survivors
  • Smell of money - Meet Silly, the dog who knows how to find truffles, which they are counting on in the Golan Heights
Maariv Weekend (Hebrew links only)
  • The battle over the bodies in the tunnel: The Attorney General vs. Defense Minister - Mendelblit claims that Israel must allow Hamas and Islamic Jihad collect the bodies of the terrorists buried in the rubble of the tunnel; Avigdor Lieberman opposes
  • Memorial in dispute [Photo of Yitzhak Rabin]; Saturday night, 19:30, at the square
  • Open wound // Ben Caspit
  • The hatred is still here // Avi Benayahu
  • Both of them (Rabin and Netanyahu) were right // Doron Cohen
  • Memorial Day for democracy // Lior Ackerman
  • Oshrat Kotler: Alex Giladi sexually harassed me; Silvy Keshet: Tommy Lapid sexually attacked me in London
  • Eilat: 17-year-olds shot at teacher with airgun
  • The department for accompanying police - This is how the prosecutors accompanying the police recommendations in severe investigation cases
  • The battle over the high cost of living: Importers are starting to return fire
  • A year since Trump’s election: This is how populism conquered politics
  • Lieberman and I: Eliezar Cohen (Cheetah) reveals the secrets of Yisrael Beiteinu
  • A cry from the ghetto: 30 years since his death, (Mizrachi singer) Zohar Argov vs. the State of Israel
  • Personal interview: (Singer) Moran Atias talks about love, sexual harassment and Hollywood
  • The last journey: The story of Ezra “Barbunia,” who died through euthanasia
Israel Hayom
  • Abu Mazen’s confidantes: “The Palestinian Authority won’t stop Hamas tunnels”
  • Regards from 10 Downing St. - PM Netanyahu met in London with British PM Theresa May
  • “Honorable President, please return my light home” - After asking for a pardon, mother of the soldier who neutralized a terrorist asked Rivlin” “Elor’s joy is fading”
  • This is how the authorities in Romania harassed to death a man who angered the government
  • A holiday trip for the 3 millionth tourist (of 2017)
  • Oshrat Kotler claimed on live broadcast: “I received an indecent proposal from the president of Keshet (TV), Alex Giladi”
  • Blow to Teva Pharmaceuticals: Stocks at lowest in decades; Fear it won’t be able to repay its debt; Cash flow forecast dropped by $1.3 billion
  • Following ‘Israel Hayom’’s request: MK Amsalem will propose a revised bill for IDF handicapped
  • Moti Shalom was raised ultra-Orthodox, hated the state, left the religion - and joined the IDF’s Givati Brigades
  • The girl, Eden Alana, came from the Katamon (Jerusalem neighborhood) to make the country crazy in X-Factor
  • (Choreographer) Ido Tadmor moves to the US and explains why he will never be American
  • Fast road to a crisis: The highway protest in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) threatens the coalition’s stability // Mati Tuchfeld

News Summary:
Battles were the top stories in today’s Hebrew Friday newspapers.
1. The battle over allowing Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas members to search and retrieve the bodies of five missing men from the rubble of the tunnel that Israel demolished. The search was forced to stop when within 300 meters of the border, because that is part of Israel’s self-declared buffer zone. The families of missing Israeli soldiers, whose bodies are being held by Hamas, objected to a request by the Palestinians to allow international forces to aid in the search and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman took their side, preventing access in order to bargain for the release of the Israeli bodies. But Attorney General Avigdor Mendelblit said that "international law requires that the enemy be allowed to extract his bodies,” Maariv reported.

2. The battle over how the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin would be memorialized continued to be a top story and Yedioth took a side chastising right-wingers with its front-page headline “For those who forgot” alongside a photo of the front page of November 5, 1995, that read “Rabin was murdered, Israel hurts and cries.” On their front pages, Maariv and Yedioth ran numerous Op-Eds about how divided Israel was and about the incitement and hatred. Both papers reminded, seemingly inviting, Israelis to attend the rally in his memory at Rabin Square on Saturday night.

3. The battle over women’s bodies. Two prominent female Israeli journalists announced (on live TV and on Facebook) that they had been sexually harassed by senior Israeli figures. The Harvey Weinstein effect continues….

Also, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who was in London to celebrate the centennial of the Balfour Declaration, met with British Prime Minister Theresa May in London and while she emphasized the need to return to the peace process and said that she would be talking to Netanyahu about “the obstacles and difficulties in the settlement building,” Netanyahu wanted to talk about changing the Iran deal. (And Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza, Beirut and even the British capital took to the streets to demand British recognition of a Palestinian state.)
Prepared for APN by Orly Halpern, independent freelance journalist based in Jerusalem.
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