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Friday March 2, 2018

You Must Be Kidding: 
Israeli soldiers beat Palestinian journalists with batons and arrested them, on their commanders’ orders, with the declared intention of disrupting their coverage of a weekly demonstration, Haaretz+ revealed.

Front Page:
Yedioth Ahronoth
  • In the face of the investigators - Netanyahu couple will be separately and simultaneously questioned by police today
  • As deep as the investigation // Nahum Barnea writes that Trump and Netanyahu “are riding the same political wave. They both have the experience of being investigated and the joint feeling of victimhood”
  • Life detention // Sima Kadmon asks whether the extended remand of two key suspects was meant to prevent the coordination of testimonies and says that Netanyahu has no problem leaving them in detention for months if it distances the investigators from him
  • The benefit puzzle // Ben-Dror Yemini writes that there’s something wrong with the equation of the Netanyahu’s only getting positive coverage and Elovitch allegedly getting benefits from the Communications Ministry
  • Who didn’t get any? // Shimon Shiffer writes that Netanyahu prepared “a porridge” and his close associates profited from the submarine deal, his friend Shaul Elovitch profited from the telecom deals, but the citizens of the state got nothing
  • Hello Your Excellency, the Prince
  • Israel prize to Yedioth/Ynet war correspondent Ron Ben-Yishai
  • A journalist and a fighter // Ron Yaron, Editor-in-Chief of Yedioth
  • Our Golani: Gabi Ashkenazi, Uri Sagi, Ayelet Shaked and others write about the brigade celebrating 70 years
  • The surprise of the week - From being a night clubs girl to being a judge at the center of the text messages storm. Who are you Ronit Poznansky-Katz?
  • A teacher of life and death - The Jewish teacher Scott Bigel saved with his body the lives of his students from the massacre in Florida
  • The legendary ex - Lee Levy, Netanyahu’s former girlfriend, is still waiting for an apology for him offering her to others and she reveals who paid on the dates
  • Investigation: Drugs, sexual exploitation and violence at a boarding school for children (from difficult backgrounds)
Maariv Weekend
  • The police will ask for a face-to-face debate between Netanyahu and (state witness) Filber
  • About the slaughter // Ben Caspit
  • Case 4000 treatment // Kalman Libeskind // Avi Benayahu
  • Left in doubt // Udi Segal writes that if Netanyahu is found innocent, it will be proof for public not to have faith in law authorities
  • Outside the law // Adv. Yoram Sheftel writes that the judge who exchanged messages with an investigator should be put on trial
  • Blind typing
  • The assassination attempt that prevented Hamas from amassing rockets in South Lebanon
  • “The draft crisis will lead to early elections”
  • Everyone is Purim
  • Royal visit (of Prince William)
  • Poznansky Post: The father of the judge and his war against Netanyahu
Israel Hayom
  • This morning: Netanyahu will be questioned at his Residence, his wife, Sara, will give testimony at Lahav (Police Anti-Fraud Unit)
  • Amsalem: Probe MK Lapid in the issue of the Milchan Law
  • Happy and funny (Photos of people dressed in costume for Purim)
  • He’s a prince - For the first time in 70 years: Official visit to Israel of son of British kingdom
  • The draft crisis worsens: “We don’t know how this will end, it could reach elections”
  • My Golani and Golani of the People of Israel // Maj. Shlomi Binder, Golani Brigade Commander in special column in celebration of 70th anniversary of Golani Brigade
  • Opinion of commander of Prison #4: “Elor Azaria has a right to early release”
  • Putin sends threats: “Russia developed nuclear weapons that are immune to interception”
  • Austrian Vice-Chancellor in interview to ‘Israel Hayom’: “Anti-Semites have no place in my party”
  • Courageous: Shlomit, who fell victims to women traffickers and testified against them, did not receive from the state the compensation the court ruled
  • Following in his path - Orit Ettinger, daughter of Rabbi Miki Mark, who was murdered in an attack, helps terror victims
  • Will the text-messages affair affect the Netanyahu investigations? // Mati Tuchfeld and Yair Altman
  • Report: Many of the statistics of ‘UNICEF-Palestine’ were collected by anti-Israeli organizations // Nadav Shragai

News Summary:
Repeating yesterday’s headlines, the Hebrew papers shared today that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, are being simultaneously questioned this morning on suspicion of taking bribes from Netanyahu's friend, media mogul Shaul Elovitch, as part of the Case 4000 telecom affair: Netanyahu was to be questioned under warning at his residence and his wife was to give testimony at the Lahav Anti-Fraud Unit offices in Lod. (UPDATE: As News Nosh was being prepared, police informed Mrs. Netanyahu her testimony was being turned into a questioning under warning. Maariv Moreover, the two main suspects in detention, Elovitch and Netanyahu’s former media advisor, Nir Hefetz, were taken from their jail rooms to Lahav Unit to be interrogated simultaneously and the answers of each of the four were to be used in real time in the questioning of the others. Walla) Saturday night Netanyahu sets out for Washington, D.C. to meet US President Donald Trump and then continues to New York to attend the AIPAC conference.

The other main news reports were the British announcement that for the first time a British royal will make an official visit to Israel (which one analyst said showed Britain’s status in the world has diminished) and Russian President Vladimir Putin's announcement that Russia has a supersonic weapon that cannot be intercepted by anti-missile systems.
Prepared for APN by Orly Halpern, independent freelance journalist based in Jerusalem.
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