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Wednesday, April 4, 2018
You Must Be Kidding: 

"The main source that applied European pressure on the Rwandan government to pull out of the agreement to remove the infiltrators from Israel is the New Israel Fund... [a] foreign organization that receives funding from foreign governments... [with the ultimate goal of] erasing the Jewish character of Israel."

-- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

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News Summary:
Israeli security forces revealed today that they foiled a plot by Islamic Jihad, a Palestinian terror group, to attack a navy vessel and abduct Israeli sailors. Ten men were arrested in connection with the plot back on March 12, and one of the men, Amin Jumma, will be officially indicted today. Prime Minister Netanyahu said that this plot is proof that the protests are a front for terror activities, despite the fact that these arrests were made weeks ago and that Israeli security forces have not hinted at a connection.

Netanyahu is blaming the failure to reach a deal with Rwanda to take in the African asylum seekers on the New Israel Fund, an organization he says aims to "[erase] the Jewish character of Israel." According to Netanyahu, the New Israel Fund somehow convinced Rwanda to reject the deal. The New Israel Fund says it does not have contacts with Rwanda and is considering suing the prime minister for libel. Netanyahu has turned to Uganda as a possible location for the asylum seekers, but the Ugandan foreign affairs minister said "We do not have a contract, any understanding, formal or informal, with Israel for them to dump their refugees here... we will insist that the airlines return them to the country where they came from."
Quick Hits:
  • Many cars in a Palestinian village located in the West Bank were vandalized with spray-paint and had their windows smashed and tires punctured. Palestinians accused Israeli settlers of perpetrating these crimes.
  • Coalition Whip David Amsalem told Kan radio that the inquiry into the New Israel Fund will not have any power, and it will only serve to engender public discourse on the issue. Prime Minister Netanyahu called for an inquiry into the New Israel Fund stating that the organization “jeopardizes the security and future of the State of Israel as the country for the Jewish people.”
  • Israeli startup company Zeekit developed technology which allows clothing shoppers to “digitally dress” models that are similar to their own proportions. Also, Israeli cybersecurity startup Meta Networks raised 10 million dollars following the launch of its debut product. Another Israeli startup raised 45 million dollars after the initial release of its crypto currency.
  • The Palestinian Mission to the United Nations sent a letter to the UN Security Council condemning Israel’s killing of protestors this past Friday. The Palestinian Authority's Ambassador to the UN also called for an investigation into the deaths of the Palestinians killed during the protests.
  • The South African Foreign Ministry condemned the actions of the IDF during the protests this past Friday. The South African press release called the actions an “act of violent aggression” and also called for Israel to withdraw from Gaza, even though Israel had withdrawn from the Gaza strip in 2005.
  • The European Union expressed concern about the use of force by Israel during the protests this past Friday. The statement from the Office of the European Union's representative to the West Bank and Gaza Strip further called on Israel to exercise restraint with the use of force and investigate the deaths which occurred during Friday’s protests.
  • Some Middle East experts are celebrating the comments made by Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman during an interview with The Atlantic. During the interview, he stated that both Israelis and Palestinians have the right to their own land. Other Middle East experts feel that these statements are not as significant as some are portraying them to be.
  • Netanyahu spoke with both the Greek Prime Minister and the Cypriot President about the creation of a natural gas pipeline. The pipe would begin off the southern coast of Cyprus and end in Otranto, Italy after passing through Cyprus and Greece.
  • Asylum seekers interviewed implore Netanyahu to “let us live like human beings.” These comments are in response to Netanyahu's decision to cancel the deal reached with the UNHCR concerning the resettlement of asylum seekers currently in Israel.
  • An Israeli Arab driver who was killed by the IDF after he crashed into a bus stop in the West Bank on Tuesday was determined to not be carrying out a terrorist attack according to preliminary findings. At the moment the motivations for his actions are unknown.
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