Peace Now in the News: January 11-14, 2018

Interview with Settlement Watch Director Shabtay Bendet in Times of Israel: January 12, 2018

"A former settler is bent on dismantling outposts he once toiled to establish"

Ex-radical Lubavitcher Shabtay Bendet has left old ideologies behind, but the new Peace Now staffer is still grappling with the life he created on the other side of the fence.

Shabtay Bendet was on hand at the Civil Administration’s Beit El headquarters in October when the Defense Ministry body authorized the West Bank settlement of Rehelim’s first-ever building plan. Had it happened two decades earlier, it would likely have been a momentous occasion for the 45-year-old, who, as one of the founders of Rehelim — the West Bank’s first illegal outpost — facilitated the covert transport of trailers to the hilltop community south of Nablus in the dead of night. Read More >

Algemeiner (JNS story): January 14, 2018
"Major Jewish Organizations Back Israel’s BDS Entry Ban, Barred Groups Call It ‘Bullying’," APN opposes list of organizations banned from entering Israel due to their support of BDS.

Times of Israel: January 14, 2018
"Settlement watchdog head resigns to run for Meretz leadership,"

Ynet News: January 14, 2018
"Outgoing Peace Now director announces bid for Meretz leadership," Avi Buskila, the former Director General of Peace Now, leaves to run in the Meretz leadership race.

Arutz 7: January 14, 2018
"Peace Now CEO resigns in bid for Meretz director position"

Jerusalem Post: January 14, 2018
"Peace Now head running for Meretz leadership

Jordan Times: January 13, 2018
"Jordan, world countries reject Israeli settlement plans," Peace Now data quoted in story on settlement construction.

Haaretz: January 12, 2018
"EU, U.K., Germany, and France Condemn Israeli Plan to Build Hundreds of Settlement Homes"

Boston Globe (AP story): January 12, 2018
"Group: Israel OKs more construction in West Bank settlements," Peace Now: Israel's government OKs more construction in West Bank settlements.

The Independent: January 12, 2018
"Israel approves more than 1,100 new settlement homes in occupied West Bank," Peace Now: Israel approves more than 1,100 new settlement homes in occupied West.

The Australian (AFP story): January 12, 2018
"Israel approves more than 1100 new West Bank settlement homes"

Reuters: January 11, 2018
"Israel approves hundreds of new settlement homes: NGO"