i24 Spin Room (9/5/18): Shushan on Duterte's Visit, Kushner's Proposal, Friedman's Duplicity, and Woodward's Book

In a heated debate with Israeli political commentator Gadi Taub and former Canadian Ambassador to Israel Vivian Bercovici, Shushan discussed Netanyahu's affinity for human rights violators in light of Philippine President Duterte's visit to Israel; Jared Kushner's Palestinian-Jordanian confederation proposal to President Abbas; Ambassador Friedman's assault on UNRWA and aid to Palestinians; and what revelations from Bob Woodward's Fear mean for Netanyahu. 


Netanyahu's Affinity for Human Rights Violators Like Rodrigo Duterte (0:56)


Kushner's Palestinian-Jordanian Confederation Proposal to Abbas (0:39)


Friedman's Duplicity on Palestinian Aid (1:29)


What Revelations from Bob Woodward's Book Mean for Netanyahu (1:06)