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Wednesday, December 5, 2018
? Hanukkah Sameach!

*Please note that News Nosh will be truncated and limited to the English Israeli media until December 13 when Orly Halpern returns from holiday. There will also be no News Nosh this Sunday.


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News Summary:

As Allison Kaplan Sommer wrote in Haaretz: "an Israeli army operation couldn't hold back outrage over government inaction on violence against women... making it clear that women's lives are just as important as national security concerns."

Thousands of Israelis protested violence against women yesterday throughout the country - 20,000 people rallied in Tel Aviv. The organizers of the nation-wide strike demanded "that 250 million shekels, which were approved last year to fund a program to combat violence against women, be transferred and put to use." In response, Prime Minister Netanyahu convened the ministerial committee on violence against women this morning. In his remarks following the meeting, he recognized that the budget had not properly been allocated and said: "A budget that is not utilized is like it doesn't exist at all... We will now act to get these funds out. If necessary, we'll add funding too." Netanyahu also said he would deal a “punch in the face” to perpetrators of violence against women, and he fast-tracked legislation (which was originally introduced in 2015) that would require men convicted of violent crimes to wear GPS monitors.

The IDF is connecting Hezbollah's cross-border tunnels to its "Conquering the Galilee" plan, which the IDF identified back in 2012. According to the IDF, the plan stipulated that fighters would infiltrate Israel from Lebanon and take hostages from Israeli communities near the border, using them as human shields. A senior official in the Northern Command said the tunnel uncovered east of the Lebanese village of Kafr Kila was intended to cut off the Israeli town of Metulla as a part of a wider operation to take over parts of the Galilee. Brig. Gen (ret.) Dr. Shimon Shapira writes that Operation Northern Shield "put a serious dent in this scheme."

Quick Hits:
  • The Jerusalem Magistrate Court ruled today that the Siyam family of Silwan must evacuate their home and adjacent office after 20 years of fending off attempts by Israeli settlers to take ownership of the property. (Peace Now)
  • President Reuven Rivlin came out in support of former Supreme Court judge Eliezer Goldberg, who heads the vetting committee that rejected the government-approved candidate, Maj. Gen. Moshe Edri, to be the next police chief. After the committee announced it would not recommend Edri, Education Minister Naftali Bennet and law enforcement officials accused Goldberg of racism. (Times of Israel)
  • Prime Minister Netanyahu sent Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon to represent Israel at the funeral service for former President George H.W. Bush. (Times of Israel)
  • Majd Al Mashharawi, a 24-year-old entrepreneur from the Gaza Strip, recently gave a TED talk at TEDWomen 2018 in Palm Springs. Majd is the inventor of Green Cake, an environmentally-friendly alternative to cement which Israel limits from entering Gaza, as well as the creator of Sun Box, which manufactures small-scale solar power devices for home use. (Gisha)
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