APN In the News: Nov 24- Dec 13

We at APN are sad to inform you that long-time board member Elaine Attias has passed away. Elaine, who lived in the Los Angeles area, possessed a great intellect and spirit, and was a fighter for social justice and a champion of progressive causes. Elaine made a significant imprint on this world and will be missed and remembered. (LA Times Obituary)

The Times of Israel: AG green-lights legalization of 2,000 settler homes built on Palestinian land (12/13/18)

Peace Now settlement watchdog blasted the prime minister in a fiery statement."After a painful day that consisted of a number of attacks, instead of showing responsibility and trying to calm the situation, the prime minister, as usual, is working to fan the flames. The series of steps he has proposed are dangerous. Not only will they not prevent the next murder, but they will only distance us from the solution that could one day stop the cycle of bloodshed...".

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Ha'aretz: "One-state Solution Gains Ground in America - and pro-Israel Groups Are Worried" by Amir Tibon (12/13/18)

Dr. Debra Shushan, director of policy and government relations at Americans for Peace Now, tells Haaretz that what is driving up support for a one-state solution among left-wingers in America is the aggressive, annexationist policies of the current Israeli government and its failure to pursue a two-state solution.

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Times of Israel: "Jewish Home calls for legalizing Ofra settlement homes after terror attack" (12/10/18)

In 2007, the Peace Now settlement watchdog published official state documents proving that the government had allowed for the construction of hundreds of homes on land expropriated from Palestinians from the nearby village of Ein Yabroud.

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Philadelphia Inquirer: "What Marc Lamont Hill and the Israeli government have in common" by Trudy Rubin (12/5/18)

...The Israeli government is pursuing "leaping not creeping annexation" of the West Bank, in the words of the Americans for Peace Now organization. That refers to Israeli settlement expansion that has virtually ruled out any contiguous Palestinian entity on the West Bank.

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The Jewish Chronicle: "American Jewish progressives defend Airbnb's decision to remove Israeli West Bank properties" (12/7/18)

A group of American progressive Jewish groups has written an open letter in support of Airbnb's decision to remove Israeli listings in the West Bank, describing illegal settlements as "illegitimate, and immoral".

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Foreign Policy: "Americans Are Increasingly Critical of Israel by Shibley Telhami (12/11/18)

New polling shows that the U.S. public's views on Israel's policies are shifting.

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