APN In the News: January 11-18, 2019

The National: "Israel rushes to boost illegal settlements with Donald Trump in power" (1/14/19)

"From this data we have deduced that the Israeli government has for a second year supported a dramatically higher rate of settlement growth, due to domestic reasons and because of the unwillingness of the US administration to deter settlement expansion," Brian Reeves, director of external relations at Peace Now.

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Jerusalem Post: "Analysis: Does peace with the Palestinians matter this Israeli election? " (1/14/19)

The Palestinians, peace talks, and settlements seem to be almost entirely irrelevant to this election season... Perhaps Labor's shift from what used to be one of its defining issues is why former Peace Now secretary-general Yariv Oppenheimer moved from being a Labor candidate to running in Meretz.

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Washington Jewish Week: "Hogan's BDS order to be tested in court" (1/11/19)

Americans for Peace Now opposes Hogan's executive order because it erases the difference between Israel and the occupied West Bank, said Debra Shushan, director of policy and government relations. The group, which monitors the growth of Israeli settlements on the West Bank, opposes BDS.

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