News Nosh 02.10.14

APN's daily news review from Israel
Monday February 09, 2014

Quote of the day:
"(The State of Israel) belongs to the Jewish people only."
--MK Shimon Ohayon on what Israeli youth must be taught. His legislative bill was passed by the ministerial committee.** 

Front Page News:
Yedioth Ahronoth
Israel Hayom

Peace Talk Highlights:
Haaretz+ reveals that settlement construction - not demolitions - on privately owned Palestinian land continues despite declarations otherwise by the Israeli Defense Minister. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu convened ministers to discuss the growing boycott threats - but left out the ones who warned against it most: Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and Finance Minister Yair Lapid. Maariv/NRG Hebrew writes that was because those ministers also want him to be more flexible in his positions for a framework deal with the Palestinians. Israeli embassies in Europe say that they are succeeding to stop the boycott, Maariv/NRG Hebrew reported. How? Israel contacted the US ambassador in Holland after the Dutch pension fund ABP announced its divestment plan. The US ambassador told the Dutch government the divestment would not be seen positively by Washington and the Dutch government asked ABP not to divest from Israel and it agreed. Netanyahu will meet with US President Barack Obama in three weeks in Washington to talk about the Iranian issue, however Obama wants to talk about the negotiations with the Palestinians, writes Yedioth. Top MKs said that in a heated debate over a bill that would require teaching students that Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people, Livni hinted that the Palestinians might be willing to compromise on the issue of recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. And Yedioth reported on how an Arab Israeli doctor was deeply humiliated in a racist attack at a medical clinic in Afula.
"The patient said to me: 'You are a terrorist,'" said Dr. Hussein Halailieh. There is almost no one living in the Afula and Emekim region, who does not know Dr. Hussein Halailieh, 50, a family doctor treating Jews and Arabs in the area for 20 years, writes Yedioth. That did not help when a patient stormed into his office demanding treatment, Yedioth reported. When the doctor asked her to wait outside for her turn she called him a "dirty Arab" and said: "You are a terrorist. You aren't a doctor. You don't serve in the army. Go work in your villages." Dr. Halailieh said he was in "terrible shock." "It was the most humiliating experience. I treat thousands of Jews and suddenly a woman comes and calls me a terrorist." The woman followed him out of his office and continued to insult him. "I felt I was really in danger." Dr. Halailieh filed a complaint with the police and a case was opened against the woman.

Quick Hits:
  • Settlers uproot trees in Ramallah village for second time in 3 weeks -  Dozens of settlers raided privately owned Palestinian fields in the village of Sinjil north of Ramallah and uprooted and stole 800 olive saplings that had been planted days earlier after settlers uprooted olive trees in the same area on Jan. 22. (Maan)
  • Rights group: Israeli army using phony excuse to keep checkpoint closed - The army cites security needs, but lawyers say tens of thousands of Palestinians are being inconvenienced by the DCO checkpoint next to Ramallah. (Haaretz+)
  • Israel extremists 'vandalize Palestinian cemetery' near Ramla -  Fifteen graves were were unearthed and their old gravestones were smashed at a cemetery in the Palestinian village of al-Muzayria, whose population was displaced in '48. The same cemetery had been vandalized several times. (Maan)
  • Man wounded in stabbing attack in Jerusalem - Arab assailant stabs ultra-Orthodox man several times in the upper torso in what police are deeming a terror attack. Victim hospitalized. Police searching for suspect. (Israel Hayom)
  • Palestinian prisoner in Israel evacuated to hospital - Ibrahim al-Bitar, 33, was admitted to Soroka Hospital after falling suddenly ill. He had undergone a stomach surgery 20 days earlier. Some 5,200 Palestinians were being held in Israeli jails. Another 1,280 are in Israeli prisons as punishment for being in Israel without permits. (Maan)
  • IAF strikes Gaza; Israel says member of Global Jihad wounded - Palestinian sources reported that IAF aircraft struck in central Gaza Strip after rocket fire towards Israel persisted through weekend. (Ynet)
  • Israel returns body of man killed 12 years earlier - Israel on Sunday evening delivered the remains of Ahmad Ayid Faqih after years of withholding them from Faqih's family. (Maan)
  • **New education bill emphasizes 'Israel as the Jewish state' - Ministerial committee approves bill to amend education curriculum to include clause on importance of Israel as a Jewish state. Vote by ministerial committee for legislation coincides with Netanyahu's demand that Palestinians recognize Israel as nation-state of Jewish people. Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, Finance Minister Yair Lapid and Health Minister Yael German oppose the bill. (Haaretz+ and Israel Hayom)
  • Violence at the conference in support of the student Sapir Sabah - Kiryat Tivon municipal council caved in and allowed some one hundred right-wing activists to host an event for the student who called for the dismissal of the teacher Adam Verete. Dozens of local residents protested outside the building, saying the event organized by radical right-wing activist Michael Ben-Ari was racist and the participants were supporters of the Kach movement of Kahane: "This is not their place, they are not from here." The signs they held up were soon torn to pieces by the right-wing visitors. There was pushing and cursing and police forces arrived and separated between the sides. (Maariv, p. 14/NRG Hebrew
  • Police chief says IDF partially responsible for recent organized crime assassinations - Yohanan Danino refers to recent cases of assassinations, hints IDF carries some of blame, as some of the explosives used by organized crime operatives are IDF property. (Ynet)
  • Habayit Hayehudi officials strike back at Lieberman: He can't decide whether he's right or left - Unlike the foreign minister, we 'will not get addicted to American stroking,' members of Naftali Bennett's party say. (Haaretz+)
  • Israel Air Force major charged with trading vacation days for favors - Accused of having subordinates, for example, tutor his son for exams. (Haaretz+)
  • Breaking tradition, Ya'alon cancels Independence Day reception - Citing costs, defense minister cancels the traditional gathering of senior defense establishment officials at the Defense Ministry's Tel Aviv headquarters. "This is not the time for cocktail receptions," ministry says in a statement. (Israel Hayom
  • Israel Air Force major charged with trading vacation days for favors - Accused of having subordinates, for example, tutor his son for exams. (Haaretz+)
  • Chris de Burgh, Paul Anka headed to Israel - British-Irish singer de Burgh, who is most famous for 1986 love song 'The Lady in Red,' to perform at in Tel Aviv on March 29. Veteran Canadian star Paul Anka to return to Holy Land for one concert on July 24. (Ynet)
  • Israel to host 6th Scrabble tournament in Tiberias - Event will bring together players from twelve countries to compete in the city overlooking the Sea of Galilee. (Haaretz
  • The pursuit of European passports: 'There's somewhere to escape to' - The Spanish law allowing Jews to claim Spanish citizenship gives many Israelis a chance to dream, have a backup plan. (Ynet)
  • Turkish FM: Israel and Turkey closer to deal than ever - Turkey vows to 'monitor and to coordinate humanitarian aid to Gaza' once reconciliation agreement is signed. (Haaretz+ and Ynet)
  • Iranian TV shows films simulating attack on Israeli, U.S. targets - Computer-generated animation shows what Iran's response would be to a potential strike; Targets include Ben Gurion Airport and major sites in Tel Aviv. (Haaretz

Israel's West Bank policy: In thrall to settlers - not justice (Chaim Levinson, Haaretz+) The government is now on its fourth policy to combat illegal settlement construction in the West Bank. None has yet to be implemented, and this one won’t be any different. 
The settlers most Israelis don't know (Eitan Haber, Yedioth/Ynet) Most Israelis have never visited Judea and Samaria, and think all Jewish settlers are a homogenous bunch. Well, says Eitan Haber, they're not. 
Attacks on Gaza jihadists signal quiet Israeli revival of targeted killings (Amos Harel, Haaretz+) Three attacks in recent weeks have all targeted 'rebel’ Gazan terrorists working independently of Hamas, following increased tensions on Gaza border region.
Israel’s policy of not drafting Haredim puts religion above all else (Haaretz Editorial) Yair Lapid, who ran in last year’s election as the leader of the secular community, has not fought the discrimination against his voters. 
It’s raining racism on Israel (Oudeh Basharat, Haaretz+) The price of excluding Arabs is paid by Israeli society, in manifestations of racism and the practice of discrimination in all areas. 
Boycott would hurt Palestinians (Prof. Ron Breiman, Israel Hayom) Europe must realize that the boycott weapon would be a double-edged sword. 
The boycott is our Palestinian non-violent resistance (Hanan Ashrawi, Haaretz+) BDS empowers Palestinians and people of conscience worldwide to stand for justice and human rights and against the settlements - in contrast to Scarlett Johansson’s choice. 
Kerry's Israel Boycott Talk Will Backfire (Jeffrey Goldberg, Maariv/NRG Hebrew and Bloomberg) When the US Secretary of State discusses publicly the strengthening of the boycott, he is strengthening the supports of boycott and scaring Israelis, who prefer not to give up anything. 
The importance of cloning the tribe (Yitzhak Laor, Haaretz+) Civics will never be a serious lesson in how the tribe is cloned until it includes a detailed description of 'How an Israeli is made.’ 
The real goal of BDS: Delegitimizing Israel (Moshe Arens, Haaretz+) The word 'delegitimization' is sanctimoniously omitted from the initials of BDS, but it is undeniably the foundation and the ultimate aim of this campaign.

Prepared for APN by Orly Halpern, independent freelance journalist based in Jerusalem.