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Sunday September 22, 2019

Quote of the day:
"We must recover from the fantasy of subtracting the ultra-Orthodox and/or Arabs from Israel, and replace it with a vision of partnership. This isn’t idealism, it’s realpolitik. The only way to get out of the political dead end is to break the dichotomy at its foundation. If the right says no to the Arabs and the left says no to the Haredim, Gantz must say yes to both of them."
--Haaretz+ commentator Carolina Landsmann on forming a government.*

Front Page:
  • Joint List will set demands as condition for recommending Gantz as President
  • Gantz, lacking choices // Odeh Bisharat
  • Where the Likud lost and Kahol-Lavan’s ploy of double envelopes: Six comments on the election results // Chaim Levinson
  • Millions of youth across the world demonstrated against how the climate crisis is being dealt with (and also in Tel-Aviv)
  • US to send military forces to Saudi Arabia
  • Four people murdered in a day in the Arab sector: A man and a woman were shot dead at a wedding in the north
  • They were silent until today. Now the victims of sex crimes in academia have a platform
  • The technological revolution of the Egyptian occupation campaign in the land of Israel (in the 10th century)
  • The mouse that roared // Gideon Levy
  • David and Goliath at the Hague // Amira Hass
  • Change needed (in election method) // Eran Eldar
Yedioth Ahronoth
  • Kahol-Lavan: We didn’t promise anything to the Joint List
  • Going to the President: March of recommenders starts today
  • Suspicion: 13-year-old fell victim to gang rape (Hebrew)
  • Murder at engagement party (in Arab sector) (Hebrew)
  • The Medal of Courage and the longing - Widow of Lt. Gen. M., who was killed in botched Gaza operation, will receive the medal from the IDF Chief of Staff (Hebrew)
Maariv This Week (Hebrew links only)
  • Week of decisions - Joint List to decide this morning whether to recommend Gantz and make the center-left bloc 57 to the right-wing bloc of 55
  • Violence in the Arab sector: Four murders in 12 hours
  • Difference between blood and blood // Taleb A-Sanaa
  • Suspicion: Gang rape at school in south
  • Clarification: Maariv renounces the Tweet by Ron Miburg and rejects it. Even if it was a joke, as Miburg said after he erased it, this is a red-line and clearly illegitimate discourse and it would have been preferable that it was never written. Even though it was written on his private account and without any connection to the newspaper, Maariv sees it as important to apologize to the Prime Minister for the words.
Israel Hayom
  • Going to the President - Likely - Higher chance that Gantz will receive the first mandate (to form a government)
  • It’s preferable for the right-wing to serve the people from the opposition // Ariel Kahana
  • A chance to change the election method // Hillel Gershoni
  • Trump: I imposed heaviest sanctions ever on Iran
  • The art of winning - 5 silver medals and one bronze to Linoy Ashram in rhythmic gymnastics world championship
  • Suspicion: 4 high school students raped for 10 days an 8th grade girl - in the bomb shelter of a school in the south
  • Violence in the Arab sector: Four murdered within a day

Top News Summary:
Alongside the beginning of the parties’ march to the President to make their recommendation of who should be given the mandate to form a government, there were two other main stories in today’s Hebrew newspapers: the murders of four people in the Arab sector in one day over the weekend and (another) gang-raping of a young girl by other school children - this time over 10 days.

The big question was whether the Joint List would recommend Kahol-Lavan leader Benny Gantz to try to form a coalition government. Yedioth (Hebrew) wrote that “The Joint List dropped a bomb last night when party officials announced their intention to recommend Gantz to assemble the government today.” It would be a “historic decision. Yedioth noted that “there are no free gifts and the dramatic move likely will have to be compensated.” The papers reported that the compensation will be the repealing of the law imposing punishment for illegal construction. The Joint List is made up of four mostly-Arab parties, which jointly ran and won 13 seats in the Knesset, making it the third largest list. Traditionally the Arab parties do not recommend anyone to form the government. The list members met Saturday night to discuss the issue, but failed to come to a decision. Unlike the List leader, Ayman Odeh, Balad leader Jamal Zahalka opposed recommending Gantz as Prime Minister, due to Gantz’s right-wing views, his willingness to enter a unity government with the Likud party, and his reluctance to commit to annulling the Jewish Nation-State law and the "Kaminitz Law" against illegal construction, he said. Meanwhile, election kingmaker Avigdor Lieberman said the ultra-Orthodox parties had a change of tune, approaching him in a more conciliatory spirit.

Also, ahead of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s hearing on alleged corruption, Yedioth’s Tova Tzimuki writes that senior sources in the judicial system completely deny the possibility of a plea bargain with the prime minister. "The initiatives to give a pardon or make a plea bargain exist only on Twitter and in the minds of several commentators,” they said. And, Netanyahu insists he will not sign a plea bargain. (Hebrew) And the rumors swirling on election night about a group of Likud MKs preparing a rebellion against the prime minister have not come to fruition, as none of the potential heirs have shown any willingness to stand up to Netanyahu.

Quick Hits:
  • Forty-eight Gazans wounded by Israeli gunfire in border protests, Palestinians report - Two of the wounded are volunteer paramedics, says health ministry in the Strip. (Agencies, Haaretz)
  • In First, Israeli Air Force Sends Jets to Britain for Joint Exercise - In Cobra Warrior exercise, the IAF and RAF conducted mock dogfights and aircraft interceptions, simulated ground attacks – and found time for Israel's soldiers to vote. (Haaretz+)
  • In first, for Israel Air Force: A woman will be appointed as a commander of a flight squadron - Major C. will be promoted to lieutenant colonel today and will begin commanding the Nahshon Squadron at the Navatim base in the south. "It's a great privilege alongside a great responsibility,” she says. (Yedioth Hebrew)
  • Christian evangelicals harvest grapes in settlement of Shilo - US evangelical group HaYovel ("The Harvest") brings Christians, who see a divine hand in the Jews' return to the biblical lands of Judea and Samaria, to Israel to help Jewish farmers. (Israel Hayom)
  • Israeli Court Sends Man Convicted of Polygamy to Jail, Overturning Lighter Sentence - Amin Abu Sakik, the first to be convicted since enforcement was renewed in 2017, was originally sentenced to community service, but the state appealed the decision. (Haaretz+)
  • Two Families of Migrants Slated for Deportation Released on Bail - Both families were freed until the end of the proceedings against them, with the threat of deportation still hanging over their heads. Bail was raised by residents of Herzliya, where they reside. (Haaretz+)
  • At Tarantino's film with Tarantino - If you told viewers who came to see the movie "Once Upon a Time In Hollywood" that they were sitting in the hall with the man who directed it, Quentin Tarantino, they would tell you that you were la la land. Tarantino, who came for a long visit to Israel, arrived over the weekend with his wife Daniella Pik to the Cinema-City Glilot movie theater, stood in line to buy popcorn, sat in the third row and left all the people in the hall with a gaping mouth. (Albawaba and(Yedioth/Ynet Hebrew)
  • Lebanese athlete struggling with politics - Iranian judoka, Said Mullay, is not alone. The Lebanese wrestler who was forced not to compete with an Israeli opponent at the World Championships announced: I will no longer represent Lebanon. The person who suffered from this phenomenon is Dominique Abu-Nader, a Lebanese wrestler who weighs up to 84 kg. He was scheduled to meet in the first round of the Kazakhstan freestyle wrestling world championship (through which the Tokyo Olympics can be reached) the Israeli, Yuri Kalashnikov, but was instructed by his country not to participate in the fight, and decided to stop representing Lebanon in protest. "For me, wrestling is an expression of work ethic, commitment, passion and camaraderie,” Abu-Nader wrote.  “Sport has taught me important lessons throughout my life. I love competing, striving to challenge myself against the best and respecting my competitors. I don't want to be in the situation that I am. I compete and want to compete. I'm proud of my family's roots, that's why I chose to represent Lebanon, and I still have a family there. But I will not represent Lebanon in the future. Thank you to everyone who helped me prepare and supported me at the World Championships.” Born in Ohio to a Lebanese father, he lives in the US. (Yedioth Hebrew)
  • Former Secretary of State Tillerson: Netanyahu 'played' Trump - Speaking at Harvard University, Rex Tillerson labels Netanyahu “an extraordinarily skilled” politician and statesman. (Israel Hayom)
  • Armenia to open embassy in Israel by 2020 - Armenia and Israel established diplomatic ties in 1992. Foreign Ministry: The opening of an Armenian embassy marks a new and important chapter in bilateral relations. (Israel Hayom)
  • Former Senate Candidate Will Run for City Council in Idaho to ‘Challenge Jewish Power’ on Local Level - Little, who has advocated for the death penalty for U.S. politicians supporting Israel, will run as a Republican. (JTA, Haaretz)
  • Twitter suspends disgraced Saudi royal adviser embroiled in Khashoggi affair (and who did pro-Israel PR campaign) - Saud al-Qahtani, who had also overseen a pro-Israel PR campaign in the kingdom, is said to still wield considerable influence ■ Other pro-Saudi accounts also removed. (Agencies, Haaretz)
  • Yemen's Houthis propose cease-fire with Saudi Arabia - Head of the Iran-backed group's political office calls on 'all parties from different sides of the war to engage seriously in genuine negotiations.’ (Agencies, Haaretz)
  • Iraq caught in the crossfire of U.S., Israeli efforts to contain Iranian influence - Hosting thousands of U.S. troops and Shi'ite military bases, a conciliatory government seems more and more unlikely to be able to bridge the divide between conflicting foreign forces and their local allies. (Agencies, Haaretz)
  • Iran's foreign minister mocks U.S. Mideast coalition for 'peaceful resolution' - Zarif lists eight diplomatic initiatives by Iran since 1985, including a regional non-aggression pact for the Gulf region proposed earlier this year. (Agencies, Haaretz)
  • Iran diplomat warns of 'all-out war' if hit for Saudi attack - "I am making a very serious statement that we don't want to engage in a military confrontation," Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says. "But we won't blink to defend our territory." (Agencies, Israel Hayom)
  • U.S. to sanction Iran's national bank, Trump says - President says military strike on Iran always a possibility following mounting accusations after an attack on Saudi oil facilities. (Agencies, Haaretz)
  • U.S. to Send Troops to Saudi Arabia Following Strike on Oil Facilities - Pentagon says the deployment would involve a moderate number of troops. (Agencies, Haaretz and Maariv)
  • Iran Says New US Sanctions Target Iranians' Access to Food, Medicine - Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports on social media said a number of Iranian websites – including those of some petrochemical firms – were under a cyber attack. (Agencies, Haaretz)
  • Iran's Revolutionary Guard Says Ready for 'Any Scenario' Amid U.S. Standoff - Gen. Hossein Salami presented pieces of shot-down American drone, said 'If anyone crosses our borders, we will hit them.’ (Agencies, Haaretz and Israel Hayom)
  • Nasrallah warns Iran will ‘destroy’ Saudi Arabia if it attacks - Hezbollah chief also says group’s claimed downing of Israeli drone has curbed IDF violations of Lebanese airspace. (Times of Israel and Maariv)
  • Small but Rare anti-Sissi Protests in Egypt Urge President to Step Down - Former army general has overseen an unprecedented political crackdown, silencing critics and jailing thousands. (Agencies, Haaretz)
  • Israel Blames Iran for Explosives-laden Drone Captured by Syria Near Israeli Border - Military's Arabic-language spokesman suggests Revolutionary Guards' Quds Force is acting in Syria without coordination with the Assad regime. (Haaretz)
  • U.S. man charged with terrorism offenses targeting landmarks for Hezbollah - Working on behalf of Hezbollah's Islamic Jihad, Alexei Saab of New Jersey allegedly documented locations such as the Statue of Liberty and the White House, and tried to murder a man he understood to be an Israeli spy. (Agencies, Haaretz and Israel Hayom)

Arrest a Palestinian for Two Days and Release Him. This Is How the Israeli Army Does It
Hassan Nafe’a was simply filming the weekly demonstrations against the separation barrier. How is that incitement? (Amira Hass, Haaretz+)
Gideon Levy Down in the Jordan Valley, the Cruel Wheels of the Israeli Occupation Keep on Turning
Shortly after Netanyahu announced his plan to annex the Jordan Valley, the Israeli authorities arrived at hilltop olive groves owned by Palestinians there, and destroyed them, days before the planned harvest. (Gideon Levy, Haaretz+)
Empowering the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in the West Bank
The main obstacle faced by Palestinian entrepreneurs was the lack of networking opportunities and that through this 3E conference, international companies and Palestinians gained access to one another. (The Media Line, Ynet)
An anti-Zionist Movement That Promoted Judaism as a Secular Culture Shuts Its Doors
They believed in a just society and wanted to teach Palestinians Yiddish. The Bund’s center in Israel closes, marking the end of a movement that offered a radical alternative to mainstream Zionism. (Shany Littman, Haaretz+)
Resource: Tracking Israel's support for illegal outposts
The Israeli government has been quietly authorizing illegal settlement outposts in recent years. A criminal activity, the trend also exposes Palestinians to increased violence and harassment from settlers. (Rachel Shenhav-Goldberg, +972mag)
'This Is Where Netanyahu Got Us To': The Israeli Leftists Who Cast Their Ballot for Lieberman
Hawkish Yisrael Beiteinu leader gained eight seats in Tuesday's vote, with many center-left voters voting for him despite his questionable past and belligerent policies. ( Shira Kadari-Ovadia, Haaretz+)
Forgotten Heroes in the IDF: The story of the Bedouin trakker who commanded the Shaked patrol
Amos Yarkoni, who is the acclaimed Bedouin officer Abd al-Majid Khader al-Mazarib, planted in the IDF already 64 years ago the prevention doctrine, which allowed the IDF a few years of silence. (Dr. Uri Milstein, Maariv)
Corruption warriors: Investigative journalists on the rise in Arab world
In a region where abuses of power are rife, investigative journalism is viewed as an important tool to combat corruption and to motivate governments and businesses to act in the interest of the public, and the number of exposes is increasing steadily. (The Media Line, Ynet)

Elections 2019 Commentary/Analysis:
How conservative American money helped the religious right take over Israel (Rami Hod, Haaretz+) The religious right is successfully dominating Israel's public discourse – with the help of funding and tactics used in the U.S. The left needs to pay heed if it wants to fight back.
The order of the day (Shimon Schiffer, Yedioth Hebrew) 1. Netanyahu called on Benny to meet in the evening and form a unity government within a day. "This is the order of the day,” the prime minister said. But, what can you do, Benny graciously rejected the offer, which could be defined as a brazen offer, no less. Things have to be said: Netanyahu has was defeated in the election that just ended. Benny Gantz won - he heads the biggest party and behind him is a blocking block that actually shows the door to Netanyahu. The people decided for a change of government. I have no doubt that Netanyahu's "natural partners" will also unlock the vows they made that they will not sit in a government with Yair Lapid. It would be the order of the day for them. In addition, despite the condemnations we hear from the leaders of the ultra-Orthodox parties against Lieberman, it is likely that the day is not far when the rabbis will allow their representatives in the Knesset to act to find compromises in all that is connected to Lieberman's promise, from which he will not withdraw - "live and also let the secular live.”…”The order of the day,” the prime minister said, and I wonder what time he is running on. Is it a clock for every day? "I will not establish a unity government," he promised on the day his campaign managers believed that under this slogan his voter base would be united. Immediately after the election results became known, he quickly locked his right- wing partners to his cart - another clock that would be ticking for just a day. What's more, according to what decree is the prime minister demanding that Benny (Gantz) give him another term in power after Netanyahu and his those around him questioned Gantz's ability to run the country and slammed him while spreading stories about his personal behavior. 2. It would not be an exaggeration to state that we are in an emergency situation that requires the establishment of a stable government headed by the Kahol-Lavan leader. It’s enough if we refer you to Netanyahu's concerning behavior on Facebook during the last day of the election campaign. Netanyahu acted like a man who had completely lost his mental balance. Fortunately, the chief of staff, the Shin Bet chief and the Attorney General stepped on the brakes, and in particular took responsibility for the sane management of the political-security crises that Netanyahu was dealing with. 3. Over the weekend, this newspaper published a comprehensive research article on Yossi Cohen, the head of the Mossad, whom Netanyahu marked, along with Ron Darmar, the ambassador in Washington, as figures worthy of being his heirs. I would suggest to Mr. Cohen to be careful not to dismiss the idea that Netanyahu is spreading in closed conversations. Cohen has two more years to head the Mossad, after which he is expected to enter a three-year cooling off period before he can put his talents to the Prime Minister's Office. Think about how detached Netanyahu is actually in bringing up the "heir" idea for Yossi Cohen. In fact, by placing Cohen as heir, Netanyahu signifies his intention: to remain in the prime minister's office until 2024, and he is saying simply - it’s all Bibi. Among the Likud ministers who lay on the fence for him and did not open their mouths even in light of the possibility that they will need to spend some years in the opposition, not even one candidate is able to replace Netanyahu. His disdain for his ministers who were taken prisoner and turned hostage to Netanyahu's whims cries to heavens. Netanyahu's two "heirs" can also be seen in the story of Greek mythology about the "Midas Golden Touch," the king who wished his hands to turn everything into gold. Until he touched his daughter's cheek and turned her into a golden statue, to his horror. Netanyahu essentially ruined the chances of the two of the only people close to him - Yossi Cohen and Ron Dermer. 4. Despite all the reservations about the political situation, we are probably at the end of the Netanyahu era. This is not the end of the world. Even President Trump has already weaned from Netanyahu. When asked about the election results this week he said - our relationship is with Israel. Gantz has already been invited to a meeting with Jason Greenblatt, the Middle East envoy, on the deal of the century. 5. The results of the 22nd Knesset reflect how vital our democracy is. For example, voting patterns in the South have changed, and voters there have sent a message that they will not always vote for Likud. I asked young people if they had voted. Sure, they answered me. Some of them who did not vote for Netanyahu were not happy over his fall. They voted in satisfaction that they were part of something big - a process that would determine their fate.
Arab Party Must Recommend Gantz, or Netanyahu Will Be Back (Odeh Bisharat, Haaretz+) Gantz is the only choice — but the Joint List needs to make their recommendation conditional on the guarantee of real change for their constituency.
Gantz, Don’t Fold by Joining Netanyahu (Friday Haaretz Editorial) On Tuesday evening Benjamin Netanyahu gathered the Likud MKs and announced: “There are two possibilities – a government headed by me, or a government leaning on the Arab parties.” That was one of his routine incitements, the kind he emits automatically as part of the project to shred the Israeli social fabric…After realizing that Avigdor Lieberman and Amir Peretz won’t rescue him, he turned to the next political option, Benny Gantz. This is an important test for Gantz. He and his party have declared repeatedly in the past two campaigns that they won’t sit with Netanyahu in the same government. To a large extent, the 33 Knesset seats Kahol Lavan received, which turned it into the largest party in Israel, are a direct result of the disgust with Netanyahu – the man and his path. So there’s no need to wait for the indictments – Netanyahu should not be part of the state’s leadership because of the fatal harm he did to democracy, his attempts to liquidate the gatekeepers, the incitement and instigation he led and of course the long and detailed charge sheet against him, which casts a dark, criminal shadow over his conduct as prime minister…To a large extent, the 33 Knesset seats Kahol Lavan received, which turned it into the largest party in Israel, are a direct result of the disgust with Netanyahu – the man and his path. So there’s no need to wait for the indictments – Netanyahu should not be part of the state’s leadership because of the fatal harm he did to democracy, his attempts to liquidate the gatekeepers, the incitement and instigation he led and of course the long and detailed charge sheet against him, which casts a dark, criminal shadow over his conduct as prime minister.
Netanyahu, Liberman, Litzman and Gantz owe Israel an apology (Chen Artzi Sror, Yedioth/Ynet) Politicians must beg forgiveness for the hate and intolerance they have spread during this election season; but at this time of year - a time of penitence and prayers leading up to the Jewish High Holidays - we all should reflect on our behavior to one another.
Israel's Election Results Prove the Center Has Won and Ideology Is Dead (Gideon Levy, Haaretz+) Uniformity, ideological emptiness, and a lack of willingness to change: Israel is united in its desire to keep ignoring its problems.
Israel's Religious Right, the Mouse That Roared (Gideon Levy, Haaretz+) Israeli voters said no to the settler camp’s pretense of (Jewish!) morality and the Torah covering all crimes. Seven Knesset seats – that’s their true strength.
Searching for a tiebreaker ( Mati Tuchfeld, Israel Hayom) No one wants a third election, but incredibly, it might be a better option for certain political figures than some of the scenarios for forming a coalition government.
Netanyahu must look Israeli Arab society straight in the face, not flee from it (Ronit Marzan, Haaretz+) “Listen Abu Yair, incitement has a price,” Joint List Chairman Ayman Odeh began an interview with Israeli media outlets Wednesday. Apart from the catchy Hebrew rhyme of what will surely be remembered as a key punch line of the September 2019 election, there’s also a direct cultural and political message for Benjamin Netanyahu and Yair, his eldest son….In friendly conversations between Jews and Arabs, it’s not unusual to refer to either a Jew or an Arab by the name of the eldest son. This usually reflects a relationship of mutual respect and a desire to create a relaxed, intimate atmosphere among the participants in the conversation. When Odeh calls Netanyahu Abu Yair, perhaps he is alluding to the prospect of a close and respectful relationship with the Arab community that Netanyahu scorned, and how his unbridled incitement against Arabs actually spurred them to go to the polls and express their disgust with the Netanyahu family. Odeh’s relationship with the symbols of Israeli governance – the government, the Knesset and the presidency – is complex. A few examples: Odeh recognizes the right of the Jewish people to self-determination in the State of Israel, and is willing to stand up, not walk out, when the national anthem is played at the swearing-in of the Knesset. He writes Facebook posts in Arabic, Hebrew and English, to create an open dialogue with Jewish Israelis. He supports a join struggle for the character of Israeli society and is even willing to create a joint list that will represent Arabs and Jews, secular and religious, residents of the center and the periphery.
Netanyahu Lashed Out Like Erdogan, but May Fade Out Like Nixon (Amos Harel, Haaretz+) When the curtain comes down on Netanyahu's reign, many Israelis wonder how much energy they spent on one man's legal fate.
Otzma Yehudit is out. Does that mean Israelis reject Kahanism? (Natasha Roth, +972mag) While the Kahanist Otzma Yehudit party failed to pass the electoral threshold, the latest national elections in Israel saw the normalization of Kahane’s particular brand of overt racism.
Israel election results: Netanyahu clings to power with bluff and bluster – but his days are numbered (Chemi Shalev, Haaretz+) Like Richard Nixon, the prime minister’s refusal to depart gracefully will cement his name in history as an unrepentant crook rather than world-class statesman
Netanyahu need not fear Likud knives, for now (Moran Azoulay, Yedioth/Ynet) The prime minister has a short breathing space as he tries to form a government, but if he fails for the second time in six months, he will find the voices in his own party calling for his ouster are growing louder.
Ultra-Orthodox parties and Netanyahu: An unholy deal that just came apart (Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz+) Israel's opposition understood that targeting Netanyahu's rock-solid alliance with Haredim was the only way to shake secular voters from their apathy. But it's not the ultra-Orthodox who want theocracy, it's the religious Zionists.
Israelis didn't vote for a national unity government
(Rabbi Dov Fischer, Israel Hayom) The chorus of reports that Israelis voted for a national unity government belies the continued right-wing predominance among the electorate.
A national unity government is the least worst outcome (David Rosenberg, Haaretz+) The stock market is looking forward to a Likud-Kahol Lavan tie-up, but a more likely scenario is political paralysis.
*Israel Needs a Government That Includes the Arabs and the ultra-Orthodox (Carolina Landsmann, Israel Hayom) Netanyahu’s infamous answer when he was asked about the problem of inequality – that if we subtract the Haredim and Arabs from the equation our situation is excellent. We must recover from the fantasy of subtracting the ultra-Orthodox and/or Arabs from Israel, and replace it with a vision of partnership. This isn’t idealism, it’s realpolitik. The only way to get out of the political dead end is to break the dichotomy at its foundation. If the right says no to the Arabs and the left says no to the Haredim, Gantz must say yes to both of them. This is the only way to create the big bang that will rescue Israel from its impasse. “Benjamin Netanyahu” is just the name of this stalemate, and that’s how it must be treated.
Netanyahu's anti-Arab election campaign was a double-edged sword (Daniel Salami, Ynet) The elections sparked much interest in the Arab sector and the Joint List became the third largest in the Knesset, much thanks to Netanyahu's scare campaign, accusing the Arab sector trying to steal the elections; One in two Druze voters voted for Kahol-Lavan.
With Israel's Election Results, Netanyahu Is Reminded That Trump Hates Losers (Yossi Verter, Haaretz+) After his double defeat, Netanyahu throws himself into Gantz’s arms. He knows he's on borrowed time. After going out of his way to help his friend win two elections, Trump is now giving Bibi the cold shoulder.
Could Benny Gantz make the Left love Israel again? (Jonathan S. Tobin, Israel Hayom) Any successor will benefit from the media’s demonization of Netanyahu, though Israel’s American critics won’t like Gantz's policies any more than they did Bibi's.
Israel's Election Was Filthy. Now Clean Up (Netta Ahituv, Haaretz+) This election campaign has left anyone with a basic sense of decency feeling deeply nauseous. Campaigns have become increasingly extreme over time in terms of the level of filth they spread. The person setting the tone is of course Benjamin Netanyahu, the greatest polluter of them all. A walk through the streets of our cities over the past few days has felt like navigating a sea of dirt. And that’s not just a metaphor; it’s a solid, physical reality. Israeli public space is truly filthy. This election campaign, like its predecessors, has left Israel with huge quantities of garbage. Election signs are scattered everywhere, stickers are folded over fences, flyers fly all over under people’s feet, plastic cable ties are clasped to railings, souvenirs of ugly electioneering posters that were hung there a minute before. Look left, look right, all you see is dirt.

Other Commentary/Analysis:
An Israeli Problem (Haaretz Editorial) This weekend’s murders raised the number of Arab homicides since the start of the year to 63. This is a frightening statistic by any standard, which should require the country’s decision makers to adopt special measures and draft a strategic plan to combat violence in Arab society. The Public Security Ministry and the police say they are attentive to this need and even display statistics showing that hundreds of guns have been confiscated in Arab towns. But in practice, the violence is increasing, and organized crime rings are running out of control, with no one to stop them or even make them think twice. This is another reason why it’s urgent to replace the Netanyahu government. We must hope Netanyahu’s replacement will offer a better solution to this problem.
The murders in the Arab sector: The police distinguish between blood and blood (Taleb A-Sana, Maariv) When the victim is a Jew, the police classify it as a nationalist crime, so it mobilizes all means, including the Shin Bet, which comes into the picture. Not so when the victim is an Arab.
Israel Takes Tactical Risk in Gaza to Serve a Strategic Goal (Amos Harel, Haaretz+) Israel seeks quiet on the Gaza front so it can focus on the Iranian threat ■ Outgoing Israeli army spokesman gets a special farewell gift.
Iran’s rulers attack and threaten (Clifford D. May, Israel Hayom) If John Bolton still had the president’s ear, he’d counsel against appeasement.
As Islamophobia Is Embraced Worldwide, Israel Allows Itself to Let Loose (Ofri Ilany, Haaretz+) The world no longer cares about the Palestinian plight, and hatred for Arabs has become the new consensus.
The U.S. Has an Excuse to Go to War With Iran. It Just Doesn't Want To (Zvi Bar'el, Haaretz+) Trump’s response shows that he doesn’t consider the attack on Saudi oil assets a direct threat on American interests. But a lack of response risks putting Washington and its allies in a bind .
The Egyptian army is making a fortune in Sinai (Zvi Bar'el, Haaretz+) Cairo sees investment in the peninsula as an investment in national security, but the military receives tax and other benefits that crowd out the private sector.
'Modi Is Provoking Pakistan and China, and There's High Potential for Conflict'
India is undergoing tremendous upheaval today, says political scientist Ayelet Harel-Shalev. Along with the rising nationalism and intercommunal friction, the specter looms of a confrontation with Pakistan and its ally China. (Interviewed by Ayelett Shani in Haaretz+)

Israel is an 'important country and a good friend of India'
Sujan R. Chinoy, a leading Indian scholar, visited Israel under the auspices of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security. He says he is optimistic about India’s relationship with Israel: "It is greater than any temporary political climate." (Interviewed by Ariel Kahana in Israel Hayom)

Israeli, American Left 'criminalizing politics'
In interview with JNS, conservative radio personality, author Mark Levin says the Left "is always looking for a way to walk away with a piece of paper and peace in our time. You know what? Sometimes, you don't get peace in our time because sometimes, there are really bad people running countries that want to do really bad things." (Interviewed by Alex Traiman in Israel Hayom)

New York’s New anti-Semitism Czar Warns: No Short Fix for the Longest Hatred
Deborah Lauter tells Haaretz about the challenges facing her as the city's Jewish community experiences a wave of hate crimes. (Interviewed by Danielle Ziri in Haaretz+)

Prepared for APN by Orly Halpern, independent freelance journalist based in Jerusalem.
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