APN/Peace Now In the News - January 29 - February 7, 2020

Middle East Eye: "Israel's Palestinian minority has good reason to fear Trump's plan" (February 7, 2020)

According to figures published by Peace Now this week, some 380,000 Palestinians – 260,000 in the Triangle and a further 120,000 in East Jerusalem – would be "swapped out" to a Palestinian state.

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The Times of Israel: "Thousands march in Tel Aviv against Trump plan" (February 2, 2020)

Organizers from the Peace Now anti-settlement group said thousands marched in the demonstration at Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Square, held under the banner of “Peace plan, not annexation deal.”

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The Jerusalem Post: "Left rallies in Tel Aviv against ‘apartheid,’ ‘transfer’ plan" (February 2, 2020)

Peace Now organized the event, which included a march and a rally.

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NBC News: "Trump peace plan would likely extend decades-old conflict, analysts warn" (January 29, 2020)

Today, the West Bank is home to 2.6 million Palestinians and more than 400,000 Israelis, according to anti-settlement group Peace Now, and the area has long served as the center of Palestinian hopes for an independent state.

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