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Thursday June 4, 2020
Quote of the day:
“I’ve seen Jews who are physically assaulting, not threatening with their finger and with their tone, physically attacking military commanders, and they (the commanders) let it pass. What happens in the Negev reminds us of what is happening in the US. There is an oppressed population here that has been persecuted for many years. It is neglected and is in the country's backyard, suffering from poverty, unemployment, house demolitions, communities with no water and no roads and no electricity. It’s worse than Somalia and no one is dealing with that."
--Former Bedouin minister, Taleb A-Sannaa, responds to the inflammatory reactions of Jewish Israelis to the video of Bedouin young men riding SUVs and surrounding a military vehicle and later arguing vehemently with Israeli military officers.*

Front Page:

  • Yesha settler council chairman: Trump’s plan proves that he is not a friend of Israel; Netanyahu: I completely condemn
  • Golani brigade commando soldiers committed a hate crime against Palestinians in Nablus, the brigade commanders covered it up
  • Without official approval, schools are returning to long-distance learning
  • Three police officers who were involved in death of George Floyd were indicted on abetting a murder
  • (British PM) Johnson: We will open our gates to the millions of residents of Hong Kong if the Chinese law is enacted
  • Scientists: Rate of extinction of animals is far higher than thought
  • Technion researchers succeeded in documenting light before it is seen
  • Abbas’ silence // Aluf Benn says that Abbas wants annexation
  • Save from death // Orit Kamir writes that civil marriage and equal pay will help in the battle against violence against women
  • (Barbie performance hall owner) Shaul Mizrachi is on hunger strike in protest of the lack of aid for culture; his protest tent turned into a pilgrimage center
  • For the first time in decades, Book Week was cancelled; Bookshops and publishing houses will have difficulty exiting the crisis
Yedioth Ahronoth
  • Annexation battle: Netanyahu vs. Yesha settler leaders (Hebrew)
  • The secrets of Israeli politics are revealed - Ronen Tzur, Benny Gantz’s advisor, in an explosive interview
  • General with three vehicles - 15 years ago…General Gantz had 3 official vehicles - while on holiday between jobs. Who defended him? Then IDF Spokeswoman Miri Regev
  • Parting from the “National surrenderer” - Journalist Yehezkel Adiram passed away at age 85: The most dangerous criminals trusted him and turned themselves in to the police through him - of course, only after giving him an exclusive interview. They called him 'Dad Yehezkel'
Maariv This Week (Hebrew links only)
  • The carriers sample - Health Ministry preparing to give 70,000 blood tests to help locate corona antibodies among the public
  • No chasing, that’s an order - Following incident in military training area in Negev, soldiers prohibited from chasing Bedouin thieves
  • Tears of pain - Mother of daughter of George Floyd gave a speech at a rally in his memory
  • Tomorrow: Interview with former deputy of Shin Bet, Yitzhak Ilan
Israel Hayom
  • “There won’t be a (construction) freeze in the (settlement) enclaves” - Senior US official to ‘Israel Hayom’: Freeze - only in areas that are not populated
  • “Prime Minister found a partner - and kicked us out" - Former minister from Yamina party, Ayelet Shaked
  • Officer seriously injured from shooting during military exercise in accident in south
  • Praying for quiet (in US)
  • “Every educational institution that has someone infected with corona - will close”
  • 2000-year-old charcoaled seeds were discovered: The Wilson Arch was part of the bridge to the Holy Temple

Top News Summary:
The battle between the prime minister and the settlers over West Bank annexation, the protests in America and the spread of corona at Israeli schools were today’s top stories. Also in the news, the ban on soldiers chasing Bedouin suspected of stealing military equipment in the Negev. Also, some fascinating interviews and debates around the subjects of annexation and Bedouin crime broadcast on 103FM and translated in the ‘Interviews’ section below.

When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chose to respond sharply last night to Yesha Settler Council Chairman David Alhiani, who dared claim that President Trump's “Deal of the Century" proves he "is not a friend of Israel,” it was not a just another debate within the right-wing camp, wrote Yedioth Hebrew’s settler affairs correspondent, Elisha Ben-Kimon, but rather the opening shot of a bigger fight over the fate of the annexation plan itself. “Netanyahu’s declaration was not accidental,” wrote Ben-Kimon. “Around the prime minister, there is growing concern that settler protests will cause the Americans to withdraw from the deal.” Hence, Netanyahu said, ”I strongly condemn the words of the chairman of the Yesha Council. President Trump is a great friend” and the settlers should be appreciative of what he is doing. According to Elhayani, Trump’s plan shows that Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, “do not have Israel's security and settlement interests in mind. All they care about in this outline is promoting their own interests ahead of the upcoming election, [in a way that would] help Trump.”
The settlers who oppose the plan, oppose a Palestinian state. They are also concerned that 19 settlements will be in enclaves surrounded by the Palestinian-state-to-be, that the enclaves will be under a construction freeze and will be difficult to access.

President Reuven Rivlin criticized ‘attempts to silence the debate over annexation, saying that all views must be heard. That said, Israeli Police told left-wing anti-annexation activists not to promote a protest march on Facebook due to coronavirus restrictions. But, recently issued measures to don’t prohibit such gatherings. Organizers of a joint Jewish-Arab protest against annexation were planning to hold a 10,000-strong march on Saturday night, from the Tel Aviv Museum to Rabin Square.

But it appears no one can stop the right-wing anti-annexation activists from the settlement outposts. Young people from the hills of the West Bank and yeshiva students from all over the country embark tonight on a massive ideological campaign to try to stop what they call the ‘Partition Plan,’ Yedioth’s Ben-Kimon reported. "We will bring thousands to the demonstrations and build new outposts at strategic locations," the activists say, but they make clear: "We will not act violently.” Distributing propaganda, organizing demonstrations and setting up outposts overnight. Under the name “It’s All Ours” (Kula Shelanu), these young people have set up a battle headquarters, recruited activists, held a conference and even conducted a preliminary tour. Over the past few weeks, they have formulated a “precise" strategy for their three-step method of combating the annexation program as it is currently being presented. "We already have hundreds of youth who have joined the struggle," explains Elisha Yared, a resident of one of the hills in Binyamin Regional Council (in the West Bank). "They are divided into groups and regions and ready for command day. We understand that there is an event here that must be stopped. Not through talks and not through the Knesset or the government, but through action on the ground and through broad public support.” In the second phase, the headquarters of the struggle intends to organize as many mass support rallies as possible. One of the points at which a rally is expected to take place is near the (Palestinian) village of Sebastia (through the access in Area B) in the depths of the Palestinian territory. In the third phase, the activists intend to establish outposts at strategic points in order to stop the territorial continuity of the plan, and in effect thwart it. So, ironically, both left-wing and right-wing are acting against the Trump plan, but separately.

Meanwhile, ‘Israel Hayom’ tried to calm the anti-Trump plan winds by quoting a senior US official, who denied that the peace plan requires a construction freeze in the settlement enclaves. The paper also quoted a former US official, who said that the Palestinians and Jordan were “bluffing” that annexation will ignite tensions with the Palestinians and neighboring Jordanians. On the other hand, Russia and Egypt insisted Israeli annexation will spark regional violence. And in Canada, former diplomats and ministers urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take tougher stance on annexation.

However, Ynet’s Elior Levy reported that Palestinians in the Jordan Valley are unfazed by the annexation plans. “Israel already pretty much controls this area, so what does it matter if they annex it or not? It will all stay the same," said Ali. "The only thing that matters is that people here are going to have jobs." Tareq said: ”For now, it's all just talk.” A poll by the Israel Democracy Institute found that 50% of Israelis support West Bank annexation, but a quarter preferred it only with Washington's backed and 30% completely opposed the move.

There's a fascinating interview below with former senior defense ministry official, Amos Gilad, on the subject of annexation. He argues with right-wing journalist Erel Segal. See Interviews below.

*Video of the Bedouin and the IDF:
The video that spread this week on social media of Israeli Bedouin in SUVs surrounding an Israeli army vehicle as they drove on the same road made big waves in the Israeli media, particularly because one right-wing journalist, Inon Magal, posted that the Bedouin's bones should be broken for such behavior. He wrote that the Bedouin were surrounding the vehicle of the officers, because the officers were chasing Bedouin thieves. The interesting thing is that the military never confirmed that any Bedouin had stolen anything. And the media just assumed that theft took place. Later, some quoted the IDF saying that it was "an attempted theft" or that there was a "suspicion of theft." Moreover, it continued to refer to the incident as “breaking in” to a military base, when it was actually an open firing zone region in the desert. Lastly, the media claimed that the Bedouin “attacked” the officers. But there was no “attack.” No Bedouin harmed the soldiers. And today another video came out showing the Bedouin and the officers arguing outside of their vehicles. Jewish Israelis and commentators saw this as 'humiliating.' [How could Arabs act argue without fear, as equals to Israeli military? But when hilltop settlers act violently towards soldiers, no one considers it 'humiliating' because they are considered equals. - OH] As former minister and Bedouin leader Taleb A-Sanna said in an interview, "I see people arguing. I don't see theft."

Chasing people for possible crimes is not the job of the IDF. After the incident, the IDF and Israel Police held a meeting and it was decided that the police would be more active in preventing theft. The IDF declared that IDF soldiers are banned from chasing anyone suspected of stealing military equipment. And as it turns out, there was no theft. That was only apparent in the middle of an article where the army said the officers were trying to ‘prevent’ a theft. [Who knows if they were really planning on stealing or whether they were just out in the desert, as Bedouin are. We can't know. - OH]

There are two interviews translated below on this issue which are very interesting. (See Interviews at bottom.) Former minister and a Bedouin leader, Taleb A-Sanaa, argued on 103FM that we don’t even know that there was anything stolen, but that the attitude of the state and of Jewish Israelis towards the Bedouin is very negative and that the Bedouin are neglected by the state and it could become explosive, like in the US. He made very eye opening statements. In a separate debate, former Peace Now secretary general, Yariv Oppenheimer, argued with an Israeli general and a right-wing journalist on the issue. Both interviews are worth reading.
Quick Hits:
  • Knesset Postpones Debate and Shuts Down After Lawmaker Contracts Coronavirus - Joint List lawmaker Sami Abu Shehadeh and his staff have entered isolation, as Israel sees uptick in virus cases. (Haaretz+ and Ynet)
  • Jerusalem chief rabbi pays condolences to family of (Palestinian) autistic man slain by cops - Public Security minister skips visit to East Jerusalem family after father posts video saying he doesn’t want Israeli government officials to come. Jerusalem’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Aryeh Stern paid a condolence call on Tuesday evening accompanied by officials from Jerusalem Municipality and also met there with Muslim religious leaders, expressing his sorrow to the family over the tragedy, his office said. (Times of Israel)
  • 'We Don't Need to Import Minneapolis': Israeli Minister Urges Calm Over Police Killing of Autistic Palestinian - Public Security Minister Amir Ohana, who oversees Israel's police force, added that police will review how officers recognize and deal with disabled people. On Tuesday, hundreds marched in Israel and the West Bank for Palestinian, black American police brutality victims, calling for justice for Eyad Hallaq and George Floyd. (Haaretz+)
  • A Top U.S. Donor to Netanyahu Bought West Bank Land — but Palestinians Are Claiming Fraud - Duty free tycoon Simon Falic bought a plot near the settlement of Beit El, but the family of the original land owner says the documents don't match up. (Haaretz+)
  • East Jerusalem Palestinians Say Right-wing Group Using Land Trust to Displace Them - Residents of the Silwan neighborhood filed a High Court of Justice position accusing Ateret Cohanim of using a 120-year-old land trust to evict 700 families. (Haaretz+)
  • Gantz motorcade to cost taxpayers $6.6 million annually - Benny Gantz will receive a security motorcade befitting his position as alternate prime minister, according to a report on Channel 12. The security arrangements, comparable to that of the Prime Minister, were estimated to cost the taxpayer 23 million shekels ($6.6 million) per year. Since there is no allocation for it in the current state budget, the money will have to come from cuts elsewhere, the network said. Gantz denied that he requested the special motorcade, nevertheless, it comes along with the office of alternate prime minister, Channel 12 said. Likud sources said the coalition agreement guaranteed Gantz the same treatment as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Opposition leader Yair Lapid called on Gantz to refuse such conditions. (Hamodia, Yedioth, p. 1, and JPost)
  • “They are betraying us as citizens": Despite the promise of the transfer of economic aid, the protest of the Druze and Circassian municipalities will continue - After Interior Minister Deri approved the transfer of 160 million shekels as immediate aid to the municipalities in the Circassian and Druze communities, 16 mayors announced that the protest would intensify until they found a solution to their problem. “This compensation is for the Corona damages, it is too little and too late and will not save our municipalities from collapse, so we will continue the struggle for the ahead of the enormous demonstration on June 22nd, demanding approval of the five-year plan and providing a full solution to the housing shortage in the Druze and Circassian communities.” (Maariv)
  • Israel sees slight drop in uptick of COVID-19 cases - Death toll rises to 291 after 71-year-old man succumbs to virus, schools to remain open unless students or faculty found infected though principals and local government can choose to close. (Ynet)
  • Israeli University in West Bank Fires Vice President Over Scholarship-for-kickbacks Claim - University found that official in charge of donor relations promised a scholarship to an applicant in exchange for a cut of the funds, which he denies. (Haaretz+)
  • IDF officer gravely hurt in friendly fire incident during drill - Preliminary probe shows the Lt. Col. had advanced too far ahead during urban area live-fire exercise and became invisible to the naked eye; hospital says his has improved and he is now fully conscious. (Ynet)
  • Third victim this week at a construction site: a worker was killed after being trapped under a vehicle - A 43-year-old man was found dead in a work accident that occurred at Eshkol Regional Council, during which he was trapped under a work vehicle. Just two days ago, a 30-year-old building engineer was killed at a construction site in Bnei Brak after being run over by a tractor. Three days before, another fatal work accident occurred when 47-year-old Ashraf Ayub was killed by a fall from a high-rise construction site in Majdal Shams in the north. (Maariv)
  • Amount of garbage in Israel: Among the highest in world - While many countries produce less and less waste, the quantities here are increasing. Every year, about one million tons of plastic waste accumulates in the country, more than 100 kg per person. (Maariv)
  • Israel has As garbage grows, Knesset committee debates failed efforts to squash litterbugs - Blue and White MK says all the money and time invested in education, awareness and clean-ups hasn’t done the job; need long, ‘aggressive’ public awareness campaign and fines. (Times of Israel)
  • Israeli Gaming Firm Playtika Eyes $1 Billion American IPO - In another development, the Israeli voice networking firm AudioCodes is preparing for a $100 million sale of shares. (Agencies, Haaretz)
  • People's joy at reopened mosques in Gaza 'a blessing' says imam - Worshippers required to wear face masks, bring their own prayer mats and maintain social distancing while authorities also order reopening of preschools. (Agencies, Ynet and Haaretz)
  • Russian fighter jets struck Syria's Idlib in first since March truce, report says - Opposition activists say airstrikes targeted rebel-held areas, but there was no immediate word on casualties. (Agencies, Haaretz)
  • U.S. court orders Iran, Syria liable for attacks in Israel - DC judge rules Americans wounded and killed in attacks carried out by Palestinians were eligible for damages from Iran and Syria because they sponsor terror groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad. (Agencies, Ynet)
  • ‘More Dangerous Than Coronavirus!’: Egypt Really Doesn't Want You to Listen to This Song - Cairo decided to ban the song 'The Neighbor’s Daughter,' then the whole genre of Mahraganat which dares sing of sex and drugs. But social media made it a huge hit with over 300 million views (including quite a few in Israel). (Haaretz+)
  • Survey: Half of Diaspora Jews want regular contact with Israel - 25% want to establish body that will advise Israeli government on issues concerning world Jewry; 50% believe Jewish people's common destiny is ensuring well-being, security of Israel and Jews worldwide. (Ynet)

Preventing the next death: Do police officers have a way of dealing with mentally impaired people?
In the shadow of the tragic case of Eyad al-Halak, a young autistic man who was shot dead by Border Police, a discussion rises on the issue of security forces' encounters with special needs and mentally impaired. (Ilana Stutland, Maariv)
A 10-year-old boy, in front of the killer of his family
His parents and baby brother were burned to death in their sleep, and he was terribly burned. On Tuesday, Ahmed Dawabsha, only 10 years old, physically and psychologically injured, will appear in court and report on the trauma he suffered following the terrorist attack in the Duma village in 2015 that sparked a storm in the country. The murderer, Amiram bin Oriel, a 26-year-old settler from Shilo settlement, who set the family’s house on fire while they slept, will listen to him behind a transparent partition. This is a rare occurrence, as children of this age do not usually testify in court, certainly not in such a charged and difficult personal case. The child will stand at one end of the courtroom, while the killer will be seated in front of him on the defendant's bench at the other end, protected by a transparent partition. Ahmad will speak in Arabic, and his words will be translated into Hebrew. The family wants him to give testimony and so does he, but if the child demonstrates distress and regrets on that day - he will not testify, because from the court’s view, the child has the right to testify and is not obligated to do so. The child will be accompanied by his grandfather Hussein and his uncle Nasser, who are make sure to attend every hearing and are closely following the trial. For Ahmed, this will be the first time in court.
(Yoram Yarkoni, Yedioth Hebrew)
In 1950, Baby Yaffa Was Taken to a Hospital. She Was Released, but Her Mother Was Told She Had Died
The child of Iranian migrants in Israel was hospitalized at six months of age. Years later, her brother found a document stating that the infant was released in a healthy state, but police have refused to open an investigation into what happened. (Ofer Aderet, Haaretz+)
Mystery Solved: Who Really Built Ancient Bridge to Jerusalem Temple
Radiocarbon dating reveals who really built Wilson’s Arch, a massive causeway whose construction on the Temple Mount has been attributed to everyone from Herod to the Muslim caliphs. (Ariel David, Haaretz+)
Israeli soldiers committed hate crime against Palestinians to avenge friends' death. Their commanders covered it up
Only after a query from Haaretz did the army's top brass learn of the cover-up of vandalism in a refugee camp by vengeful fighters from an elite Golani unit, in February 2018, after some of their fellow fighters were killed in a vehicle accident with a truck. They perpetrated the random vandalism in the Nablus refugee camp because “the driver of the truck was Arab.” (Yaniv Kubovich, Haaretz+)

Top Commentary/Analysis:
For the Settlers in the West Bank, It Will Never Be Enough (Gideon Levy, Haaretz+) The settlers aren’t happy. People say that they’re even aggrieved. Their meeting with the prime minister on Tuesday was described as “very emotional.” How heartrending. How could he do this to them? Haven’t they suffered enough? The annexation plan isn’t good enough for them. Nineteen settlements may be left out. Out of what? Out of the land that is totally theirs. Out of the Jewish people’s state….There is no other powerful group for whom all the corridors of power are so open. What’s unemployment, poverty, violence, racism, a pandemic, overcrowded hospitals, housing or education compared to the grievances about an insufficient annexation?
There's still time to fix the maps (Moshe Koppel, Israel Hayom) It's no surprise tempers are running short, but we can save this historic opportunity without making major changes to what the Trump administration has proposed.
Who remembers that the Likud's slogan used to be: "Netanyahu, make a safe peace"? (Orit Lavi-Nishiel, Maariv) The operation to apply Israeli sovereignty to about 30% of Area C is scheduled to begin early next month. In the meantime, there are no maps, no American consent to the outline, and there is no coordination with the Palestinians. But Prime Minister Netanyahu is determined, and the alternative (Prime Minister Benny Gantz) is dragged along and following his line. Commentators on Netanyahu affairs believe that this (the annexation) is the legacy he wants to leave before he leaves the Balfour residence, and because a diplomatic move will distract people from his criminal trial. Either way, this is a unripe program whose inherent risks outweigh its benefits.
What exactly does Netanyahu mean by ‘annexation’? Israel's defense establishment has no idea (Yossi Melman, Haaretz+) What will the prime minister do in the West Bank a month from now? He himself probably doesn’t know. The army and intelligence services have sketched out scenarios but questions remain, including how Saudi Arabia and Jordan might react.
The Right must act responsibly (Dr. Haim Shine, Israel Hayom) A small but vocal group, which has already toppled a right-wing government in the past, is convinced that Israel can do whatever it wants without having to consider what the world thinks.
Abbas Wants Annexation (Aluf Benn, Haaretz+) All Mahmoud Abbas needs to do is call, text or email the White House to request a meeting with President Donald Trump at which he announces his willingness to resume peace talks with Israel on the basis of the “deal of the century.” After a message like that, Trump will almost certainly ask Benjamin Netanyahu to freeze the annexation and enter into negotiations for a detailed final status accord, at the end of which a Palestinian state would be established.
Why is this plan different? (Prof. Eyal Zisser, Israel Hayom) The Palestinians rejected offers of 95-97% of Judea and Samaria, including east Jerusalem and even the Temple Mount, out of hand and with waves of violence. Why are they largely quiet now?
As Coronavirus Rages in Brazil, Bolsonaro’s Embrace of Israel Puts Jews at Risk (Daniel Gouri de Lima, Haaretz+) With COVID-19 claiming 1000 lives a day, Jair Bolsonaro waves Israeli flags at anti-lockdown, anti-democracy protests. For a Brazil already convinced Jews put him in power, it’s an invitation to further anti-Semitism.
Outrage over Floyd's murder doesn't justify intersectional myths (Jonathan S. Tobin, Israel Hayom) Jews share the pain of those who protest racism. But extremists who link this crime to Israel's efforts to defend itself against Palestinian terror are spreading a big lie.
Iran nuclear deal will still be a problem for next U.S. president (Raz Zimmt, Yedioth/Ynet) There is slim chance of an agreement between Washington and Tehran before the November elections, and both Biden and Trump must prepare a thorough plan that accounts for all possible scenarios.
Don’t Confuse the Struggle of African Americans With That of the Palestinians (Nave Dromi, Haaretz+) Despite the temptation to draw a comparison, the struggle of black people in the United States has nothing in common with the struggle of the Palestinians. No one questions the tragic nature of both of the incidents. The struggle for equality being waged by blacks in the United States is a racial one, while the Palestinians’ struggle against Jews is nationalist in character.
The need to boot BDS off college campuses (Gabi Golenberg, Israel Hayom) Now is the time for higher learning to stand for higher understanding.
The Great Coronavirus Reset: UAE Eases Restrictions, but Normalcy May Never Return (Zvi Bar’el, Haaretz+) From airlines to architects and construction companies, businesses in the Arab world are having to reimagine the world with a new emphasis on health anxieties.

On Annexation and Bedouin theft of military equipment in the Negev: ”Abandon the horrible annexation plan, the Palestinian Authority is essential for Israel's security"
Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Gilad, who previously served as a senior official in the Ministry of Defense, gave his opinion on the issue of the civil disturbances filmed in the Negev, and also addressed with pessimism the impending application of sovereignty (to parts of the West Bank). (103FM/Maariv)
This phenomenon (re: Bedouin in the Negev), someone told us that you also had something also to you in the family.
AG: ”I don't usually like to talk about my family. The phenomenon there (in the Negev) is well-known. It's also criminal, but it's also nationalist. Either we control this country or we don’t.”
Would you give the IDF powers to shoot in case someone tries to steal a weapon?
"That can be done, but it is an admission of the failure of law enforcement institutions. There should also be a whole circle of their capture, prosecution and proper punishment, otherwise there is no deterrence, no punishment, no prevention. It is as if the state says, 'The Negev, it’s parts, is not ours.’ Whose is it? The Wild West’s? This phenomenon is very old, it doesn't get covered (in the media).”
But the circle is a big thing, and when a soldier is holding a weapon and the Bedouin know he can't use it, so they ride on ATVs and snatch whatever they want.
“Let’s suppose this man pointed a firearm and he was a security threat (not a criminal threat). He would be captured within two hours.” [i.e. the Bedouin are not a serious threat. - OH]
Would you run have the Shin Bet intervene in such an event?
“They get the Shin Bet involved in everything: Corona, this and that. Bringing in the Shin Bet is a declaration of failure. The Shin Bet’s job is to fight terrorism. That’s it…If the Shin Bet starts to deal with crime issues, then it will not be focused on its real work.”
Annex everything? Only annex parts? Don’t annex? What to say to Trump? What would you do?
"I would immediately announce that I was abandoning this horrific annexation plan. What do we need it for? We have excellent security that we have developed. We have a major threat, which is the Iranians. The IDF today in very comfortable security situation, where, in fact, terrorism is more or less defeated. That has for some time been thanks to the Shin Bet and the security branches. The IDF trains according to the regular training program along the Jordanian border, which is a long and winding, complicated border and close to Jerusalem. I do not want to say, because I don’t know if it is permissible, how many forces the are that are deployed to protect it. Millions of people pass through the Allenby border crossing (between Jordan and West Bank). Why should I change it? What does it give us? You want to strengthen the (Beqaa Jordan) Valley? Take this neglected area and strengthen it. Meanwhile, from so much talk of annexation, we have already lost two territories, Naharayim and Tzofar. Why did we have to lose them? And in the end, there won’t be an annexation.”
But the question is why not legally determine the situation that has been de facto for 53 years?
"First of all, we enjoy a comfortable reality. Jordan actually allows us the security border all the way to Iraq. That is to say, Judea and Samaria is a relatively wide area in our terms, the Jordan River, the the mountainous region, Rabat Amman, the desert, all this is a security area where Israel enjoys incredible security."
But you know that Abdullah is doing it because if he lets the terrorists go wild in Jordan, he will be the first to go down.”
"I hear the statements that he depends on us and we feed and water him…"
Does he do it because he loves us?
"I don't know if anyone loves us. I'm not looking for love, either. I'm looking for a security cooperation that is an alternative to using violent force, that is wise and gives us peace."
Great, but it's in his best interest.
Otherwise, he wouldn't do it.
"If you insult him, annex the (Beqaa Jordan) valley, violate the peace agreement, you will eventually shock the king."
That does not violate the peace agreement (with Jordan).
“That is called a violation of the peace treaty.”
Why? It says that the border is between Israel and Jordan ...
"You say, but you must not make any unilateral moves. To make the (Beqaa Jordan) valley permanently (part of Israel)? That is one of the more neglected areas of Israel. Invest money there, attract residents. Why all the time declarative Zionism? I'm for practical Zionism.”
We were warned against many things of this type, including the (transfer of the) US Embassy.
"I wasn’t part of that. Transferring the US embassy has no meaning.”
The Golan Heights were also annexed and nothing happened, and also Ahmad Yassin (Hamas spiritual leader) was taken down. I wrote on behalf of people like you that the Middle East will go on fire. Maybe this is an opportunity that won’t return? To draw and say 'this is the eastern border of the State of Israel' long after Abdullah (is gone). This is important for centuries to come, perhaps?
"I disagree with all the assumptions you made. Ahmed Yassin should have died long ago, and he passed when he passed and that was better than him not passing. I am not scared of important steps, but what did you say? Ahmed Yassin, as soon as he left the world, it got better, at least in a security sense. We enjoy a reality of security, there is another side, there is a partnership here. This annexation is seen as sticking two fingers in their eyes, they cannot bear it. The Palestinian Authority is the product of an agreement with the PLO.”
Which they declared the cancellation of, by the way.
"Declared, but fulfill it. And we, after it was canceled and we, ourselves, did not fulfill it, are gaining from it. The essence is that the Palestinian Authority is essential to the security of the state (of Israel). I say that with guarantees.”
The core is that the Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel, that is the core.
"That's your view."
I think security reasons are not everything.
"Let go of the debate over who owns the land, for a moment. I am there (in the West Bank), I am in control there. The IDF is there and the Shin Bet is there, and they have complete freedom of action. I can compare it to the period where I was alerting day and night against Arafat the murderer. Where were we then and where are we today?”
But they said 'we're there too' regarding Gaza, and the next day we weren't there. In other words, it’s a matter of a prime minister's decision.
"Gaza is exactly the example that I am taking about. A unilateral move and you got Hamastan. You will shake up the Palestinian Authority, go to direct occupation (if you annex). We have a new threat that is not getting any media coverage, this is the International Court of Justice. My impression is that it is progressing like a tortoise, slowly crawling, but reaching the goal. I think that the Americans cannot stop this threat and it is very serious. I think that, in the end, the leading European countries will be against us. I think (in) the United States, there is a 50% possibility that a president will rise up and say, ‘I cancel the declaration of support for annexation.’ It’s not even an agreement. I think that the Arab states will in no way support this agreement, despite what they are selling us here [probably a reference to ‘Israel Hayom’ reports that Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt are supportive of annexation. - OH]. Even when President Trump announced his plan, three ambassadors from three important but relatively small countries stood behind him - Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, etc. I see that as security damage. It's a threat, it's an appeal of order. Instead of using intelligence and focusing on the Iranian threat, we will soon find ... Now the IDF is engaged in discussions on how to prepare for it (annexation). So it has time to deal with that? It should deal with Iran.”

"The situation in the Negev Bedouin is worse than Somalia - if left untreated, it will be like the US"
In an interview given on Wednesday on the 103FM radio program of Golan Yochpaz and Anat Davidov, Maariv Military affairs reporter, Tal Lev Ram, and Bedouin public figure and former minister, Talab a-Sanaa, discussed the video showing members of the Bedouin sector rioting in fire zones and confronting officers. Al-Sanaa blamed: “This population has been persecuted for years." (103FM/Maariv)
Taleb A-Sanaa: “I’ve seen Jews who are physically assaulting, not threatening with their finger and with their tone, physically attacking military commanders, and they (the commanders) let it pass. What happens in the Negev reminds us of what is happening in the US. There is an oppressed population here that has been persecuted for many years. It is neglected and is in the country's backyard, suffering from poverty, unemployment, house demolitions, communities with no water and no roads and no electricity. It’s worse than Somalia and no one is dealing with that,” he accused.
RADIO HOSTS: This group stole equipment. They are filmed as they narrow in on an IDF vehicle and threaten IDF officers. it's not the same.
Taleb A-Sanaa: “Are you paying attention to the tone? You both talk, I listened to the conversation, about sovereign deterrence as if it were about Hezbollah, deterrence, state, sovereign, destabilization. You need to calm down. Citizens of the state, an argument starts up, young people go out into nature areas, enter fire zones, the entire Negev, 85% of the Negev is fire zones.”
RADIO HOSTS: It isn’t about entering fire zones but about the theft.
Taleb A-Sanaa: "You didn’t see theft, you saw an argument. What can you steal from fire zones? All the Negev is fire zones, what's there to steal?”
The chase was due to the suspicion of those officers that (Bedouin were) stealing equipment from them.
Tal Lev Ram: "But you can't be naive. What can you do in a fire area? I'll tell you exactly what the statistics are: theft of night vision equipment that afterward is used to smuggle drugs, theft of ammunition and after that it’s sold on the black market. I can agree with a lot of things about dealing with the Bedouin population and what needs to be done economically, in social welfare and the like. But it is expected of a former public figure that he also make a clear statement, that when there is law enforcement that can become a phenomenon that will harm us all, in this very sensitive co-existence that is going on in the Negev.”
RADIO: Do you condemn the event?
Taleb A-Sana: "The thing is, there is delinquency throughout the state. Bedouins, Jews, criminals and there are police and courts for that.  No one comes to defend delinquency. I'm talking about the discourse that is going on, the overall discourse that stains. (You need to) show the entire (Bedouin) population. There are university lecturers, there are judges, there is everything. In addition, there are excellent people in education, in academia, in the economy (field). There are also people who do bad things and that needs to be addressed, but you do not need to make generalizations. The other thing is, I think within the (Bedouin) communities, the relationship with the Jewish neighbors is excellent.
RADIO HOST: Taleb A’Sanna, Are those people criminals? Answer us.
Taleb A-Sana: There can be an arguments, I saw the video clip, I saw the argument (between the officer and the Bedouin). I don’t like the tone, I don’t like how the tone sounds, that’s not the way to hold a discussion, but it’s an argument with curses.
RADIO HOST: Taleb A’Sanna, Are those people criminals?
Taleb A-Sana: No, I didn't see criminals, I saw an argument. I saw angry people. I don’t know what was behind it.
RADIO HOST: And you say that if we don’t all take care of the lack of quality, as you define it - it will blow up in our face like in the US.”
Taleb A-Sana: I agree with you, 100%
RADIO HOST: That’s what you said.
Taleb A-Sana: I agree with you.
RADIO HOST: Okay. Taleb A-Sanaa, Tal Lev-Ram, thank you very much.

"If we don't deal with the criminal bubble in the Negev - we will have to conquer it in a decade"
Erez Segal (right-wing radio presenter) interviewed Brigadier General Zvika Vogel, former commander of the Northern Command and the Southern Command's Chief of Staff, and Yariv Oppenheimer, former secretary general of Peace Now, on 103 FM, following the video in which Bedouin invade a military fire zone and attack IDF officers. (Maariv wording.-OH) (103FM/Maariv)
The military man, who is well acquainted with the population in question, argued that the problem had deep roots and had to be addressed [through law enforcement - OH] before it gets out of control. "Not a small number of residents in these communities choose voluntary criminal pursuits, they aren’t pushed there. Therefore, not all the blame is on the state - but also on the citizens," said Vogel.
Erel Segal (ES): If I enter the IDF Kirya Headquarters and steal a metal rod, they'll arrest me won't they?
Yariv Oppenheimer (YO): They will call the police. The soldier has authority over you only if you signify a threat to life in that moment and in a terror incident.
ES: That’s not true. He has authority. It’s an IDF base. And they have to protect the base.
YO: Only in danger of life. You only shoot if in life threatening danger . That’s the order I received throughout my whole service. Maybe i was in a different army.
Zvika Vogel (ZV): Maybe you were in a different army or a different period. We would wake up almost every night, in the morning we would identify, if it was a pig or wolf trying to reach the fence, so nobody tried to reach it. A large part of the stolen military equipment is used afterward against us. I want to know if anyone is ready for a situation where they will steal from someone who is holding a machine gun and will use it tomorrow morning to kill our soldier.”
YO: I want statistics, there’s a difference between stealing a tent and a weapon. And these weapons are used between the Beduoin against each other.
ZV: It’s used against us.
YO: Do you have statistics?
AS: Drug smugglers fired at soldiers and announced they would continue because they needed to continue their work.
ZV: I don’t want to say anything bad against Bedouin…I say that a criminal bubble is developing with a potential for explosion in the Negev...If we do not address it, in a decade we will have to conquer the Negev.
YO: The one who needs to deal with it, is not just the police. Whoever thinks crime needs to be solved with power is just shooting himself in the foot—
ZV: I’ll tell you what I saw yesterday —
YO: What you saw yesterday was the result of a process. What you saw yesterday was the most wretched communities in the state of Israel, with the most miserable amount of (government) investment, at the bottom of the economic priorities. That’s what you saw. That’s the result.

YO: Organized crime is also prevalent in other groups and populations in Israel.

On the freeze of reunification law, thereby banning Palestinian spouses of Israeli citizens from getting official status if they live in Israel -  Zehava Galon: "Stop being paranoid"; Radio host Erel Segal: "You are naive"
Former Meretz chairwoman spoke to the radio host  following a tweet on Twitter in which she wrote that the state should approve family unification for Palestinians: “You cannot have class one and class two citizens….My argument is it is inconceivable that for 17 years, the Knesset keeps extending the emergency situation on an issue that is so dramatic, in my view. It basically tells Arab citizens of the state: 'You don’t have the right to family reunification with Palestinians from the Territories, you cannot decide with whom you live, you cannot decide that you are raising your children here together.' We are in a situation whereby there are 25,000 families that are essentially torn, where one parent lives here and one lives there and doesn’t see their children. Whoever lives here without (an official) status has no ability to get an education or health insurance.” (103FM/Maariv)

Prepared for APN by Orly Halpern, independent freelance journalist based in Jerusalem