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Tuesday November 17, 2020
- Quote of the day:

“Appointing Effi Eitam as Chair of Yad Vashem would turn an internationally respected institution devoted to the documentation of crimes against humanity and the pursuit of human rights into a mockery and a disgrace.”
—From a petition signed by 160 Holocaust historians and researchers and survivors from around the world against the appointment of Effi Eitam, who has called to deport the majority of the Palestinians from the West Bank and to exclude Arab Israelis from the political system. Eitam was also accused by his soldiers of giving them the order to beat a Palestinian to death.*

You Must Be Kidding: 
“He is a worthy man."
— Higher Education Minister Zeev Elkin (Likud) said of Effi Eitam, on the proposal that the far right-wing former politician head the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial and research institution.*

Front Page:


  • Moderna: Our corona vaccine is 94.5% effective
  • We heard Ron trying to update on Eviatar, but then one of the commanders said: ‘Whoever doesn’t finish is unworthy of being here.’ At that moment we understood we were alone” - The permits that were faked. The commanders who lied. The light punishment. Testimonies reveal: This is how the the death of the soldier Eviatar Yosefi in Hilazon River was covered up while his body was still in the water (Hebrew)
  • Attorney General to High Court justices: Political disputes cannot delay law enforcement appointments
  • Leitzman will return to position of Housing Minister
  • Israeli pilot and businessman funded his own flight to space in 2021 and will stay there a week
  • Resident of (Arab town of) Arabeh suspected of stabbing to death his ex-wife and then fleeing: He was convicted of assault in the past
  • In the whole world they are trying to eliminate greenhouse gasses by 2025, but not here
  • Tracking for the trackers // Haaretz Editorial on IDF corona tracking
  • A different kind of vaccine // Tahaluf Group (UAE) on need for internal Israeli peace before peace with Arab world
  • Rent rising in most large cities in Israel despite corona crisis
  • Danny Abadia expected to be fourth Israeli in NBA

Yedioth Ahronoth

  • Shot of hope - Moderna’s breakthrough in corona vaccine (Hebrew)
  • Love in tension - National team gymnast Misha Sorokin battling so that state won’t deport his wife, an Eritrean asylum seeker (Hebrew)
  • “What’s the point of a local lockdown?” - Ayman Seif, manager of corona in Arab sector, opposes local lockdowns and calls for increased enforcement in sector
  • Our man in space (Hebrew)
  • Correspondent Yossi Yehoshua on the significance of the appointment of Gen. Hertzi Halevy as IDF Deputy Chief of Staff, now and in the future

Maariv This Week (Hebrew links only)

Israel Hayom

  • Easing restrictions in classes and for shops
  • Rising star (Israeli to go to space)
  • Eyes toward Moderna: “Vaccine effectivity is 94.5%”
  • Israel’s preparation in the field of vaccines is excellent // Amnon Lord
  • Tel-Aviv marathon will be held virtually
  • A year before its implementation, Netanyahu and Gantz know: there won’t be a rotation // Mati Tuchfeld
  • Appointment of Hertzi Levy as Deputy Chief of Staff: The right man at the right time // Yoav Limor

Top News Summary:
Moderna’s vaccine looks hopeful and Israel already paid for dibs on it (with the help of the fact that the company’s chief medical officer, Dr. Tal Zaks, is Israeli), older pupils finally will go back to school next week, an Israeli millionaire and former Air Force pilot buys himself a spot to space, and another murder was committed in the Arab-Israeli sector, while police rejected the claim by welfare authorities and a women’s organization that the police could have prevented it (and Maariv) - making top stories in the Hebrew newspapers today.

In diplomacy, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that he has been told he will speak to U.S. President-elect Joe Biden soon, the first time since Biden was elected. Netanyahu yesterday stopped short of referring to Biden as ‘President-elect’ [possibly because Netanyahu wants Trump to continue giving him and his pro-settlement moves support until Biden takes office. One example of this is the tender for constructions in a highly contentious spot in E. Jerusalem. See more below. - OH].

Also, an incident in Jerusalem between right-wing activists (and Jerusalem’s Deputy Mayor) and European diplomats and an urgent petition by Holocaust researchers not to appoint a right-wing racist, who supports ethnic cleansing to head the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial and Research Institution.

On Wednesday, Bahrain's foreign minister will meet with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Jerusalem, as well as with Netanyahu. This will be the first Bahraini delegation to Israel. On Tuesday, Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassdor to the US, made a joint statement alongside UAE and Bahrain ambassadors urging Biden not to return to the Iran nuclear deal. Meanwhile, Qatar’s Foreign Minister said that the normalization deals of UAE, Bahrain and Sudan with Israel undermine Palestinian statehood efforts.

At Givat Hamatos, a contentious site in Jerusalem that is over the Green Line (meaning in the West Bank), 50 right-wing activists, including from the Im Tirtzu movement, led by Jerusalem’s Deputy Mayor, Arieh King, interrupted the press conference of a delegation of European ambassadors, waving Israeli flags, heckling the diplomats, calling them anti-Semites and stepping in front of the cameras, forcing the diplomats to leave the site. The diplomats came to the site to demonstrate against the long-suspended and now renewed Israeli move to build settlement housing units there. "What we’re seeing right now here is a de facto annexation attempt. And that cannot go on," said EU representative to the Palestinians, Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff, adding that it was the first time in more than two decades that such a construction project had been approved in an area viewed internationally as Palestinian territory and warning that it could affect the Palestinians' ability to establish a contiguous state. Israel made a call Sunday for tenders to build at Givat Hamatos. The US has long-opposed construction at the site and von Burgsdoff said the timing of the bidding process raised the suspicion that Israel is trying to establish facts on the ground before Biden enters the White House. Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said Israel was in a race against time to create a fait accompli before Trump leaves office. Givat Hamatos is a key location between the Palestinian neighborhood of Beit Safafa and Bethlehem. Building Israeli housing units there will break the contiguity of the Palestinian state. Earlier, UN Mideast envoy Nickolay Mladenov called on Israel to stop the settlement project, as did the Arab League and Egypt.

**The Jerusalem Post and Maariv reported that some 160 Holocaust researchers and survivors from around the world signed a petition against the appointment of the far right-wing former minister and IDF general, Effi Eitam, to head Yad Vashem, Israel’s renowned Holocaust Remembrance and research institution. The appointment is being pushed by Higher Education Minister Zeev Elkin (Likud), who rejected the harsh criticism of Eitam, saying, “He is a worthy man." Holocaust researchers didn’t think so. Among them was US historian Professor Deborah Lipstadt, known for her struggle against the British Holocaust denier Professor David Irving, said that appointing Eitam “denigrates the institution, it denigrates everything that it does, and such an appointment threatens to politicize Yad Vashem, and that would be a tragedy.” In 2006, Eitam called to expel a large majority of Palestinians from the West Bank and exclude Israeli Arabs from the political system.” And in 1988, soldiers who beat a Palestinian captive to death during a military operation in Gaza said that Eitam had given them orders to do so. Eitam was reprimanded, but not prosecuted. The signatories to the petition wrote, “This urgent mission – to encourage civil society to actively watch, involve and intervene wherever racism and hatred threaten religious, ethnic or other groups and communities – is now at risk of being handed over to the outspoken right-wing extremist and historically illiterate politician Effi Eitam,” wrote the petitioners. “We are shocked by this outrageous proposal and protest against it in the strongest possible terms. Eitam’s hateful rhetoric towards Israeli Arabs and Palestinians stands in opposition to the stated mission of Yad Vashem. Appointing Effi Eitam as Chair of Yad Vashem would turn an internationally respected institution devoted to the documentation of crimes against humanity and the pursuit of human rights into a mockery and a disgrace.” The ADL Israel also expressed concern over the appointment: "We find that a number of statements made by Mr. Eitam over the years are problematic, including his call for the mass deportation of Palestinians from the West Bank, and the calling of Israeli Arabs as a fifth corps." "Mr. Eitam's name was even linked to a case in the 1980s, when soldiers under his command beat a Palestinian prisoner to death. His problematic moral record resonates among organizations and individuals who have set themselves the goal of instilling Holocaust lessons, including Yad Vashem and the Anti-Defamation League."


Quick Hits:

  • House demolished, land razed in the south of the West Bank - Israeli forces escorted a bulldozer to Artas village near Bethlehem, where the heavy machinery tore down an 80-square-meter house and leveled a plot of land belonging to a local resident. (WAFA)
  • Israeli health worker suspended after spitting on Christian icons in Jaffa - (Jewish) Employee of Magen David Adom spat on pictures of Jesus after entering building to administer a COVID test, saying it was 'idol worship.’ (Haaretz+)
  • More Than 132 Palestinian Detainees Have Coronavirus - The PPS said the administration of Ofer prison, near Ramallah, has announced that detainee Moayyad Khatib, 20, from Bethlehem, has the coronavirus, and that he was held with many other detainees in Ofer while waiting to be transferred to other facilities. (IMEMC)
  • Netanyahu Stops Short of Referring to Biden as 'President-elect' - Ten days after election called, prime minister says Biden 'supposed to be appointed the next president' as Trump continues to refuse to concede. (Haaretz+)
  • Attorney General: High Court Must Force Appointment of Justice Ministry Director General - Avichai Mendelblit's response to the petitions calling on the government to explain why it is withholding the appointment indicates he may take a similar position on the appointment of state prosecutor. (Haaretz+)
  • Maj. Gen. Herzi Halevi Named IDF Deputy Chief of Staff - Called 'A highly experienced officer' by Gantz, Halevi has served in some of the military's top posts and oversaw several rounds of Gaza combat. (Maariv and Haaretz+)
  • Director of Israeli Defense Ministry Warns Lack of State Budget Hindering Military - Amir Eshel says failure to pass budget by end of year will make it difficult for the army and defense agencies to carry out strategic plans. (Maariv and Haaretz+)
  • Police Issue Bid for System to Monitor Illegal Gatherings - Although the system is meant to identify gatherings of over 50, which are illegal under coronavirus regulations, it will also be able to monitor civilians participating in protests. (Haaretz+)
  • Israel Drops Case Against Drug Addict Targeted in Petty Sting - South Tel Aviv cops left 200-shekel bill in plain sight in car with door open, watched through surveillance cameras, and busted woman after she took the money. (Haaretz+)
  • CNN's Amanpour apologizes for Kristallnacht-Trump comparison - "I should not have juxtaposed the two thoughts. Hitler and his evil stand alone, of course, in history," veteran anchorwoman Christiane Amanpour says. "I regret any pain my statement may have caused." (Israel Hayom)
  • Abu Dhabi's Etihad Announces Direct Flights to Israel With Ad Featuring Second Temple - Direct flight will start March 28 and will be timed to connect with Etihad services to and from China, Thailand, India and Australia, state-owned carrier says ■ Airline removes video hours later. (Agencies, Haaretz and Ynet)
  • Emiratis want to speak Hebrew, learn about Israel - The recently signed and ratified Abraham Accords have fueled a curiosity for knowledge and education centered around the Hebrew language in the Emirates. "Educational Hebrew Institute (EHI) will launch its classes on January 3, 2021 with branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This is following the huge demand shown by Emiratis and UAE companies doing business with Israelis entrepreneurs to learn the Hebrew language, said officials," cited in Emirati outlet Khaleej Times. [NOTE: The article provided no sources for the claim that Emiratis’ desire to speak Hebrew.- OH] (Israel Hayom)
  • Iran claims Jews perpetrated 6th-century genocide in Yemen - Pushing Holocaust denial, Iranian semi-official Fars news agency asserts that Jews carried out "a real holocaust" against Christians on the Yemen border 1,000 years ago. (Israel Hayom)

Top Commentary/Analysis:
Attacking Israel’s Judges Is Attacking Its Democracy (Vernon Bogdanor, Haaretz+) In a country split into competing tribes, the only umpires that can guarantee democracy are judges.
“Just not Bibi" certainly is an ideology (Alec Yaframov, Yedioth Hebrew) To those who claim that our struggle to oust Netanyahu is too superficial and too personal, I answer that I too have no illusions that with the end of his rule everything will be resolved, but his replacement is necessary as an emergency measure. These are the reasons for this…In the United States in recent months there was an impassioned election campaign that divided American society. The Democrats ran a campaign that did not focus on Joe Biden's candidacy, but much more on the desire to replace Donald Trump. For a moment they were not bothered by the question of whether "Trump go home" is a deep enough goal. No voices were heard like, "But why only Trump? There are other problems.” It was clear to everyone that Trump is everything: both a persona and an ideology, so the very struggle against him represents the opposite set of values. In Israel, the situation is different. Here, too, a man who has created politics and culture of a unique kind has ruled for some time, but even among his opponents there are those who consider the saying "Bibi go home" an empty slogan. Those who claim so miss or underestimate the importance of two critical phenomena that have completely changed the face of Israeli politics, and which Binyamin Netanyahu is personally signed. The first is the abolition of the value of truth. Netanyahu and his people are working day in and day out to create an alternative conspiracy reality that consists in part of outright lies. Everyone mobilized for the campaign: from Netanyahu himself, who invents "daily threats to assassinate him" or denies the plane deal with the Emirates, through his ministers who publish fictions about the protesters, to battalions of his tweeters who fill the network with fake news stories that are refuted shortly after their publication. All of these receive a stage of honor. The ideological debates have disappeared and are replaced by false representatives sitting in the studios and uttering their words as if they were a legitimate position. Both sides in this "discussion" get an equal state, and thus the lies became truth and the truth lost its meaning. The second phenomenon is the transformation of the State of Israel into the state of Netanyahu. The prime minister implements a government that is the purest refining of opportunism: regardless of ideology or worldview, above all is his private interest (which is uncoincidentally sometimes criminal), and for this purpose centralizes all power and empties state institutions of their powers. There is no shortage of examples of this either: the Corona Powers Act emptied the Knesset of its power; There is no security cabinet and fateful decisions are closed with Netanyahu himself (submarines, peace agreements and more); The judiciary and audit mechanisms are under attack and in an ongoing process of castration (those who try to act honestly experience threats to their lives and the institutions themselves are delegitimized), and even the Likud Party has become a Ministry of private personality cult. When the whole country is mobilized for the benefit of one person, even more so, someone is allegedly involved in criminal acts, all the core issues - the political issue, religion and state, society and economy - become irrelevant. An ideological debate cannot be held because the whole discourse revolves around Netanyahu. In this situation, the question of who will replace Netanyahu is unnecessary and whether replacing him with another right-wing leader will be better with us. With others, an ideological debate can take place. Hard and bitter as it may be, this is a debate that must exist in a democracy. Right-wing leaders like Naftali Bennett are legitimate political actors, though I do not wish for their rule. Netanyahu is not a legitimate player. Not only morally and legally, but because holding on to the helm of power means paralyzing the entire political system. As long as he is there, the possibility of fighting for an ideology is eliminated, let alone maintaining a left-liberal ideology. We are in a completely different field, and in this field the only struggle that can take place is the struggle for his overthrow and for the liberation of Israel. I am not naive and I have no illusions that as soon as his reign ends everything will be resolved. But his replacement is necessary as an emergency measure, because this is an emergency situation. It is not a sufficient condition, but it is a necessary condition, first chronologically and first in importance. It is the beginning of healing. "Bibi, go home" is not a superficial slogan. It represents a whole ideology, one that offers a completely opposite political path and culture than Netanyahu's: returning the state to its citizens and restoring the value of truth, abolishing personality worship and returning to ideological discourse, stopping the centralized dictatorship and rehabilitating democratic institutions. All this sounds to me not bad at all as an ideology, at least for now, until it goes away. [Alec Yaframov is a civics teacher and active in protesting against the prime minister.]
Middle East radicals are waiting for Biden (Dan Schueftan, Israel Hayom) Subversive, violent elements in the region are counting on the new US administration to reward them for what the Trump administration punished them for.
Preventing Terror (Amira Hass, Haaretz+) It’s not only Givat Hamatos: Israel is constantly planning and implementing infrastructure and large-scale construction activities in East Jerusalem and throughout the West Bank, all designed to sabotage the possibility of a Palestinian state. But to our delight this tender, for the construction of residential units on the land reserves of Beit Safafa and Bethlehem, is making some noise, because it is being interpreted as an underhanded maneuver before President-elect Joe Biden enters the White House.
Pompeo is pained that he is removed and uprooted as a factor present in Middle Eastern countries (Shlomo Shamir, Maariv) US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo does not seem so sorry about the near end of his career as US Secretary of State as much as it hurts him that he is ousted and uprooted as a factor present in the capitals of Middle Eastern countries. This frustration was probably Pompeo's motive for a campaign of skipping through Israel and Arab countries. It is difficult for Mike Pompeo to come to terms with the fact that he will not be able to serve as the Alternate Foreign Minister of the State of Israel - a position he proudly performed, in a media-oriented and publicist manner. U.S. Secretaries of State in recent years, no matter under which presidents they have served, Democrats or Republicans, are not necessarily remembered for the special successes or achievements they have achieved during their tenures. To say the least. I do not remember in the history of the Security Council an American Secretary of State who stood defeated and ashamed like Mike Pompeo in the face of a cohesive coalition of council members, including the Western powers, that thwarted an American initiative. The truth is, the failure was not entirely Mike Pompeo's. His scorching defeat in the Security Council was a direct result of insulting, rude and repulsive conduct against Western powers such as Germany, France and Britain, which was done and demonstrated by Pompeo's patron - Donald Trump. Now Mike Pompeo begins and maintains a campaign of visits and skips in various capitals, with an emphasis on Middle Eastern countries, and of course Israel. The meetings and conversations that will take place with the leaders of the region will be reminiscent of condolence visits, words of comfort, words of encouragement and reinforcement about Donald Trump's failure to be elected to a second term. Mike Pompeo, one of Trump's dedicated and submissive loyalists, needs solace himself. In talks with heads of state he will probably try to alleviate his own grief and the grief of his hosts. Mike Pompeo had no part in the moves and contacts to reach normalization agreements with the UAE and Bahrain. Trump's son-in-law and close adviser, Jared Kushner, is not so fond of Pompeo, to say the least. What upset Kushner was that Pompeo did not object and even expressed support for annexing territories. But Pompeo led the first move, removing Sudan from the list of countries that support terrorism, which resulted in the peace agreement between Israel and Sudan. According to reports, Mike Pompeo will visit and tour the settlements, presumably to remind and demonstrate his view that the settlements are legal and their construction is not contrary to and in violation of international law, as is accepted and agreed among Western powers and states. Pompeo definitely deserves a warm welcome in the settlements. According to commentators in Washington, the real motive for Mike Pompeo's visit is his ambition, his plan to run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. It's no secret that in recent months Mike Pompeo has made intensive visits to major U.S. states, meeting with local politicians with a clear organizational goal to establish an organizational infrastructure for his 2024 presidential race. Pompeo is a devout evangelist and it is important for him to remember and to burn in the minds of millions of evangelicals in the US that he is a supporter of Greater Israel and especially the capital Jerusalem. Pompeo's problem is that Vice President Mike Pence has a similar ambition and plans to run for president in 2024 and, according to commentators, Pence is much more accepted and well-liked at the top of the Republican Party than Mike Pompeo. If there is anyone in Israel who desperately needs words of comfort and encouragement from Mike Pompeo, it is the US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman. Friedman, who is ending his term, actually served as the US ambassador to the settlers. During his years in Israel, Friedman showed very little, if any, attention and interest in what is happening in the country outside the settlements. Israel did not gain much in the political sphere from Mike Pompeo's tenure. Much less than Friedman's presence.
Biden and Israel: A Return to the Obama Era? (Prof. Shmuel Sandler, Israel Hayom) As a veteran senator, a former contender for his party's presidential nomination, and a former vice president, Biden is aware of the extent of support for Israel in the US Congress.
The story of Avraham Ozeri can teach something about the groups that despise each other (Nir Kipnis, Maariv) At the age of 18, Avraham Ozeri joined the Marxist youth movement in Tel-Aviv - or as it was called, “The Marxist Youth in the name of B. Borochov,” where he met my father, who was two years older than he was.  Ozeri was shot by British soldiers in the protest demonstrations when youth threw stones at the British after the British Mandate government decided on 1 November 1945 to prevent Holocaust refugees from entering the Land of Israel. On the way to bury him, Ozeri’s girlfriend blamed my father for encouraging him to go to the protests…There are some historical lessons to be learned from the story. First, although the Zionist struggle, in my opinion, is more just and important than the national struggle of the so-called "Palestinians,” the terminology of occupation as it is, is one - not only "riots" and "rioters,” but also in the occupier's internal discourse. In Britain, too, MPs from the Conservative Party demanded the use of firearms to quell the riots (similar to “Let the IDF win") and added: "In any case, global public opinion will blame us.” But more important than that, in the days of BDS on the one hand and "price tag" (settler attacks on Palestinians) on the other, it is worth remembering the tremendous commitment of all the political movements here for the national struggle - from the far right of the Lechi to the [left-wing] Communists. Both were willing to pay with their lives for the establishment of a Hebrew state in the Land of Israel and they were the silver platter on which we were presented with the piece of land on which we hate each other, after more than 70 years.
There are real people on Givat HaMatos (Leora Levian, Israel Hayom) Anyone who stands in the neglected Jerusalem neighborhoods and shouts that it is "Palestine" is about as relevant as someone standing on the outskirts of Bethelehem, calling it part of east Jerusalem.
Israel is Racing to Destroy Palestinian Properties While Trump is in Office (Yousef Alhelou, WAFA) Bedouin and herding committees in the Jordan Valley and Jerusalem areas are the main target of demolitions and subsequent expulsion from their land. Since the beginning of this year, 689 structures, properties and animal shelters have been bulldozed. Condemnations of Israel’s actions, while appreciated, actually mean little as far as the Palestinians are concerned. Despite Benjamin Netanyahu’s cosy words of congratulations for US President-elect Joe Biden, “a great friend of Israel”, it is my belief that the Israeli Prime Minister is racing to destroy as many Palestinian properties as possible while the man responsible for “bringing the American-Israeli alliance to unprecedented heights”, Donald Trump, is still in office. Yet more despicable and illegal facts on the ground are being established, just in case Biden decides to change US foreign policy in the region. Coming so soon after the normalization deals, Netanyahu knows that the green light for more illegal activity may soon change to amber, but probably not red.
Not what we knew: The new president of the United States has different plans from those promoted by Trump (Prof. Eitan Gilboa, Maariv) From negotiations with Iran, through the tightening of relations with Russia and China, to cooperation with the UN…Trump distanced himself from the United States' traditional allies in Europe, attacked the EU and criticized the conduct of the NATO alliance. Biden will return to working closely with all of these. This position will make it difficult for Israel because Europe prefers reconciliation and concessions to Iran and a rigid approach to Israel's conduct toward the Palestinians. Biden defined China as the United States' top rival. Compared to Trump, he intends to negotiate with her that will end the trade war and yield agreements. He stated that his policy towards Russia would be tougher. These positions will have implications for Israel-China relations and Russia's conduct in Syria…Respect for human rights has always been an important principle in the foreign policy of Democratic presidents, even when it sometimes clashed with strategic interests. Trump was only interested in strategic interests. Biden will consider human rights both because of tradition and because of the strengthening of the progressive-radical camp in his party that demands to favor them. The Palestinians have managed to "sell" the conflict with Israel to the world in terms of human rights, and the democratic radicals see the Gulf states as reactionary regimes and demand that the United States disconnect from them. Such positions could lead to friction with Israel and the Arab states. Obama returned the United States to the UN Human Rights Council. Trump sharply criticized it and withdrew the United States from it. He has taken a similar stance towards the International Criminal Court in The Hague and UNESCO. The UN and its agencies make decisions of condemnation against Israel more than against any other country in the world, all of which are unilateral and some of which are absurd. Biden will cooperate with the UN and its organizations, and Israel will be left without protection from the United States. Israel must prepare to deal with these changes.
Trump's vital parting lesson to Israel (Prof. Eyal Zisser, Israel Hayom) Trump's most significant contribution to Israel upon his departure is forcing the Jewish state to bolster the foundational principle of its foreign affairs and defense policy, whereby "Israel can and must rely only on itself."
Break the Chain of Surveillance (Haaretz Editorial) As expected with the use of invasive means to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the state’s appetite for spying on its citizens while trampling on their privacy increased. Military Intelligence officers serving in the Alon command center – the Israel Defense Forces project for cutting the chains of infection – have recently started to monitor social media sites in an effort to foil large gatherings in advance. The army identifies the planners, exposes their plans for get-togethers that violate the coronavirus restrictions, and pass the information to the police so the latter can prevent these events (as reported Sunday by Amos Harel).
Settling some big issues (Nadav Shragai, Israel Hayom) Israel remembers the part US President-elect Joe Biden played in the infamous UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which declared Israeli settlements "illegal," but also VP-elect Kamala Harris' work in the Senate against that resolution. Meanwhile, associates of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are saying, "Biden is not Obama."

Prepared for APN by Orly Halpern, independent freelance journalist based in Jerusalem.