APN Welcomes Lapid's Call for Two States; Urges Pro-Peace Policy

Americans for Peace now welcomes Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s endorsement of the two-state solution in his United Nations General Assembly speech and commends him for stating that peace is not an expression of weakness but rather “a victory of all that is good.”

A United Nations General Assembly speech by an Israeli prime minister, which focuses on peace and explicitly pledges to pursue peace, is a welcome and refreshing development.

Lapid said: “An agreement with the Palestinians based on two states for two peoples is the right way for Israel’s security, Israel’s economy, and for the future of our children. Peace is not a compromise. It is the most courageous decision we can make. Peace is not weakness. It embodies in it the entire might of the human spirit. War is a surrender to all that is bad within us. Peace is the victory of all that is good.”

Lapid’s are words to live by.

Tragically, they are not backed up by policies of his government. An Israeli government that genuinely seeks a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must adopt policies that enhance this vision. It must stop West Bank settlement construction. It must dismantle outposts that were built in violation of Israel’s own laws rather than legalize them. It must pursue direct peace negotiations with the Palestinian leadership. It must support laying a solid foundation for a future Palestinian state – including a civil society – rather than demolish it. A government that supports a future Palestinian state must empower and strengthen nascent characteristics of Palestinian independence rather than quash them. A government that supports the creation of a Palestinian state must take bold steps to bring the occupation to an end and pave the path to future peace.

Actions speak louder than words. While we welcome Lapid’s lauding the concept of peace and his endorsement of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we urge his government and the government that will be formed in Israel following the November 1st elections to seek peace and pursue it through real action.