Launching the APN Research Center

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Today, we at Americans for Peace Now (APN) are launching the new APN Research Center. The Research Center is a unique tool, a trove of online resources that covers every major aspect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the search for its resolution. Here you can find hundreds of articles, reports, books, polls, documentaries, and historic documents on the chief aspects of the conflict. The resources are made easily available for anyone who seeks solid facts and sensible analysis on the issues.

We invested hundreds of hours building the APN Research Center, and will continue updating and upgrading it with new, relevant material. As we worked on the Research Center, we were guided by the recognition that people are often intimidated by the complexity of the subject matter and lost among the immense wealth of content available. Our goal was to make it easy for people to learn about the conflict without spending countless hours searching for good material.

We are unveiling the new APN Research Center as we officially launch the home page of APN’s campus outreach program. The APN on Campus home page also features a “Student Advocacy” section designed specifically for student activists. It helps them plan speaking events with experts from APN, request highly informative resource materials, and find guidance on how to run a student group at their university. Students can also access a large collection of various online media designed to keep pro-Israel, pro-peace student advocates up to date and armed against the extremists’ attack lines.

The APN Research Center is updated daily, and we continue to scour databases and archives to find illuminating content from the most reputable sources. We’re developing new, innovative ways to help pro-Israel, pro-peace student groups be successful on campus. And we’re growing our reach nationally, providing students - of all ages - with a deeper understanding of this heart-wrenching conflict that troubles and affects so many.

We invite you to explore the Research Center, as well as our APN on Campus home page. If you or your friends and relatives are on campus and interested in inviting an APN guest speaker, or would like any materials or resources, please contact Aaron Mann at