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Friday October 03, 2014

Note: News Nosh will be on holiday Sunday, October 5th.

Quote of the day:
"He can only complain against himself."
--Peace Now Secretary General Yariv Oppenheimer responds to Israeli Prime Minister Binaymin Netanyahu's anger.**

Front Page News:
Yedioth Ahronoth
  • Final gesture for a soldier - Moving moment next to bed of IDF officer who was mortally wounded in Operation Protective Edge and is fighting for his life: Before the war, Captain Hagai Ben-Ari, 29, was about to fulfill his dream and be appointed as commander of the Paratroopers elite reconnaissance unit. Yesterday, the brigade commander symbolically gave him the appointment
  • Ticking time bomb in operating room: This is how the doctors saved Captain Ran
  • Police on highest alert - Tense day - While it is Yom Kippur for Jews, the Muslims are celebrating Eid al-Adha. Fear that provocations could lead to riots. Jerusalem Mayor in sharp letter to Netanyahu: Public Security Ministry is abandoning the capital's residents to the rioting of Arabs
  • Sorry, we won - Interview with Chief of Staff
  • The First Lady - Nehama Rivlin on the journey to the President's residence and on the war (over her illness)
  • Zaira's version - 41 years after war: Rare interview with the father of the failure on Yom Kippur
  • Commander of the Yamam anti-terror unit tells about the elimination of the (yeshiva) youths' kidnappers
Maariv Weekend (Hebrew links only)
  • "What else needs to happen so that you understand that the army needs the money" - Chief of Staff in interview with Maariv
  • "If I employed people were improper, the problem was mine" - Nochi Dankner does not miss IDB Holdings
  • "They stabbed us with thousands of knives" - A journey to Bulgaria in the steps of Rabbi Yeshayahu Pinto
  • In a tank, without any rank - on his own initiative - Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner, who was filmed beating a left-wing activist from Denmark and will soon complete his IDF service (as punishment - OH), joined armored corps fighters in Operation Protective Edge without having any official position and after he removed his ranks
  • The humiliation: President of the World Jewish Congress, Ronald Lauder, was invited to a meeting with Netanyahu in New York. After waiting three hours, he gave up
  • Yom Kippur alert - Because of Eid al-Adha, the police is preparing for clashes in mixed cities. General closure placed on Judea and Samaria
  • Life without the Maran: Eli Yishai summarizes a year without Rabbi Ovadia
  • On the way to the park: Preparing for a performance in memory of Arik Einstein
  • 41 years to Yom Kippur War: This is how we achieved peace with Egypt
  • Allenby Bridge: The son of (writer Ephraim) Kishon returns to the Blaumilch Canal (film)
  • They fired me on the phone: Yoram Arbel parts from soccer fields
  • Selichot (pardons): Father of Eyal Golan does soul searching before the fast
  • How did a real estate deal in E. Jerusalem turned into a hostile right-wing takeover? // Kalman Libskind
  • Eli Zair, the short memory and the kept archives // Yossi Melman
Israel Hayom
  • Mortally wounded officer appointed commander of Paratroopers reconaissance unit
  • "The behavior of Peace Now - irresponsible damage" - PM attacks US: "They won't tell me where to build." Condemns  Peace Now for announcing the (Jerusalem Municipality's) technical procedure in a plan that was approved two years ago
  • Lies also come from within // Dror Eydar
  • In pardon and forgiveness - Masses visited Wailing Wall to say last 'slichot' before Yom Kippur; Highest alert: For first time in 33 years, the fast falls on the day of Eid al-Adha
  • In memory of those who fell, and to achieve the hope // Haim Shine
  • Going against the wind - On relationships, G-d, words and Arik Einstein. (Singer) Shalom Hanoch in a very personal interview
  • Yamam anti-terror unit soldiers who eliminated the kidnappers of the (yeshiva) youth tell about the daring operation
  • (Actor) Zeev Revach, winner of the Ofir Prize, is far from planning to retire
  • The national gene - Emily Amrousi took the genetic test that is making the Jewish world crazy
  • Right of Judaism - Prof. Yermiyahu Yuval challenges the question of Jewish identity
  • (Former national labor union chief) Ofer Eini crossed the lines: Is representing the administration of Bank Discount - against its employees
  • Judge Yitzhak Cohen will be summoned to questioning under warning

News Summary:
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's anger at Peace Now and the US administration, the Israeli police's high alert over coinciding Muslim and Jewish holy days and the IDF Chief of Staff's full interviews with the Israeli press were the top stories of the Friday paper that came out on the eve of Yom Kippur and Eid Al-Adha.

**Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu accused the US administration of not getting its facts straight on construction over the Green Line and lashed out at Peace Now, accusing it of trying to ruin his visit US President Barack Obama by leaking information about the Jerusalem Municipality's advancing plans for construction in the controversial strip of land over the Green Line, known as Givat Hamatos, in the south of Jerusalem. The US maintained its criticism, as did Peace Now, whose Secretary General Yariv Oppenheimer was quoted saying in response: "Netanyahu apparently got accustomed to a supportive and ineffective opposition. But what can you do when on the question of construction Netanyahu has no support, and he can only complain against himself. If he had given an order to his friends to wait before entering into (Arab) homes in Silwan until he returns (from his US trip) and had ordered the Jerusalem municipality not to advance these plans (in Givat Hamatos), the conflict (with the US) would not have taken place." Oppenheimer added: "What did Netanyahu think, that we would be recruited to the Yesha settler council and turn a blind eye? He can't come and throw the responsibility for his mistakes and his failed policy on us. We are only telling the public what he does." While the left-wing parties supported Peace Now's announcement, the right-wing pro-settler parties were behind Netanyahu. Netanyahu also insisted the day after the US condemnation that their is no tension in his relations with the US President, and said we are "like an old couple."

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz will be leaving his post in four months and gave all four main Israeli newspapers individual interviews. What was interesting was what they emphasized. Check out the headlines:
Haaretz: Now is the time to offer Gazans hope
Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz will leave his post in four months. Before that, though, he wants to set the record straight on his army’s performance this summer and deflect any barbs sent his way by right-wing ministers. (Interviewed by Amos Harel)
Yedioth/Ynet: IDF Chief: Hezbollah poses bigger threat than Gaza
In first interview since Operation Protective Edge, IDF Chief of Staff Gantz says Gaza operation was a success: 'We have military officials around the world telling us we have raised the bar in terms of ethical and professional standards.'
(Hebrew version: Excuse me, we won
He rejects the criticism on his dealing late with the tunnel threat, does not regret the 'poppy speech,' insists that the IDF did not abandon the residents of the south, stings the politicians who live off of Facebook, and sketches the map of threats on Israel. (Interviewed by Alex Fishman and Yossi Yehoshua)
Maariv: In the Spirit of the commander
Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS. The cabinet, the budget, the leaks. And also the poppies sppech. IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz moves between all the fronts.  Yes, we won. He is not hurt, not counting the minutes till his release in February and unmoved by the criticism from some of the public on his actions in Operation Protective Edge. He announces that residents of the south can sleep peacefully and warns Nasrallah that Lebanon will go back 80 years and promises that the army doesn't have enough money to end the month. (Interviewed by Ben Caspit and Noam Amir)
Israel Hayom: IDF chief: High potential for instability at any one of Israel's fronts
With the war in Gaza over and his term as IDF chief due to end in several months, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz says the IDF is keeping an eye on Israel's borders, as well as on internal issues. "I received a good army and I am leaving a very good army," he says.

Prepared for APN by Orly Halpern, independent freelance journalist based in Jerusalem.
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