News Nosh 10.10.14

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Friday October 10, 2014

Quote of the day:

"The Israeli government is living a contradiction. In public, when it faces public opinion and rightist voters, it curses the Palestinian reconciliation government. But under the counter, quietly, it cooperates with it."
--Haaretz reporter Barak Ravid on yesterday's Palestinian unity government cabinet meeting - the first held in Gaza since Hamas got power in the Strip in 2007.**

Front Page News:


Yedioth Ahronoth

  • Rafting disaster - Moments of horror in Peru - The terrible news arrived at midnight - corpse of missing Israeli woman found. One still missing
  • Nobel Prize for French author - Patrick Moriano, son of Jewish father, wrote often about the Nazi occupation
  • Sukkot holiday storm
  • Tonight in Cyprus: Israel national (soccer) team opens race for the EuroCup
  • (Police Commissioner) Danino: "It's not good to appoint a commissioner from outside (the police)"

Maariv Weekend (Hebrew links)

  • "We are trying to change the situation" - Finance Minister Yair Lapid optimistic despite protest over the cost of living. Lapid warned Netanyahu - and the budget cut that Yaalon suggested was canceled
  • Netanya: Fear of vendetta in underworld
  • "The Israeli travelers did not make make a mistake" - search for two missing continues (in Peru)
  • Rechovot: Hunt for suspect in rape of 15-year-old
  • Cyprus first - Israeli national team opens (EuroCup campaign)
  • From Belarus to Kfar Meloul: Roots journe of (Ariel) Sharon family
  • Philadelphia gold: Meet the #1 Israeli chef in America
  • Dr. Micha Gudman is proud to present: Moshe Rabeinu you never knew
  • The Dayan files continue to run on the stages
  • 25 yeras without Dan Ben-Amotz: Natan Zahavi opens everything
  • Warm regards from Miami: Liora with Bar Refaeli's ex 

Israel Hayom

  • International airport to be built at Ramat David
  • Ebola alert in the world
  • Body of missing Israeli woman found (from Peru rafting accident)
  • Wet thatch - 200,000 Israeli travelers took advantage of the Sukkot holiday to visit places across the country - even though it rained in north and south
  • The bombings aren't helping: ISIS continues to conquer
  • Turkey is standing back // Boaz Bismuth
  • Germany's shame - this is how it fails to punish the S.S. criminals from Auschwitz
  • ISIS' victims: The tragedy of the Ashurites
  • The new Jewish identity of Tel-Aviv
  • The red-line of the Gush Katif (Gaza Strip) evacuees
  • Horror in the streets: 15-year-old went bike-riding and was raped; Expansive hunt for suspect
  • Scientists: "We are close to a solution for diabetes"


News Summary:
The body of one of the two missing Israelis from a rafting accident in Peru was found, the battle against ISIS continues with mixed results and the Palestinians hold their first cabinet meeting in Gaza in seven years making top stories in Hebrew Friday papers.

**Prime Minister of the Palestinian unity government, Rami Hamdullah, arrived in Gaza with other technocrat ministers from the West Bank through the Erez crossing controlled by Israel to attend the historic cabinet meeting. Haaretz's Barak Ravid writes that the first joint unity cabinet session held yesterday "underscored the paradox called Israel’s policy toward the Palestinians in general, and the Gaza Strip in particular. It stressed the huge gap between the speeches and announcements of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Ministers Avigdor Lieberman and Naftali Bennett, and reality. It also accentuated that Israel lacked strategy and was being dragged, sourly, after the Palestinians’ moves." Brig. Gen. Nadav Padan, a top Israeli general in the Gaza war, told Haaretz in an interview that the IDF could have taken over the Gaza Strip. “The question was if that served the interests of the government," said Padan. And US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki praised Israel and the Palestinians for working together to help the residents of Gaza and said Israel should contribute to the reconstruction of Gaza. But Israel Hayom's Dan Margalit noted that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas did not attend the meeting and Margalit called the unity government "imaginary unity" and that Egypt, Saudi Arabia and "the blow Hamas received from Operation Protective Edge are forcing Hamas, at the moment, to agree that Abu Mazen (Abbas) pay out their salaries. Without Abu Mazen, there are no salaries for teachers and no teaching in schools."


Prepared for APN by Orly Halpern, independent freelance journalist based in Jerusalem.