Let's open minds and shift culture


Have you ever seen a film and thought, "If only everyone could see that! People would start to think differently..."

Recently, you may have received a letter from Dror Moreh, the award-winning Israeli filmmaker of such a film, called The Gatekeepers. Moreh wrote this letter for Americans for Peace Now, the U.S. sister organization of Israel's peace movement, Shalom Achshav. This documentary film features all six living former leaders of Israel's Shin Bet security service, each of whom advocates a position they share with Shalom Achshav: that Israel must reach a negotiated peace agreement with a Palestinian partner. The letter was very successful - we were flooded with messages from people who wanted to see this incredibly important film and support the work of APN and Shalom Achshav.


I believe in the power of art to open minds and shift culture. We have all seen the critical role art has played in the dramatic shift in U.S. opinion about LGBTQ rights over the past two decades, including same-sex marriage. Art can be a critical part of our efforts to change the way Americans understand the Israeli occupation and the pathways to peace. That's why we want to offer you another opportunity to get this film and see it for yourself.

As a token of our gratitude, for a contribution of $180 or more, we will send you a DVD of The Gatekeepers. And, of course, we hope you read the letter.  Mr. Moreh's clear voice of reason and moderation is the voice of Israel that makes us proud, the voice of Israel's true patriots.

When you support APN and Shalom Achshav, you join those who work to secure Israel's future and you become a gatekeeper. Help us open minds: your tax-deductible contribution to APN is critical to the work we do.

Mik Moore
Board Member
Americans for Peace Now

P.S. When you make the donation, write "Gatekeepers" in the comments section so we know to send you the film.