Press Release: APN Condemns Jerusalem Terrorist Attack; Urges: Stop the Violence, Stop Provocative Actions

Americans for Peace Now (APN) strongly condemns today’s deadly terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

A young Palestinian, a former security prisoner who is reportedly a member of Hamas, intentionally rammed a private car into a crowd in East Jerusalem, near Mount Scopus. He killed a three-month-old baby and injured eight other people. The suspected terrorist was shot, injured, and arrested.

APN condemns the attack. We send our condolences to the family of the baby who was killed and we wish full recovery to those who were injured.

Tensions in Jerusalem have reached a boiling point in recent months and weeks, fueled by mutual Arab-Jewish violence, by new settlement activity in East Jerusalem, inside Palestinian neighborhoods, by confrontational actions on the Temple Mount, and by other provocative actions.

APN calls on all Jerusalemites -- Jewish and Arab, Israeli and Palestinian -- to stop the violence and to stop provocative activity that may spawn more violence in the holy city and beyond. We also call on the government of Israel and on the local authorities to do their utmost to prevent further deterioration. First and foremost, we call on all the parties involved to help pave the way to meaningful, serious negotiations over an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement that would include a permanent resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict over Jerusalem.