Press Release: Netanyahu, Stop the Provocations!

With tensions in Jerusalem and beyond rising to a boiling point, Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu and members of his cabinet have initiated a series of highly inflammatory steps and have been using incendiary language in recent days.

Americans for Peace Now (APN) is angered and alarmed at the brazenness of Prime Minister Netanyahu's recent provocative moves, and joins the Obama administration in warning the Israeli government of the potential consequences of these measures.

APN's President and CEO Debra DeLee said: "During the past few days, in the midst of a violent flare-up of demonstrations in East Jerusalem – one of the longest and most violent waves of riots in recent history – Netanyahu seems to be eager to fuel the fire rather than extinguish it.

"Through announcing new West Bank settlement construction, through announcing new settlement projects in East Jerusalem, through allowing Temple Mount-related provocations, and through inflammatory rhetoric directed both at the Palestinians and at the international community – particularly at Washington, his staunchest international ally – Prime Minister Netanyahu is playing with fire. He is not only risking further deterioration of the security situation in Jerusalem. He is risking an even deeper crisis in Israel's relations with Washington and with the international community. He is testing Israel's peace treaty with Jordan. He is also making future Israeli-Palestinian negotiations even more difficult to revive.

 "We call on Prime Minister Netanyahu to act responsibly. His government's provocative actions in Jerusalem are unacceptable. So is his thumbing his nose at his closest ally through cheap, demagogic, populist rhetoric, as he did yesterday and today.

 "As the international community loses its patience with Netanyahu's conduct, harsh measures expressing the world's displeasure should not come as a surprise to Israel's government."