Debra DeLee

I know that the headlines are terrible, and that people are throwing up their hands and feeling defeated. "The two-state solution is hopeless," they say. "We will never have peace."

But... consider:

Throughout the world, there are people taking action. There is momentum building for change.

  • Britain, France, Belgium, Sweden, and Spain have (in some form) already recognized the State of Palestine. EU recognition is likely coming soon.
  • The new Telhami/Brookings poll reports rising support among Americans for Palestinian statehood - and 63% of Americans oppose settlement building.
  • Former Likud minister Moshe Kahlon, currently polling at 10-11 seats even before announcing his party, says he will give up land for peace: "I will not hesitate to concede territory for real peace. I will not miss an opportunity for peace."
  • Support for negotiations in the Israeli public is still, even today, standing at almost two-thirds (63%, according to today’s Peace index).
  • Peace Now reports show that there has been no new settlement construction announced since the Netanyahu-Obama meeting in October.
  • The "Jewish nation-state" bill is facing substantial opposition both in Israel and in the US.


  • The Arab Peace Initiative (which a majority of Israelis support) is still viable, and was changed earlier this year to be more in line with Israeli interests.
  • Peace Now rallies have drawn thousands of people – including the most recent rally to demonstrate against the “Jewish Nation-State” bill held on November 29th in Jerusalem.

We are not giving up - you cannot give up, either. Pivot from hopelessness to hope, and from helplessness to action. Americans for Peace Now is leveraging your action to make hope a reality. Please support APN and make your voice heard.

Remember, it's not about right and left, but right and wrong.

Debra DeLee
President and CEO
Americans for Peace Now