APN/Peace Now in the News: January 23 - 31, 2014

The Forward - January 28, 2014
APN's Debra DeLee: Love Israel. Oppose BDS. Reject SodaStream.

Cleveland Jewish News - January 23, 2014
APN Board Member Mark Silverberg op-ed: Proposed new Iran sanctions all wrong

Haaretz - January 23, 2014
US Students on Project Extend meet with Peace Now in Israel

Arutz 7 - January 28, 2014
Peace Now organizes "Price Tag" tours

JTA - January 28, 2014
APN part of a loose coalition supporting the Obama administration on Iran

LA Jewish Journal (JTA story) - January 29, 2014
APN among loose coalition working to support Obama administration on Iran

Maariv (English translation, no link) - January 28, 2014
Peace Now Offering West Bank Tour in the Footsteps of "Price Tag"

Price Tag Tourism: Peace Now Offering Tour in the Footsteps of the Extreme Right Wing
Ma’ariv (back page) by Itamar Fleishman -- There is now another kind of tour to Judea and Samaria in addition to the popular tours to the sites where historic events took place, and visits to settlements and wineries. These news tours are being sponsored by people who oppose all settlement beyond the Green Line, and they will take visitors to places where price tag operations were committed.

These tours are being organized by Peace Now and they will go to Arab villages in the territories where participants can see the places where graffiti was spray-painted on walls and where acts of arson and attempted arson was committed, targeting houses mosques and cars. Peace Now has already prepared ads, but has not made public the date of the next tour because it fears members of the extreme right wing will sabotage it. Peace Now says that there is great demand. “There is a great thirst, mainly from students and other young people to see reality with their own eyes,” says Yariv Oppenheimer. “The goal is to present a geopolitical picture and to show that expanding the settlements hurts the chances of peace, and to show the effect of the settlements and the outposts on life in the area and to reveal to the public the attacks [on Palestinians].”

Oppenheimer promises that the tour will also visit places that have become “hostile for IDF soldiers.” He is most likely referring to outposts that are considered more militant but refuses to give details due to “concern that settlers will decide to block the roads and only let in tours of people of their own mindset,” as he puts it.

The tours are meant to counter the successful tours given by the settlers in which thousands of Israelis, among them VIPs, visit the territories, are given a subsidized tour and learn about the settlers’ view of events. One agency that gives such tours is the Settlers Council.

Settlers Council Deputy Director General Yigal Dilmoni said last night: “There’s no question that seeing and tours are important. Our tours show the reality of Judea and Samaria, without filters.”

APN/Peace Now in the News: January 17-24, 2014

Arutz 7 (AFP story) - January 21, 2014
Peace Now: Israeli government has approved plans to build 381 new homes in Givat Ze'ev

Fox News (AP story) - January 21, 2014
Peace Now: Povernment of Israel had advanced preliminary plans to build 381 new homes in Givat Zeev

Maan News (AFP story) - January 22, 2014
Israel's government has approved plans to build 381 new homes in Givat Zeev

Jerusalem Post - January 22, 2014
Peace Now publicizes several plans advanced by the Israeli government for construction in West Bank settlements and East Jerusalem


APN/Peace Now in the News: January 10-17, 2014

JTA - January 12, 2014
APN issues statement re: Ariel Sharon's death

JTA - January 13, 2014
APN among Jewish groups challenging Fla. synagogue over $3 million bequest

San Diego Jewish World - January 14, 2014
APN issues two press releases: One on Iran, another on Israeli reaction to Kerry peace initiative

Al-Monitor - January 14, 2014
Peace Now settlement data cited

Salem-news.com - January 14, 2014
APN press release urges US Jewish groups to stop pushing new Iran sanctions

Sun Sentinel (FL) - January 15, 2014
APN among Jewish groups challenging bequest

JTA - January 15, 2014
APN among groups who signed a letter to Congress opposing new Iran sanctions

APN/Peace Now in the News - January 1 - January 10, 2014

My Jewish Learning (blog) - January 1, 2014
APN's Alana Suskin on opening the conversation about Israel in US Jewish community

NJ Jewish News - January 9, 2014
APN's Ori Nir op-ed: Doubters miss the meat in Kerry's mission

Huffington Post - January 9, 2014
APN's Lara Friedman op-ed: Thwarting Iran Diplomacy: Not Good for the Jews

Arutz 7 - January 6, 2014
Peace Now criticizes government plans to build more in West Bank settlements

Jerusalem Post - January 7, 2014
Peace Now criticizes approval of more construction in settlements and "master plan" for Ofra

International Middle East Media Center - January 7, 2014
Peace Now: Israel To Build 272 Housing Units In West Bank Settlements

AFP - January 7, 2014
Peace Now: Israel government approves plan for 272 new homes in settlements during Kerry's visit

JTA - January 7, 2014
APN criticizes CoP's press release on Iran sanctions

Salem-News.com - January 8, 2014
Peace Now to Israeli Government: Remove Belligerent West Bank Outpost

Arutz 7 - January 9, 2014
Peace Now: Demolish Esh Kodesh

Maan News (AFP story) - January 9, 2014
Peace Now: Israel must dismantle settler outpost

Reuters - January 10, 2014
Peace Now criticizes new tenders for settlement construction

Associated Press - January 10, 2014
Peace Now criticizes new tenders for settlement construction

AFP - January 10, 2014
Peace Now criticizes new tenders for settlement construction

APN/Peace Now in the News - December 20, 2013 - January 3, 2014

The Forward (JJ Goldberg's blog) - December 20, 2013 
APN is one of two pro-Israel organizations opposing new Iran sanctions bill

Haaretz (AP story) - December 22, 2013 
Peace Now legal counsel Michael Sfard profiled 

Ynet (AP story) - December 23, 2013 
Peace Now legal counsel Michael Sfard profiled 

The Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle - December 26, 2013 
APN's Lara Friedman: Taking 'yes' for an answer on Iran 

Haaretz - December 30, 2013 
Op-ed mentions APN as opposing new Iran sanctions bill 

Oregon Salem News (online) - December 31, 2013 
APN press release re: Kerry plan carried in entirety 

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