James Carroll Extended Interview

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly (2011)
Violence in Jerusalem is no surprise, says author James Carroll, "because that's the human story. The great thing about Jerusalem is it's a place where the human story gets transcended." (14:38) Watch >

Leonard Nimoy: The Logical Thing to Do

Leonard Fein

Dear Friend,

When I was a teenager, I told my dad I wanted to be an actor. In response, he gave me the only piece of advice he ever offered me--"Learn to play the accordion." And he was serious. He said, "You can always make a living with an accordion."
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Dispossession and Exploitation: Israel's Policy in the Jordan Valley and Northern Dead Sea

B'Tselem (May 2011)
Study of the various means Israel uses to ensure its control of the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea area: the land, the water sources, the tourist sites, and the natural resources. Read More >

An Uncertain Road: Testing the Durability of an Israeli-Palestinian Borders and Security Agreement

The Saban Center for Middle East Policy (May 2011)
Results of a simulation held by the Brookings Institution to test the resilience of a hypothetical agreement between Israelis and Palestinians on the issues of borders and security. Kenneth M. Pollack analyzes the simulation's implications for an Israeli-Palestinian border and security agreement. Read More >


Religion & Ethics Newsweekly (2011)
"We are Jews. We don't have to save the Palestinian heritage," says Itzik Shweky of the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites. But an American Jew from Brooklyn says the abandoned Palestinian village of Lifta is important for Jews as well as Arabs. (8:41) Watch >

Israeli Peace Initiative

April 6, 2011
Israeli response to the Arab Peace Initiative developed with the aid of Israeli experts, and based on the known solutions to all the basic elements of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (the Clinton parameters, the proposals put forth Barak at Camp David, the Olmert and Livni understandings in the framework of the Annapolis process, the talks with Syria from the time of Rabin). Read More >

Settlements 101

Americans for Peace Now (February 2011)
APN's Ori Nir recounts the history of Israeli settlements and explains why they present a major obstacle to a two-state solution and a threat to Israel's future as a Jewish and Democratic state. (12:42) Watch >

Exile Without End: Palestinians in Lebanon

CBC News (2011)
Portrait of Shatila, a Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut, that features an interactive, street-level interface allowing the user to follow personal stories from inside the one-square-kilometre camp. Read More >

The Planning/Construction Process in East Jerusalem

Terrestrial Jerusalem (2011)
Presentation detailing the intricacies of the planning and construction process in East Jerusalem. Includes information on each step of the planning process, how long they take, and which administrative bodies are responsible for their implementation (PDF).

Invisible Settlements in Jerusalem

Hagit Ofran | Palestine-Israel Journal (2011)
Peace Now's Settlements Watch Director looks at how Jerusalem tourist sights and settlements are being used to promote an exclusively Jewish narrative of the city's history. Read More >

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