Articles on announcement of 450 Israeli Settlement Tenders

Kiryat_Arba_Construction2012The January 30, 2015, announcement by the Israeli Government of tenders (allowing for bids) for construction of 450 new settlement housing units in the West Bank (including Kiryat Arba, pictured) was covered extensively in the Israeli and international press.  Peace Now was prominently referenced, including from its released statement which said in part:

"After embarrassing the Obama administration with the invitation to the Congress, Netanyahu adds another slam in the face of the Americans, showing no respect to Israel's closest ally," 

Articles Included:

Jerusalem Post: "US, UK condemn latest Israeli plan for settler housing as 'illegal, illegitimate'"

Deutsche Welle: "Israel issues tenders for new West Bank settlements"

Huffington Post: "Benjamin Netanyahu Accused Of Election Ploy In Backlash Over New Settlements"

Associated Press: "Ahead of election, Israel issues West Bank building tenders"

Ha'aretz: "Israel issues tenders for 450 West Bank settlement units"

Al-Jazeera: "Israel issues tenders for new West Bank settlements"

Wall Street Journal: "Israel Issues Hundreds of Tenders for Housing in West Bank"