Press Release: APN Urges Rabbi Boteach to Apologize for Offensive Ad; Welcomes Jewish Community Criticism of Attack on Susan Rice

Americans for Peace Now is outraged by the full-page ad, published in Saturday's New York Times, which accuses National security Advisor Susan Rice of being "blind" to the Jewish people's genocide. 
The ad, posted by Rabbi Shmulei Boteach's This World Values Network, attacks Rice for criticizing the partisan manner in which Prime Minister Netanyahu was invited to speak before Congress, and for calling it destructive of the fabric of the relationship between the United States and Israel. 
In Rabbi Boteach's ad, Rice is depicted as having attacked and "disparaged" Netanyahu for "raising objections" to a possible deal with Iran to address its nuclear quest. President Obama's National Security Advisor is slammed as being "blind to the issue of genocide," "both the Jewish people's and Rwanda's." 

Boteach's ad is an affront to the office of the President, to America's Jewish community, to the American people, to the meaning of genocides and to their victims. It does a terrible disservice to Israel's security and dignity. Boteach, a prominent American rabbi and public figure, should apologize for this outrage. 

APN welcomes the harsh criticism by many American Jewish organizations and prominent leaders of Rabbi Boteach's ad.