PAST ACTION - Tell President Obama: Stand Up for Peace, Stand Up to Bibi

obama-and-bibi-482x252Update: this action, now closed, ran in March 2015. 

The recent Israeli elections definitively unmasked the real Benjamin Netanyahu.

  • Netanyahu cynically campaigned as an adversary of President Obama
  • Netanyahu brazenly ruled out a two-state peace agreement with the Palestinians
  • Netanyahu flagrantly incited racism and intolerance in the Israeli body politic
  • Netanyahu shamelessly stoked divisions within the American Jewish community
  • Netanyahu recklessly turned Israel into a partisan issue in Congress


Tell President Obama:  Stand up to Netanyahu.

Netanyahu has repeatedly violated the progressive values that we, as Americans and American Jews, hold dear. Real U.S. support for Israel today means holding Netanyahu and his next government accountable for its words and deeds – particularly those that undermine the very foundations of U.S.-Israel relations, contradict longstanding U.S. policy, or threaten the vital interests of the United States and Israel.

Tell President Obama: I will stand with you as you stand up to Bibi.

President Obama needs to hear from you today!  Tell him that you will support him as he stands up to Bibi – including at the UN, with respect to a potential nuclear agreement with Iran, with respect to international pressure on settlements, and with respect to the Palestinians. Tell him that standing up to Bibi is the real pro-Israel, pro-peace policy.