PAST ACTION - Tell President Obama: Take the Two-State Solution to the UN Security Council


Update: this action, now closed, ran from September-October 2015. 

Only a negotiated agreement can end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but with Netanyahu leading Israel, there is currently no prospect for any such agreement. The Obama Administration needs to shift its focus from negotiations to action, including action to restore the credibility of its own policies and bolster the credibility of the two-state outcome.

  • For his entire career – including his three previous terms in office as Prime Minister of Israel – Benjamin Netanyahu has demonstrated by his own actions that he supports settlements and the “Greater Israel” agenda over Israeli-Palestinian or Israeli-Arab peace.
  • Today, it can no longer be debated: Netanyahu is not a partner for peace – not for the Palestinians, not for supporters of the Arab Peace Initiative, and not for the United States and the broader international community.
  • The Obama Administration must shift focus from restarting negotiations to restoring the credibility of America’s Israel-Palestine policy.
  • It can do this by supporting clear parameters for a future peace agreement and laying the groundwork for consequences that will result from actions that contradict these parameters.
  • The Obama Administration should start by bringing an Israeli-Palestinian two-state resolution – grounded in the Clinton Parameters – to the United Nations Security Council, or by working with other UNSC members in support of such a resolution or some similar initiative.

Tell President Obama: Stand up to Bibi, Stand up for two states.

President Obama has long been under tremendous pressure – from Israel, from right-wing American Jews and some evangelical Christians, and from some in Congress – to stand back and let Netanyahu continue his campaign to destroy the two-state solution. President Obama needs to hear from you today! Tell him that initiating or backing a two-state Israeli-Palestinian resolution in the United Nations Security Council is the real pro-Israel, pro-peace policy.