APN Study Tour meets with MK Ayelet Shaked of the Jewish Home party


APN's Israel Study Tour participants held a series of meetings with Israeli Knesset members at the Israeli parliament. One of them was MK Ayelet Shaked of the Jewish Home, one of the youngest and most extreme right-wing members of the Knesset. Shaked routinely attacks Israel's peace camp. She does so while noting how effective Israel's peace movement has been in mainstreaming the notion that Israel needs a two-state solution to its conflict with the Palestinians.

Yesterday at the meeting with APN's Board members and activists, Shaked stated that the right should emulate Peace Now's success. A particularly symbolic moment was Shaked's using a Peace Now settlement map to illustrate her arguments in favor of annexing most of the West Bank. Shaked asked for a map, and after making her argument, asked to keep it. "Know thy enemy," she quipped.