Press release: APN Applauds Secretary Kerry's Warning against Collapse of Two-State Option

Americans for Peace Now (APN) applauds Secretary of State John Kerry for his courageous speech Saturday in which he urged the leaders of Israel and the Palestinians to act now to prevent the collapse of the two-state option and to prevent the emergence of a bi-national state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean.

Speaking at Brookings' Saban Forum in Washington, Secretary Kerry delivered a piercingly candid speech, in which he expressed the Obama administration's deep frustration with the Israeli-Palestinian status quo, and -- as a staunch friend of Israel -- presented a list of questions to the Israeli government and to the Israeli public about Israel's future, if Israel turns its back on peace with the Palestinians.

APN strongly agrees with the content and the sentiment of Kerry's cri de coeur, and commends him for expressing painful truths that are on the minds of many Americans who care deeply about Israel and its future as a democracy and a Jewish state.

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