Peace Now Rally Against Incitement

taped-mouth-closeup175x174Thousands of Israelis, Jews and Arabs, participated in a Peace Now-sponsored march Saturday night, December 19. Starting at the Likud headquarters in Tel Aviv and ending in a rally at the Yitzhak Rabin memorial, marchers demonstrated against the bigotry, intolerance and incitement of Israel’s right wing, targeting progressive organizations and activists. Participants accused Benjamin Netanyahu’s government of setting a belligerent public tone, which inspires and encourages right-wing organizations and pundits to further escalate the discourse.

flag-and-sign320x265Peace Now activists carried signs saying “The Right will not Silence Me,” and “Drive away the Darkness; Stop the Fascism” as well as stickers saying: “I too am Breaking the Silence,” reference to the anti-occupation soldiers’ organization that is currently the target of right-wing attacks.

rally collage 750x259