Peace Now Settlement Watch News Flash: Distancing The Two State Solution: The Ministry of Housing's Plans and Construction - Exposed

News from Peace Now's (Israel) Settlement Watch:

A Settlement Watch Report

A Peace Now report, based on information disclosed by the Ministry of Housing (MoH) following our freedom of information petition, reveals highly concerning facts on the government's actions and intentions with regards to the settlements and the two state solution. The report includes data on the planning of 55,548 housing units in West Bank Settlements, including in E1, as well as plans for two new settlements and the immediate construction of 3,078 units, 78% of which east of the separation barrier.
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Peace Now: The exposed MoH plans portray a worrying and dangerous picture for the state of Israel and for the two state solution. The execution of the plans exposed does not only stand in contrast to previous promises to the United States, but also seriously threaten the possibility of arriving at a two state solution. We call on Housing Minister Yoav Galant of Kulanu not to follow his predecessor's vision and to stop these plans immediately. Rather than continuing to plan thousands of units in the settlements, we call upon Minister Galant to invest in planning and construction in Israel proper.
Main findings:
  • The MoH is working on plans for 55,548 units in West Bank settlements, in different phases of planning:
    • About half of this planning is for construction east of the Separation Barrier.
    • The plans include more than 8,372 units in the E1 area.
    • The plans include two brand-new settlements: Givat Eitam (aka, E2, or A-Nahla, located south of Bethlehem), and Bitronot/Brosh, in the northern Jordan Valley.
    • The plans include the post-facto legalization/approval of at least six illegal outposts.
    • The plans include construction to transform a number of small settlements into bigger towns.
  • In addition, the MoH is working today on plans for immediate implementation of construction of 3786, units, 64% of them east of the Separation Barrier.
  • In addition, the MoH is already funding infrastructure work for the construction of 4,054 units, 70% of them east of the Separation Barrier.
  • In addition, it appears the MoH has funded a number of illegal projects in settlements.
  • In addition, the MoH gave at least 1.8 million NIS to local authorities in settlements for campaigns encouraging Israelis to move to settlements.
  • In addition, the MoH funded the expansion of the Beit Romano settlement in the heart of Hebron (1 million NIS), and gave another 350,000 NIS for the renovation of the settlers’ “Beitar Club” in Hebron.
  • In addition, the Ministry of Housing of Housing (MoH) is planning for settlement expansion in East Jerusalem:
    • The MoH is planning a new neighborhood in Atarot (10,000 units) between Beit Hanina and Ramallah
    • The MoH is planning for the expansion of Har Homa to the west (2,000 units)
    • The MoH is planning for 21 units in the heart of the Muslim Quarter, near Herod's Gate.