You can't help but wonder.

Help our ad campaign go national!
Help us keep Rabin's vision alive.

During the past several months, we at APN placed a series of ads quoting senior security officials in two east coast Jewish newspapers – with great success. We now want to make it into a national ad campaign and place ads in Jewish newspapers across the country. With a $25 contribution from you, we can go national with ads like this.


The three bullets that ended the life of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin 21 years ago were intended to kill the prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace.

DonateYigal Amir, the Jewish terrorist who assassinated Rabin, did succeed in setting back Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, but must not be rewarded with his ultimate goal: the death of Rabin’s vision of an Israel that is both Jewish and a democracy, living in peace with its neighbors.You can’t help but wonder what Israel’s relations with the Palestinians, and indeed the world, would have looked like today if Rabin had been able to fulfill his vision. It is incumbent upon us to not only wonder and imagine, but to act to make Rabin’s vision a reality.

Help us keep Rabin’s vision alive, help us keep the hope for peace alive. Your contribution will help us show our fellow American Jews that Israel’s top security community rejects the belligerent, hardline policies of Benjamin Netanyahu and his government. Help us show that capable, responsible security chiefs walk in Rabin’s path, fighting for peace.


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