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A little more than a month ago, following the collapse of the US-brokered Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations initiative, APN issued a bold position paper calling for bolder action to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Along with this paper, we began a six week campaign to educate and take action on the core issues in this conflict: settlements, Jerusalem, borders and security, hatred and incitement, issues pertaining to the conflicting narratives of Israelis and Palestinians, and a final week that looks to the future and talks about what we can do to support a two-state solution.

The bloody deterioration that we have witnessed on the ground since then demonstrates how poisonous the status quo is, and how desperately Israelis and Palestinians need a political agreement to separate into their own sovereign states.

The events of the past month have demonstrated how destructive the occupation is – destructive for both Palestinians and Israelis. While Palestinians are occupied by Israel, Israelis are occupied by the conflict and its violent impact on the Israeli public. Israelis and Palestinians do not have to continue living in this miserable anomaly, under occupation. And they know that the only way for long-lasting normalcy is the diplomatic path that leads to a two-state peace agreement.

The events of the past month make our path, our policy more relevant today than ever. Now, in the sixth week of our campaign to #ReclaimIsrael we provide you the resources that will help you to stay up to date with news as it breaks, to engage with and take action on the core issues at the center of the conflict, and to support the work so that together we can help Israel build a future of peace.

Here are the best ways to engage and take action, to stay up-to-date on what is happening, and to learn about the issues:

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